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What if Pakistan cease to exist?

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    What if Pakistan cease to exist?

    There was an article in Pakistan link in which a report caught my attention. There was a study in the US by a group of her think tanks that concluded the following scenario.

    Pakistan will cease to exist by 2010 owing to the following reasons:

    1. Talibanization
    2. Collapse of economy
    3. Lawlessness
    4. Corruption

    It goes out to claim that India will subjugate Baluchistan, Sind, NWFP and force Punjab to join its pre-partitioned sister in the East.

    China will retaliate but US will help India by sending its fleets to the Indian Ocean. As far as the nuclear installations are concerned US will help India in annhilating them before India takes over.

    For sometime I was disturbed but then I started thinking if this was really to happen then what?

    It will not be the first time that such a thing has happened. Spain, Ottomon empire and recent fall of muslim rule in India are but a few examples. We pay for our sins and why should be Pakistan any exception? Ganges Khan was responsible for destroying over half of the then muslim world including the Caliphate's capital Bughdad. What was the result? After a few generations mongols turned muslims and started a few of the greatest world empires like Mughal, Chinese (Kublai Khan) and of course Ottomon.
    I have seen the hatred of the hindus on the net so many times and their wish to eradicate Pakistan from the map of the world. Even if they do will it have any effect whatsoever to the Ummah? I guess not for Allah replaces nations and peoples to do His job. It might seem far fetched at this point in time but maybe US turns to an Islamic country after lets say a hundred years. People might find this ridiculous but can they deny history in which so many of these incidents have happened. Look at the spread of Christianity the same story was played. Jews trying to kill prophet Isa ended up starting one of the mightiest religions of the world.
    The gist being regardless of weather Pakistan survives or not Islam will go on, and as long as Islam lives we Pakistanis, Iranis, Afghanis etc have many countries that we can call home. If we loose Pakistan it will be because of our moral, social and ethical decline and our severence from Islam. India or US or whomever will just be instruments bringing about Allah's wrath.
    So my friends from India you can wish the end of Pakistan but that wont mean anything, as long as there are muslims the struggle will go on.
    Also we might learn from our mistakes of the past and Pakistan become a strong force to reckon with. We need to steadfast and not despair for all is in the hands of Almighty.
    People can plan but indeed Allah is the best of planners.

    Good to see you back online buddy.
    Last time you were on, you said you were from Houston.
    Did you by any chance visit an insidetheweb board on cricket like a year or 2 ago.
    I will cover this tommorrow.
    Very interesting topic.

    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


      Hey CM,
      I missed the net and all you guys as well. Been busy with domestic stuff. I look forward to your comments and yes I am from Houston area and a fanatic cricket fan.


        You still didn't answer my question.
        Lets keep straight - are you by any chance Teymoor??
        Now the issue.
        The Indians will love this stuff, as they seem obessed with pakistan and it breaking up.
        Now yes Afghanistan did infact not want Pakistan to become independent, and it was the only country to vote against us coming into the UN.
        Pakistan disintegrating is a far fetched idea.
        For 2 basic reasons.
        The military hell wouldn't allow it.
        Second the the US wouldn't want hot nuclear weapons falling into Taliban hands.
        However we have alot of problems.
        The very first is of course Talibanization.
        Which is wide spread in the military, but not in the general population.
        This might be a problem if our economy goes down the drain and there is a lot of social chaos.
        However i don't see that happening with the CE in power.
        Our economy is back on track.
        With our fishery dept growing to 400 million in exports this year from 350 million.
        We have a strong export with our increase in wheat production this year.
        We have had a great deal of investment, thus increase our net worth.
        So our economy going down is tough.
        I predict a 9.7 billion dollar export rate and a 10 billion dollar import - which is weird as we have very little chance of importing any thing.
        Yes the rupee has gone down in value to 75.
        But the Indian rupee has gone to 65.
        And the Bangladesh has gone to 77.
        We have gotten our loan from the IMF, this will help our economy and infrastructure.

        On the political side we have strong ties with China - stronger now that they have invested nearly 2 billion dollars in our economy.
        Iran is coming closer, but we still need to do more.
        We have the taliban as always.
        We need to create closer ties with the UAE, MALAYSIA, JAPAN and Indonesia (boy could we gain due to their economic down turn!!!)
        I personally think screw the US and play power games like Nasser of Egypt.
        Explain this in another post.

        As for corruption and lawlessness - there can only be a tougher system of checks and balances to stop this.

        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!



          Things to come in Pakistan...I really hope not.


            [QUOTE]Originally posted by Humble:

            This forum is a monopoly of three narrow minded weirdos (girl from quresh, akif, outlaw). Untill the time these people are here, I consider it an insult of intellectual minds to post here anymore.

            Now what have these guys done, that you are so freaked.
            I personally see Outlaw and Akif as reasonable men who wouldn't do anything just out of spite.
            From their posts on the board, i doubt they have done anything directly to offend you.
            Sorry Girl from Quresh - i personally don't know you and thus can't say anything on your behalf.
            Humble bhai why don't you explain why you are pissed with them??

            You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


              I am not Teymoor? I have been living in Houston for the past 10 months or so. If you need for me to track someone down here in Houston I will be glad to do so.


                Are we expected to take this seriously?


                  Pakistan will not cease to exist. We will eliminate all these bad things.


                    Hey to bad.
                    No rational no need to looj him up, i think i have his e-mail some place.
                    I get intouch with him that way.

                    CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!