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Partition of India was a huge mistake

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    Partition of India was a huge mistake

    Partition of India was a huge mistake: Pak leader Hussain

    London: The division of the Indian sub-continent was the biggest blunder in the history of mankind, Altaf Hussain, leader of Pakistan's Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), said at a meeting in London on Sunday.

    The dramatic statement marked the first time that the leaders of the Mohajirs - who did the most for the partitioning of India from Pakistan - have said that the creation of Pakistan was a mistake. Mohajirs are Muslims who migrated from India to live in an Islamic state.

    The dramatic statement was backed by Sindh, Baluch and Pakhtoon leaders who all gathered at the London meeting to signal a united opposition to Punjabi dominance within Pakistan.

    "The Titanic of the Islamic 'ummah' (community) is now sinking," Hussain said. "It's time for everyone to play their role." Hussain took the Titanic analogy further. "Do you know the sinking process of the Titanic? Did you see that film? The Titanic did not sink suddenly. It sank slowly. They shot off distress flares. But nobody came. In the end it sank. And this is not a film, it is a fact."

    For the first time Hussain took on the founder of Pakistan, Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Dismissing suggestions that the Mohajirs were carving out a province for themselves to be called Jinnahpur, Altaf Hussain said, "If we break the country, we will never name it after Jinnah."

    Hussain told the packed hall in London that there are more Muslims in India than in Pakistan. "So far I have been writing to Pakistan leaders," Altaf Hussain said. "My next letter will be to Indian Muslims. I will tell them what is happening to us in Pakistan, come and see."

    The MQM leader said that "we did not want to hear the truth in 1971 (when Bangladesh won independence from Pakistan), and Pakistan broke. Now if you want to treat us like slaves, a time will come when we will get independence, and you will be without slaves."

    Altaf Hussain even proceeded even to sing the first line of "Sare jahan se achha, Hindustan hamara" twice. He sang it when journalists from Jang newspaper asked him to name his favorite poet. The song by Iqbal, who became Pakistan's national poet, was Altaf Hussain's reply.

    Altaf Hussain said, "None of us want to dismember Pakistan; we want to strengthen Pakistan and make a prosperous Pakistan, so please try to save Pakistan." But Pakistan cannot be saved under the present dominance by the Punjabi elite, he said. "There cannot be a Pakistan where Punjabis are considered faithful and Sindhis, Mohajirs, Baluchis and Pakhtoons are considered traitors."

    Hussain said that "if Pakistan breaks, then it is not Sindhis, Baluchis and Pakhtoons who will be the losers; the loser will be Punjab, the loser will be Punjab, the loser will be Punjab."

    The meeting was addressed also by Sardar Attaullah Mengal, convenor of the Pakistan Oppressed Nations Movement (PONM) and also president of the Baluchistan National Party, by Mahmood Khan Achakzai, chairman of the Pakhtoon Khwa Milli Awami Party, and by Sindh leader Syed Imdad Mohammed Shah. "This assembly is a warning to those committing crimes against humanity with brute state force," Altaf Hussain said.

    Altaf Hussain said, "There is still time." But the rulers must immediately "make a new constitution and stop treating Baluchis, Sindhis and Pashtuns as traitors." When speaking of Sindhis he meant also the Mohajirs. Altaf Hussain said there will be no differences among Urdu-speaking people and Sindhis, and that "I myself will learn Sindhi."

    Speaking of earlier differences with Sindhis, Altaf Hussain said: "Whatever had to happen has happened. If we join forces, we have 70 per cent of the wealth of Pakistan, and then we can keep our money and even feed Punjab."

    The less important the guy becomes in the scheme of things..the more radical his views become.

    Kinda reminds me of that lil chihuahua or poodle that keeps barking louder just so people will take it seriously for a real dog and not a weiner pooch.

    I mean I dont hate the guy, its just..that he is so inconsequential now
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      well said fraudia...

      the guy is pathetic....remember the famous saying "khlai bhanday ziyda khap daltay hain" (empty vesseles make most noises)...


        After killing and destroying millions of young Sindhis he is saying what happend has happend! As a Sindhi myself I can never forget the slaughter of my fellow Sindhi's and no Sindhi will forgive him. He not only is responsible for the death of millions Sindhi's but he also is responsible for the Death of millions of Mohajirs! Sindhi's will never Join him and Sindhi's will never turn thier back on the Punjabi's who helped them against the onslaught of the mohajirs.



          Six nations of pakistan
          As Altaf Hussain spurns Partition and Jinnah, Baloch, Pashtoon and Sindhi leaders join him to talk of rebellion - even azadi


            altaf talks about brute in humane acts of violence done to mohajirs,sindhis,balochis and pathans what he is not saying is that, how many acts of un imaginable violence to humanity he has done to innocent people of pakistan?to refresh everyones memory who was responsible for all the acts of violence,man slaughter,torture cells,murders,rape etc in sindh.Mr.altaf himself the so called jack ass who calls himself "Pir" or eternal god did all that and more to terrorize the nation.cause he was so popular those days he annihlated hundreds and hundreds of young men,kids,women and men who didnt agree with him.and now he is getting all the other people and going against punjabi's that isnt the issue here.i am not defending punjabi's at all because i am sure no one is perfect.if i can call punjabi's corrupt dominant then hey everyone can spend all day point fingers at each other but does that solve the core issue.A BIG No!!
            I am glad this moron(altaf)is out of the country cause we dont need more losers here a way i would like for him to come back so his ass can be put in jail too.
            and ya military government no matter what is not good for any country.we are spending 70% of budget on defence and 30% on rest of the country and since the military had taken over forget about that.just look at the inflation rate of dollar and hikes in prices of basic needs things.its just repulsive.
            instead of bringing the community together this dumb ass is bringing them apart.and the slogan"hindustan humara hay"thats treason and this dispicable piece of garbage should be held accountable for.i thought we are in the information age and we have seen what politicians of altafs kind do but i might have just been presumptuous.
            i guess thats it for me people
            all i know that for this place we call Pakistan millions of people sacrificed their lives and souls.are we going to let some self serving bigots take our "sohni dhartee"apart.


              Altaf Hussain...the man responsible for hatred and death in one of the most cosmopolitan cities (ok...there are only two) in Pakistan. Pakistan has come a long way in that these days we don't criticise Benazir because she was a Sindhi, and we don't criticise Nawaz because he was Punjabi.

              People need to be judged according to their merits or faults, Altaf's type of hate-mongering is embarassing for most Mohajirs these days. Incidentally, that term Mohajir itself should have become defunct by now.


                SALAAM !




                YOURS SINCERELY,


                  Desert Fox,

                  Nice to have another Sindhi on this bulletin board. Before condemning Altaf Husaain, you have to look back just 15 years ago when a tyrant General was in power who not only kicked legally elected government but also hanged the head of the government in a false murder case. MQM was founded by that ******* General who had only one thing in his mind. Kill PPP at any cost even at the cost of the country. But then he was not doing any thing unusual, since partition the rulers mostly dominated by Punjab had played the game of divide and rule, following the English Masters, but in a very crude and dirty manner. In 1972 when language of Sindhi bill was passed, it was your Punjabi brethren who made every resistance that bill should not be passed. Who is responsible for massacre of Hyderabad in 1988? When people in disguise by wearing Sindhi Ajrak killed hundreds of people in dense populated area. Muhajirs on the other hand retaliate without knowing who did it and killed innocent Sindhis in Karachi. Who was responsible for Qila operation in 1991? Who came to rescue to the killers of innocent people hiding in Qila? It was Army who violated the constitution and jumped to the rescue of killers. Resulting direct fight between Sindhis and Muhajir in Hyderabad. These dirty games were played since 1947. Massacre of Bengalis is another story of oppression and cruelty played by the Punjabi Leaders in 1971. Altaf Hussain has realized this though it is somewhat late. The dint in the relationship between Sindhis and Muhajir seemed to be permanent. But still it is possible for the improvement in the relations with Muhajir if Altaf Hussian is sincere what he is saying. Both parties should remember that Sindh can not survive with rigid attitude. If Sindh wants its rights from Center, the best way is that Muhajir and Sindhi join together and fight for the rights of Sindh and not for the individual community. It is a Loose-Loose position if they continue to fight and divide then third party will take over and destroy both the communities.


                  FARID M


                    Always like to hear about differences coming into open

                    That clears you up and leads to a solution.


                      Re: Partition of India was a huge mistake

                      I personally think Division of India was the Biggest blunder in history. And I am not alone. There are many Pakistanis who feels the same. Even Jinnah regretted his decision and said partition of India was the biggest mistake. As Jinnah himself put it, "Pakistan has been the biggest mistake of my life." Partition of India is truly the sorest point in the Indian sub-continent's history, when a new nation was born amidst humungous turmoil and violence that later both countries have regretted and will do so for the rest of their existence.

                      The partition of India led to the biggest migration in history as the Indian subcontinent was carved up to create Pakistan. It was the most complex "divorce" in history, about dividing a country of 400 million people.


                        Re: Partition of India was a huge mistake

                        Originally posted by denada View Post
                        I personally think Division of India was the Biggest blunder in history.
                        And the creation of India by the British was a mcuh bigger blunder.


                          Re: Partition of India was a huge mistake

                          Originally posted by shawaiz_K View Post
                          And the creation of India by the British was a mcuh bigger blunder.
                          Syed Ahmed Tariq Mir, Member of the Central Co-ordination Committee, MQM, said in the SAPRA conference, that the effects of partition are visible in Pakistan even after 53 years of independence. He said Pakistan is ruled by 46 families and that the Mohajir population of over 30 million is being kept hostage by the Punjabi dominated Pakistani establishment

                          A government will be considered a failure if it does not do all it can to serve its people with all the resources at its disposal. Problems arise when governments of the poorer countries fail to serve their people due to lack of direction, self-interest, corruption and incompetence. Naturally, a country as a whole is dubbed a failed nation when its people are not served.

                          Pakistan is one such failed state. The reasons for this failure are buried deep in history, which we must examine and diagnose and come up with a cure. After 53 years of independence, Pakistan continues to be ruled by 46 families, which keep a population of over 130 million in bondage. It is no use treating the symptoms alone and ignoring the root cause of the problem. It was in this context that the MQM (Muttahida Quami Movement) founder and leader, Mr. Altaf Hussain, made his historic comment on 17th September 2000: "The partition of India was the biggest blunder of mankind". This was not a casual remark but a reflection of many years of experience, study and pain on the part of Mr. Hussain and many of his companions. He was referring to the root cause of the problems of Pakistan when he made this remark. He called it the biggest error of mankind because of the magnitude of people affected by it both in terms of life and property in India as well as in Pakistan. The effects of this division are visible in Pakistan even today. Whether it was a plot by the colonial powers, or a short sighted, emotionally motivated decision by the leadership of the Muslim League and the All India Congress is an open question. As we all know, that with the exception of Mahatma Gandhi and Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad almost all the leaders of undivided India succumbed to the idea of division. Driven by emotion carefully injected by foreign masters our forefathers opted for the division of India. They did not stop to think what calamity, death and destruction it would bring upon the people of India and destroy the way of life of millions of its citizens particularly of the Muslims of India. What a great power an undivided India would have been today! How much it could have achieved in terms of social and economic development. There would not have been such a colossal wasteful expenditure on armaments. Instead of exploring nuclear devices to destroy life we would have been using that knowledge to alleviate starvation and poverty. Undivided India had the resources to become a superpower.

                          However, the die is now cast and the clock cannot be turned back. We have to live with the blunders of the past without indulging in emotionalism. Whereas, the founding leaders of India lived long enough to provide it with political stability, Pakistan ended its march to progress abruptly with the murder of its first Prime Minister Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan, in 1951. The country soon fell into the clutches of feudal corruption and had to rely upon military force to provide a modicum of governance. With feudal and military power in control, there was not even an attempt to transform the state of Pakistan into a progressive enlightened country. From the very early days of British Raj, the military, hailing predominantly from the Punjab province, began to run the country autocratically as opposed to their prime function of defending the borders. With limited resources available in the country, the military swallowed most of it, leaving other provinces hugely deprived and disgruntled. East Bengal could not stomach it for long and broke away from the federation in 1971. The rest is history vividly described in the Hamoodur Rehman Commission report recently published in India.

                          When the Baloch, Pakhtoons and Sindhis demanded their rights and fair share in the resources of the country they were mercilessly crushed by Punjabi forces. When the Mohajirs (immigrants from India) under the leadership of Altaf Hussain raised their voice in the Sindh province against the Punjabi establishment, they were targeted by the ISI - Inter Services Intelligence of Pakistan. Finally, a full blown army operation was launched on 19th June 1992 against Mohajirs and their representative political party, the MQM. These atrocities are continuing till today in one form or another.

                          The appetite of the Punjabi establishment to usurp the resources of the smaller provinces is insatiable. This is creating instability in the country. Smaller provinces want to see an economically stronger and prosperous Pakistan, where all provinces are treated in equal footing and their rights respected. With this in mind, the MQM along with Baloch, Pakhtoon and Sindhi leaders have formulated a 12-point resolution for the solidarity and well-being of the country. The leaders of smaller provinces want to see this resolution put into practice. But there are odds against it, as the situation is not completely in the control of the present military government.

                          Since the soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the regional political situation has significantly changed. Pakistan's involvement in the Afghan crisis since 1978 has opened a pandora's box of corruption and deceit within the ISI hierarchy. It has led to a massive influx of weapons and drugs into Pakistan. Western powers turned a blind eye to the blatant exploitation by the Punjabi establishment. When peace could not be restored in Pakistan after the Soviet withdrawal, the Taliban were introduced through the ISI to control "The Cockpit of Asia". An Indian columnist has echoed my sentiments by saying that, "Feudalism and fundamentalism have fashioned in Pakistan, a culture which rationalises dictation and defends obedience. Over the years they have stopped differentiating between what is right and what is wrong".

                          Like drugs and Kalashnikovs, the smaller provinces are now faced with the influx of Taliban style fanatic fundamentalism. This is a major destabilising factor in Pakistan and has unpleasant implications for the region. The MQM, being a tolerant party of ordinary people, is the only movement that can restore democratic values in the country and bring about progress. For this to happen, it must be allowed to work freely throughout the country.

                          But if that does not happen, which is more than likely, then India cannot afford to sit idly with an unstable Pakistan at its doorsteps. No neighbouring country can expect to remain insulated from another. To think that western powers can wave a magic wand to make the evil forces disappear is absurd. The western powers have only their interests to protect, no more no less. They are least concerned whether the Haris in Balochistan or Rajasthan die of malnutrition or are vaporised by a nuclear holocaust. It is us, both Indians and Pakistanis, who have to think and come up with a solution to the problem faced by the region as a whole. We have to think out a pragmatic plan of action for the future without repeating the blunders of the past.


                            Re: Partition of India was a huge mistake

                            Originally posted by denada View Post
                            He said Pakistan is ruled by 46 families and that the Mohajir population of over 30 million is being kept hostage by the Punjabi dominated Pakistani establishment

                            When the Baloch, Pakhtoons and Sindhis demanded their rights and fair share in the resources of the country they were mercilessly crushed by Punjabi forces.
                            Yes, as sindhis are being kept hostage by the minority mohajir community. And Pukhtuns demand that all those murderers of MQM should be brought to justice who killed many innocent Pukhtuns on the 12th of may...


                              Re: Partition of India was a huge mistake

                              And mr. mir taqi mir can go back to india where he came from. He can earn enough money by pulling a cycle rickshaw in the slums of calcutta and delhi...