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Pak Govt Going Tough on Anti-Pak Utterances

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    Pak Govt Going Tough on Anti-Pak Utterances

    Article from Dawn

    By Ihtashamul Haque

    ISLAMABAD, Oct 18: The cabinet on Wednesday decided to take serious action against those political and regional leaders who were making anti-Pakistan statements in and outside the country.

    The meeting, presided over by Chief Executive Gen Pervez Musharraf, consumed most of its time in discussing the statements being made from London by MQM chief Altaf Hussain, Ataullah Mengal, Mahmood Khan Achakzai and Syed Imdad Shah against the two-nation theory, Pakistan and army, sources said.

    "Gen Haider sahib, people are talking against the national security, the army, the two-nation theory and geographical boundaries...why don't you take action against them?," the CE was quoted as having asked Interior Minister Moinuddin Haider during the meeting.

    He directed the minister to find out what could be done immediately to prevent such statements and ensure strict punishment to those responsible.

    The CE asked how an MQM delegation had gone to India and made statements against Pakistan there despite the fact that some of its members were on the exist control list.

    "You better know what is the punishment for talking against the Constitution", an interior ministry official told Dawn after the meeting, adding the government had decided to be "real tough" with those who were anti-Pakistan and that this time they could not escape punishment.

    The meeting was told that a London-based Indian media network was projecting the activities of anti-Pakistan elements. The issue became serious when those leaders gathered on Sept 17 and openly talked about breaking the country and hurled accusations at the Quaid-i-Azam. The two-nation theory, sources said, had been challenged by the MQM leader that has forced the government to take notice of their activities.

    " whosoever talks against Pakistan, whether here or abroad, will have to face serious consequences," warned another official.

    According the official, the cabinet was briefed as to why a group of politicians was against the government and had even started talking against the very existence of the country.

    One of the reasons, sources said, was that the government had refused to stop investigation into the corruption cases against political leaders, including those sitting in London. Also, the government could not ignore the fact that they were involved in killing and torturing of hundreds of people beside being involved in abuse of power.

    The CE made it clear that he had no plan to associate the politicians with the government and that only "efficient professionals and technocrats and other experts" would be included in the cabinet.

    He told his cabinet colleagues that he was not against politicians and that he would continue to meet them to get their views on various issues.

    Nevertheless, he stated, politicians would be able to play their role once the elections were announced and held in 2001.

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    Damn good thing to do.
    They should have done this before.
    Benazir "the b****h" Bhutto is the first to get slammed.
    This could be one reason why the Jabbar quit as he is a orthodox PPP player.


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    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!