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Imran Khan expelled from the Opposition Alliance.

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    Imran Khan expelled from the Opposition Alliance.

    ISLAMABAD, Aug 24: Pakistan's cricket hero-turned politician Imran Khan has been expelled from the multi-party Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) for deviating from its charter, the alliance said today. Both Khan, as leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party and Tahirul Qadri, president of the religious-political party Awami Tehreek were expelled for behaving in an "undemocratic manner", spokesman Nawabzada Nasrullah said. "They were opposing the GDA charter, condemning
    allied parties and violating political morality. "We want the army back in barracks and democracy restored in Pakistan. But they were opposing elections," the veteran politican told AFP by telephone.

    Nasrullah said the expelled leaders insisted that elections should not be held untill the process of accountability of politicians was complete while the GDA's stance was that accountability, being a continuous process, should not be linked with elections.

    mran Khan, lashing out at the GDA said the alliance was hatching a conspiracy to bring Sharif and Bhutto together."PTI stood in the way of this conspiracy which is to maintain the status quo by reviving the politics of bankruptcy," he said. He said four elected governments in the past 12 years were removed on corruption charges and yet the same leadership was allowed to acquire power
    through flawed electoral system. "The GDA's stance against the accountability process is only meant to protect such people who are closely associated with some component parties," he said.

    PTI's expulsion is a "precursor" to an alliance between GDA and Sharif's Pakistan Muslim League "which would further erode the credibility of of the traditional politicians whose only aim in politics is to assume and abuse power," he said.(AFP)

    I think this will help seperate Imran Khan from the mainstream politicians, who still happen to have similar agendas and views that were the norm of previous 'democratic' govts. I personally think Imran Khan has the demeanor and the aura of a natural leader. The people love and respect him, and give or take a few good right hand men, he has the ability to take Pakistan on a positive track. He doesnt have the experience, but then again, Pakistan needs someone who doesnt have experience in Pakistani politics. We need someone who is far from all that glitter and corruption that has laced Pak politics for so long now.

    Do u think Imrans seperation from the alliance will do him good or bad?

    Imran khan is not really a politician of the usual mould. From what I have seen in his various interviews, and also when he was leading Pakistan cricket, he is very much a man of honour. He can be brutally honest, which is unusual in politics.

    I think the fact that he has had the moral courage to praise the progress made in the time since Nawaz's departure shows the man's character. In all the time that Nawaz or Benazir were in power they spent huge sums of money to slander the opposition with rallies, demonstrations, full page adverts in the press etc.

    Imran might not be an experienced politician, but he isn't a crook and that's a big plus. I think it will be long time before he is elcted Prime Minister though. Marrying a gori didn't go down too well in Pakistan, and every time she flies back to England it will get blown out of proportion.


      This is a great step, Imran Khan should thank the GDA

      None of these two expelled leaders can win an election as the situation is right now, however both of them are very sensible and well-educated leaders, Iím not a big fan of Prof. Qadri Ė but he does have the ability to convey his msg without playing with religion. Also with thousands of well-educated (overseas resident) members of his Idaras and model schools in Pak, he has very good chances to influence masses, plus he is highlighting the importance of education, modern as well as religious.

      Imran Khan has also proved him self by working towards the goals he set for him self. No arguments on his private life as thatís none of our business, but he is a natural leader as Akif said. Another good thing that I like about him is that he never insults Pakistan as a nation in the international fora Ė unlike many others who love to give the impression that only they can rescue Pak. This step by GDA is free publicity of his character and agenda, a very good thing


        This is excenlent!!!
        Imran Khan is a good leader and as Xtreme said honest and will speak his mind no matter what the consequences!!!
        That is what we need.
        Some one who will not bow down to pressure.
        With the PML and PPP out of commission.
        Pakistan might have its first ever coalition govt in history.
        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


          Imran Khan the greatest discriminator in Pakistan cricket history. How he could be a great leader and politician when he cannot treat people equally regardless of the province and language they speak. He is only a opportunist.


            bg...a very biased attitude. Besides winning and maintaining discipline amongst the ranks, what else did he do while he was captain?

            He is a selfless person. Look at his track record with his hospital, and his work for the deserving and needy. The same patients who are turned away from hospitals and clinics for lack of money are welcomed into his hospital. Im not saying thats all it takes to be a leader, but the man has compassion, alongwith some sense of responsibility. And he knows how to use and distribute his money. And above all, he is not greedy or selfish. He doesnt have a monetary incentive to come into power. The only thing he lacks is experience as a politician. And im glad at that, cause I dont want him to turn into a PML or PPP style politician anyway. Id much rather have him work the way hes working right now.


              Well Well Well.
              The CE picked up Imran today right after the GDA kicks him out.
              Check the dawn for all the info.


              Excerpts dealing with Imran Khan:

              "Imran Khan told a press conference that he had discussed with the CE the forthcoming local bodies
              election as well as the devolution plan.

              He said that he had expressed his party's reservations over the holding of local bodies election on a
              non-party basis, and election of the district and tehsil Nazims indirectly.

              He had asked the CE to make the casting of vote obligatory for all citizens, and ban private transport
              to carry voters to the polling booths.

              Indirect election of the district and tehsil Nazims would give way to horse-trading, he said.

              In certain countries, he said, casting of vote was compulsory for all citizens, and in India only
              government transport was allowed on the polling day.

              "I also put the issues of rising unemployment and sky-rocketing inflation before the CE," Imran Khan
              said, adding that he had called for a comprehensive strategy to tackle these issues.

              He said he had conveyed to the CE that people were restive about the slow accountability process.

              AFP adds: Imran Khan said he believed that the government would restore democracy by October
              12, 2002, as mandated by the Supreme Court.

              "There is no indication that the government is deviating from the time-frame set by the Supreme
              Court," he said.

              Imran Khan hit out at political parties opposing the government's anti-corruption campaign, saying they
              wanted to cover up the "loot and plunder" of their leadership."

              You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                Yes there have been incidents where Imran might have shown bias. However nobody's perfect. Maybe he learnt his lesson and has repented. let us give him the benefit of the doubt.
                For now I will pin my hopes on him as he seems honorable enough. I will choose him as PM anyday over the other clowns of PPP and PML.
                Way to go Imran


                  There is objection if he is voted by majority of the people of Pakistan in party based elections to become its PM. But if he comes through back door like Nawaz Sharif or Junejo then his fate will not be different than the above two gentlemen. He is respected for excellent Cricket player and Captain but if he comes to power through back door, the honor he achieved in the field of cricket will go down the drain.





                    >>How he could be a great leader and politician when he cannot treat people equally regardless of the province and language they speak<<

                    Atleast Imran never hid that fact.He seems to be rather proud of his Pathan ancestry.

                    >>In certain countries, he said, casting of vote was compulsory for all citizens, and in India only
                    government transport was allowed on the polling day.<<
                    That is true.All canvassing has to stop one day before elections or something.
                    All said and done making Imran PM will be a good thing for Pakistan.
                    I am intrigued.I can't imagine Imran going around screeching Azadi like Benazir did.
                    I am not worried that Benazir's screeching is anti India.
                    I am just sorry that such screeching only added to Kashmiri's miseries.


                      Imran is an excellent choice for the following reasons:

                      1. HE is EDUCATED!!!
                      2. HE is not a nawab, sardar etc. Basically meaning is not a facted up human being.
                      3. HE has the respect of the common man.
                      4. HE is well travelled, thus leading to a more open mind.
                      5. HE doesn't give a fact about the provincial crap. So he will be fair to all provinces.

                      I think that is more than enough reason to vote him in.

                      As for BB Andhra, you don't know how much we pakistanis hate her.
                      I mean truely hate her.
                      So insult her whenever you want.
                      The last line was the best.

                      CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                        Just reviving an old thread.
                        CM, I am intrigued at the way Pakistanis trash their leaders once they are out of power.
                        Can anybody explain why ?


                          Andhra what do Indian do to their leaders while they are out of power - jail them, kill them and trash them... what a record!