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Pakistan relaxes visa rules

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    Pakistan relaxes visa rules

    This is a welcome move by the government and hopefully will lead to more foreign investment and tourism, as well as projecting a more open view of Pakistan.

    Pakistan relaxes visa rules

    By Zafar Abbas in Islamabad

    Pakistan today announced a new liberal visa policy to encourage foreign investment and tourism in the country.

    The Interior Minister, Moinuddin Haider, said under the new policy, tourists from most countries would be able to get an entry permit on arrival at the airport.

    Mr Haider said the new visa policy would come into force from next Monday.

    He said those who later wanted to extend their stay in the country would be able to get a three-month visa from any of the local passport offices.

    The Interior Minister said, however, that the facility would not be available to citizens of India, Israel and 14 other countries, which he said were on Pakistan's negative list.

    The list includes countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Libya with whom Pakistan generally has extremely good relations.

    Friendly countries

    Mr Haider said names of some of these friendly countries were included in the so-called negative list to discourage people who intend to misuse the visa facility to take refuge in Pakistan.

    The minister said the new visa policy is also aimed at attracting foreign investment.

    He said Pakistan's missions abroad have been instructed that businessmen from those 44 countries with whom Islamabad has good business relations should be given multiple entry-visas for up to three years.

    Mr Haider was hopeful that the new policy would go a long way towards encouraging tourism and foreign investment

    Actually this is quite good. At one time, when I applied for a Pakistani visa, I was astonished to find out that Pak visa costs more than US visa!

    But this simple policy change won't bring tons of foreign investment or tourist. We have to work on improving the basic infrastructure and provide some stable, lucrative policies for our country.



      I wonder if it will mean that overseas Pakistani's without Pakistani passports will not necassarily need to get a visa to go to Pakistan, and could travel as 'tourists' instead?


        Imposing visa fees on former Pakistani nationals is ludicrous. Having a NIC should be sufficient to come into Pakistan and stay for as long as desire. If this is not enough, then atleast lower the visa fees imposed on these expats. It seems like Pakistan is bent on raising foreign exchange by charging these exorbetant fees for visa.

        These expats bring foreign exchange into the country and spend generous amount of money into the economy during their pleasure trips. Putting them through the process of dealing with the Pakistani embassies abroad is not a good way of showing appreciation.


          The visa thing is politically ludacrious!!!
          Who would really want to come to pakistan now???
          Also they have some dumb rule that if you invest 200,000 dollars you can enter pakistan without a visa!
          Is this what they call a bloody incentive????
          Heck i would lower taxes on TNC's and give them very very very very very cheap resources for more FDI.
          Otherwise it is only good for expate pakistanis.

          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


            The person with $200,000 will still need a visa, but instead of getting a one month visa upon arrival, he'll recieve a three year visa.

            My question is: why would anyone in their right mind want to disclose this large amount of money, especially at the airport where everyone's looking to fleece...

            But I still think the relaxation of visa policy is a step in the right direction...