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MQM’s Punjabi bogey - an Indian view.

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    MQM’s Punjabi bogey - an Indian view.

    It is encouraging to read and a credit to India that not all Indian's are necassarily falling over themselves to embrace the MQM's exiled leader Altaf Hussain when he raises the Punjabi bogey, and decries the creation of Pakistan. When this thoroughly disgraced man raises the Punabi bogey he hastens to mention that the ruler of Pakistan is a "Mohajir" and so are his leading government members.

    In fact we should drop a letter to this guy and his facist outfit and ask them to explain to us how come the following "Mohajirs"/ Karachites are ruling Pakistan (Cabinet Members) and not the Punjabi bogeymen? -

    1. Chief Executive - General Pervaiz Musharraf

    2. Interior Minister - Moin Haider

    3. Information Minister - Javed Jabbar

    4. Commerce Minister - Razak Daud

    5. Law Minister/Attorney General - Aziz Munshi

    6. CE's chief advisor - Sharifuddin Pirzada

    7. Women's issues/ Social Welfare - Dr Attiya Inayatullah

    MQMs Punjabi bogey

    Pakistan's mohajir number one, Mr Altaf Hussain, has not wasted time in keeping the promise of establishing direct contact with Indian Muslims. On September 17, 2000, he along with other non-Punjabi leaders addressed a meeting in London. They condemned the Punjabis for destroying Pakistan. Mr Altaf Hussain himself ended up singing "sarey jahan sey achha Hindustan humara" and justified the act by pointing out that it was written by the poet laureate of Pakistan, Allama Mohammad Iqbal. The mohajir leader's gesture must have impressed powerful people in India. Why? Because a three-member Muttahida Qaumi Mahaz delegation is currently in Delhi to impress upon the Indian leadership the need for playing a "proactive role" [no prize for guessing the name of the Indian leader who made the expression popular through over-use] for restoring peace in the subcontinent. The developments of the past 15 days are almost unbelievable. One day Altaf Hussain sings a song in praise of India and, figuratively speaking, a high power MQM delegation materialises in Delhi the next day seeking India's help in restructuring Pakistan's polity. It is a highly stupid and dangerous game someone is trying to get India involved in. Whoever has sold the idea that India should use the disenchantment of the MQM for getting even with Pakistan deserves to be spanked. Today the MQM wants India's help in preventing the Talibanisation of Pakistan. The next logical step would be to seek permission for running a government-in-exile from Indian soil.

    The MQM delegation deserves a bit of sympathy too for having been enticed into believing that India would buy its sob story. India should not touch the mohajirs and the MQM even with a barge pole. They have to sort out their problems with the Pakistani leadership on their home soil. Spreading scare-stories about Pakistan being Talibanised is not going to make India get involved in the internal affairs of another country. The MQM needs to be reminded that Pakistan had not been Talibanised when the tribal invasion of Kashmir took place shortly after Partition. Nor was the Taliban anywhere in the frame in 1965 and 1971. Their forefathers created Pakistan for reasons which were negated with the creation of Bangladesh in 1971. The only honest statement the MQM leaders made during their Delhi sojourn was the acknowledgement of their role in the creation of Pakistan. It is indeed true that Muslim leaders mainly from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar backed the two-nation theory. The mohajir number one instead of complaining about the domination of Punjabis in Pakistan owes an apology to the people of undivided Punjab. Before 1947 Punjab was the symbol of the spirit of "sanjhapan" and communal harmony. Yet, Punjab suffered the most because of the folly of the Muslim leaders from UP and Bihar. Now that Mr Altaf Hussain and the MQM leaders have once again highlighted their role in the creation of Pakistan, they should also show the grace of tendering a general apology to the Muslims of the subcontinent. It is because of them that in Bangladesh the non-Bengali Muslims are abused as Biharis, in Pakistan they are called mohajirs and in India they had to endure the hurtful epithet of being Pakistanis under the skin. Mr Altaf Hussain is unhappy because the Punjabis in Pakistan have "grabbed" the cake his forefathers had helped carve out of a united and secular India. He now wants India to help fight Punjabi domination in Pakistan. He forgets that General Pervez Musharraf too is a mohajir. Instead of being holed up in London he should have gone to Pakistan to help the military dictator establish mohajir raj in the country their forefathers created.

    This editorial is only a reading pleasure. Factually, There isn't even an ounce of doubt that any chance to devastate Pakistan will go unattempted by our neighbour. Mr Altaf Hussain is going too far, too fast. I, however, do not recommend any harsh action against him because his way of thinking and behaving will not serve anybody but our enemies. As far as people living in Sindh (whom he called Mohajirs) are concerned, they are asset of Pakistan and by the grace of God, they are also opposed to the mentality of Mr Altaf Hussain.
    Reh gaya kaam hamaara hi baghawat likhna...


      Amal the more support Altaf loses among the Mohajirs, the more credibilty he loses and the more desperate he beomes in his statements. First it was about just Mohajir grievances, then about a separate Mohajir province "Jinnahpur", then earlier this year he was empathising with the Sindhi's and calling for the freedom of Sindh and now this - next it will be his declartion of independence for Karachi/Sindh, then union with India etc. And then probably back to partition?

      I have spent a lot of time in Karachi, and I have witnessed what the Mohajirs - the most literate and wealthiest Pakistani's have given up for Pakistan and their patriotism. They are in fact one of the most Patriotic groups in PAK, and they have made Karachi the most stunning successful city of South Asia.

      Altaf's outbursts have got desperate also because in the last year he has found hard to bark on about Punjabi domination of Pakistan - cause its his fellow Mohajirs who are ruling Pakistan at the moment!


        Can't he (Altaf Hussain) shut up!


          He is one of those dogs that just barks all the time.
          He has a bark but no BITE!!!!!!
          He has lost credibility in pakistan.
          Heck the Mohajirs think he is a psycho and he is supposed to lead them!!!!!

          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


            I don't understand, its been 53 years, and they are still mohajirs? I think they are still traped in the same era.

            *V~V~V*He came, He saw, He conquered*V~V~V*