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Engineering the "future perfect"

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    Engineering the "future perfect"

    The cold war has long been receded into the cold storage of history. Without any change in the geographical and territorial settings of the world, time once again proved itself the biggest player to fiddle with the human kind and its menu of priorities. Countries have re-established their relations with others and international communities across the borders have changed their Meccas. Foes of yesteryears now stand hand in hand, indispensable friends became casualties of time and do's and don'ts have been transposed. Some who worked hard, went unawarded and some got away with unearned gains. This is a brief of the massive reshuffle and rearrangement of things we witnessed as soon as the international ground of cold war saw shades of super power forces retreating without any bullet being exchanged between them. Almost everything changed but the foreign policy of Pakistan.

    Liaquat Ali Khan was absolutely right in siding with the USA in comparison with Jawahar Lal Nehru's choice of the USSR. With the change of time, the later also changed itself yet the former appears to be unaware of political acrobatics. The net result is that today we have little international standing if we have already not lost all.

    There is absolutely no room for anybody to single out a factor to put the blame of our plight on, because there are many and all are genuine. That's why the need of the hour is to spot and address all the fronts simultaneously. One of them, for me, is our foreign policy; full of flaws.

    Extending hand of Russia towards us is a rare chance we are being provided by kismet to fix the errors. This is a life-time chance we should avail without any further diplomatic idiocy.

    All Russia will want from us is to cooperate with it in curbing terrorism in the region, especially in its neighbour and a joint effort for peace in Afghanistan. Russian demand is well within our reach. In reply, we can gain a lot more. First of all, we could be succeed in avoiding the label of a "terrorist state", which is being readied for us. Cooperation with a former super power which still posses the Veto right in the United Nations, will definitely help our critics retouch their assessment about us.

    Russia and China have done considerably good in improving their relationships and this is the primal factor which we are overlooking. We can help Russia and China come more closer. We have the means to satisfy Russian demand of cooperation against terrorism in the region and Russia could be another valuable friend of ours in the international scene since we do not have any personal vendetta with it. China, in its under-rated and underplayed war of nerves with the US, will like to see Russia and Pakistan in its group. This makes a deadly bloc in the region which could also fetch India into its fold through the Russian involvment.

    The existence of such a bloc will not only reduce the tension of terror in the region, yet it will be beneficial for all the governments in the sense that they will be able to think more for the betterment of their people instead of piling up weapons. India may take the other route by not being a part of such an officially acknowledged or unacknowledged bloc, yet it will be only to the detriment of its existence since its total alliance with the States and total detachment with the proposed bloc, will not go well with the later.

    If I sound to be over-realistic and over-emotional and I am being turned down for the same fault, my last words will be that nobody should be under the illusion that America will never push us to the wall for our being its cold war ally or an atomic power or our occupation of a very sensitve place in the southeast Asian map. If we still do not move to right the wrongs, there are still possibilites of a bloc of China, Russia and India in the south Asia. We must not allow India to lay the foundation of such a bloc because if it happens and even later we are invited to be a part of it by any chance, we will have only a subsidiary place in it. This is a question of seizing the initiative!
    Reh gaya kaam hamaara hi baghawat likhna...


    You made some godd points, but I am unsure of what the russia means by "terrorist". Does he mean the Osma-Bin-Ladin or Talibaan?.

    Ok .lets say that pakistan goverment sees this as good oppturnity to re-gain some political strength in South East Asia. What will happen to the Religious groups that claims that If paksitan government try any action against Osama or Talibaan, they will bring country to halt.


      Well Insaaniat, there isn't any complicated mathematics involved here. We have to choose between our external image and internal peace. Factually, both are important and no one can not be taken over by the other. But believe me that no religious party will come to rescue Pakistan if we are declared a terrorist state!

      Without casting any doubt over the patriotism of our religious parties, we should acknowledge beyond any doubt that solo flight for any country is virtually impossible in this age. And the guidelines we get from our religious parties to run the country accordingly, will definitely lead us nowhere.

      In fact, we can do a lot without touching Osama Bin Laden and retreating from Kashmir. But this is possible only through perfect diplomacy. Our task starts from Kabul. Taliban have already (almost) established themselves and we do not need to do them any favour in term of being their base camp and giving them any strategic guideline. As now they know how to handle a gun, we should take our shoulders back from under their guns. Thanx to our relations with Taliban, we are held responsible for shielding Osama. This is a right time to disown Taliban and Osama Bin Laden on government leval with all force, especially knowing that our religions elements are there to take care of them if they need external help any more. We must have to mix our voice with international community if they denounce the Taliban for their inhumanity - inhumanity is deplorable anyway! However, we will have to bridge the gap between the Taliban and the West as we did, to some success, for China and the US.

      It will be enough to make Russians and the rest of the international community to think of ourselves afresh. The only thing is that we need to do a lot of homework and with immense care for we are in a dire need for new horizons for our interests.
      Reh gaya kaam hamaara hi baghawat likhna...