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US helps Pakistan corruption probe

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    US helps Pakistan corruption probe

    Hot on the heels of closer PAK-Russian cooperation the USA has made a welcome move to aid the Pakistani government in tracking down corrupt Pakistani officials. I understand there is similar cooperation being extended by the UK finally - have the the west finally accepted that the Musharraf government is more genuine than any previous government in tracking down the corrupt?

    US helps Pakistan corruption probe

    The military government in Pakistan has said the United States has given its assurance that it will help in efforts to trace those accused of corruption.
    The announcement was made by the Foreign Minister, Abdul Sattar.

    It coincides with the revelation that Pakistan's anti-corruption organisation,the National Accountability Bureau, had asked Interpol to track down a former navy chief, Admiral Mansurul Haq.

    Admiral Haq is believed to be in the United States.

    The prosecutors said they would soon formally request the extradition of the admiral, who stepped down more than two years ago in relation to certain defence deals.

    The BBC correspondent in Islamabad says it's the first time the military government has targetted such a senior officer on corruption

    To all those Indians, the military is going after its own here, an across the board accountability by the great CE!!!!!!!!!!!
    The US has finally come to its senses, they have to help us as they are a democractic country and that is one of the pillars of what they promote in the world.
    Get rid of corruption.
    Now they are going to help put away those who were their slaves.
    Ironic ain't it???

    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


      Excellent, if it works.

      During NSís time they spend huge amount of money on documentation of BB & Co assets, the file is still in UK as I understood it, with proves against them. So this time CE and the team has to plan it carefully, there shouldnít be any room for US or UK to hold back the files or the criminals once their case is complete.

      By the way, what do we have to do in return? Also what is the procedure for this, will our, meaning Pakistanís investigation count as good enough proves for US to hand over the criminals and whatever they have in US in any form? Would it help Pakís case to get more media attention on this?

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        NS spent 2 years tracking down the assets of BB and nailing her for corruption, just as she had previously spent 2 years doing the same to NS. And now these two hypocrites are uniting to "rule" Pakistan after the CE - what a waste of money and resources!

        The USA and the UK have clearly recognised that the CE is here to stay and there is no alternaive to him, and so they have to deal with him. Unlike previous military rulers the CE has not(yet)groomed a successor or puppet like Zia did with NS. The CE is going after all of the corrupt politicians, and now corrupt military people too - which is especially welcome.

        What has Pakistan promised in return? Well it appears they have promised the UK that they will not apply the death penalty in Zardari's case. The same is probably the case of Mansur Ul Haq, and probably more assuarances on free trials etc have probably been given.

        At the same time as this, the USA and Pakistan have in recent days agreed closer cooperation on tackling terrorism. This and the corruption assisatnce are clear signs that the west (and Russia) are increasingly engaging with the Pakistani government.

        I think we must encourage our government to promote the increasing cooperation between Pakistan and the west and empahasise that we are far from 'isolated' in the world.

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          E-mailed the new one today to you.

          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


            Going after military personnel will be the biggest feather in Musharraf's hat. It's the one stick with which our own press can still beat him with. I have to say, I think so far the CEO is doing a hard job tremendously well. Governing Pakistan must be like walking a tightrope.


              The CE is doing a good job, but what about the reaction abroad??
              Will the British give US the 2,200 pages of documents on Zadari and BB.
              They were about to hand them over in oct last year but the military came in power and the british took the stuff back.
              Now the US and UK can't do anything about not giving us the stuff.
              They have to as they are a democractic country and they are against criminals residing in there country.
              So they will comply with the CE.
              However i believe they will delay the procedings in the US till the CE leaves and then try to save these SOB's.
              As they have alot of money tied in the US and UK, which could prove a loss of valuable investment.

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              You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                As CM pointed out the British governemnt has now relented and agreed to hand over crucial eveidence of Zardari's criminal acts. The UK has also said that they have accepted the "changed circumstances" in Pakistan.

                Britain to supply files on Bhutto assets


                BRITAIN has agreed to provide Pakistan's military regime with evidence about assets held by Asif Ali Zardari, the disgraced millionaire husband of Benazir Bhutto.
                Jack Straw, the Home Secretary, has decided to send a file to Pakistani investigators seeking to trace the overseas network of properties and bank accounts allegedly held by Zardari, a former minister who is serving five years in jail in Pakistan for corruption.

                The move comes two months after General Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan's military ruler, accused Britain of thwarting his efforts to stamp out corruption by failing to help to identify and recover assets looted by corrupt officials.

                A Home Office spokesman said yesterday that Mr Straw had decided to forward evidence in the Zardari case after taking account of the "changed circumstances in Pakistan" and carefully considering representations from both parties.

                Reports in Islamabad said that the change of heart had come after written assurances that Zardari would not face the death penalty and that the evidence would be used only in a drug case for which it was requested three years ago, before the military regime came to power in October 1999.

                Mr Straw's decision was criticised by Ms Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party, which said the case against Zardari began under the discredited Government of Nawaz Sharif, Ms Bhutto's political rival, and was politically motivated. "On one hand the British Government is opposed to the military rule and on the other is helping it to persecute political leaders on false charges," a party spokesman said.

                Zardari was convicteed in April last year. As Minister of Investment in his wife's Government during the mid-1990s he was widely known as Mr Ten Per Cent and allegedly had a reputation for taking kickbacks on government contracts. He was arrested in 1996 after the fall of Ms Bhutto's Government.

                The couple were alleged to have amassed property and bank accounts worth £1 billion in nine countries, including Britain, Switzerland, France and America. Among them was a huge country house near Guildford in Surrey.

                Ms Bhutto was convicted in her absence and sentenced to five years' jail. She denies the charges but faces imprisonment if she returns home.

                Pakistani prosecutors claim that Zardari was implicated in a drug case on evidence supplied by Asif Baloch and Shrang Khan, two notorious drug dealers. They later withdrew their statements, reducing the chance that any prosecution will take place. But Zardari faces trial on other counts, including murder.

                Evidence was also collected by British investigators, but withheld from Pakistan after the military takeover.

                Ms Bhutto's party spokesman said that Zardari's lawyers would decide in "a few days time" whether to appeal. They have two weeks from the date of the decision to do so.