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    Both Federal Industries Division and Utility Stores Corporation non co-operating in connection with investigation of Rs. 5,500,000 misappropriation says Chairman Sub Committee of Public Accounts Committee in the Parliament (Daily Nawai-e-Waqat 25 April 1999).
    Corrupt officers are being protected by Utility Stores complains Public Accounts Committee to the prime minister (NW 13/2/1998). "How many times have you actually read contents of receipt that cashier of your local utility stores hands over" questions a conscientious reader The News 27.9.1994. Any I have many more in my treasure.

    In line with educated people I also trust on electronic gadgets like calculators. We blindly believe on electronic cash registers hence hardly make a counter check. After purchases from utility stores I never checked the cash memos. The only checking I made and satisfied myself was the amount shown on screen tallied with cash memo and actual amount charged. And that is all. One day in 1994 I do not know why sitting idle having nothing to do I started reading the cash memo as a general reading material. Something unusual struck on my mind and I minutely checked it. I found to my great shock that quantities were all OK, unit price was all OK, total cost of items was all OK but very strangely the Grand Total of sub-totals was wrong. The Grand Total showed Rs. 50 in excess. I did not believe this because I know when electronic calculators mal function they produce figures different in 4/5/6 digests and not in small one or two digits. It was in my eyes a "Karagaree". I immediately within 15 or 20 minutes of purchases rushed back to utility stores who refused to refund. I addressed the Managing Director of Utility Stores Head Office in Islamabad twice but got no response.

    I approached Federal Ombudsman with the request that (i) matter be probed not through Utility Stores but through any other agency to know the real depth of matter (ii) at how many places and since when this was going on (iii) why illegal extra charged cannot be refunded and that (iv) it be dealt in the larger interest of community. I attached with my complaint copy of cash memo nakedly showing sub-totals all OK but Grand Total in excess by Rs. 50/-.

    Ombudsman Pakistan accepted it for processing and forwarded it to USC Head Office which as usual replied no complaint from complainant directly received. Peoples complaint letters never reached government departments!!! In return I sent copies of my letters addressed to USC Head Office both to Ombudsman and USC Head Office. With that I attached copies of Certificates of Posting under which I addressed USC Head Office. While I was awaiting progress and comments and counter comments I could not believe came the Order/Findings of Ombudsman saying "it is not for this secretariat to probe into a complaint of general nature. However a copy of complaint with this order is forwarded to Industries Division to take necessary measure".

    A naked documentary pick pocketing of Rs. 50/- under a very novel modus ope***** and it is a complaint of "general nature"!!! I could not believe. Is taking Rs. 50/- under a novel style which not every one can detect not an act of mal administration or a cheating? Is non refund to illegally extra charged not an offence in an Islamic republic? Over-charging namely higher prices than prevailing in the market is something else but charging extra illegal under a cheating way is totally a different matter which is and should be a high alarming. How the protector of citizens rights can sit easily on his chair completely forgetting how many and at how many places are daily becoming victims to this modus ope***** without their own knowledge because those people do not ever think of doing multiplication or grand totalling as society most sees price per unit, quantity and grand total.

    Seeing that an Ombudsman of the country did not take any practical interest if not action why should had Industries Division hence right from 1994 Order of Ombudsman till this September 2000 Industries Division never ever informed or contacted me even after my reminders over reminders let alone respecting ombudsman order it should had at its own contacted me without my reminder.

    My Rs. 50/- are still stuck up. As our religion says struggle for your rights and keeping silent on an injustice in itself is a crime I once again approached ombudsman informing him Industries Division has take no action. Reply from Ombudsman was "we have already explained you position".

    My Rs. 50 hard earned, 100% Rizq-e-Hilal are still held up. {For 17 years I worked as an Officer, starting my career from most lucrative income tax department, which department foolishly I left/resigned in search of Rizq-e-Hilal and now in this near reaching superannuation I am still shelterless having no roof for old age]. I can not leave my Rs. 50/- Rizq-e-Hilal. I am never disappointed. I never leave struggle. Today I have spent more than a Rs. 1,000 for my struggle. But today 23rd September 2000 I am tearing off all my record and papers on this matter except for photocopies of ombudsman order, my complaint and cash-memo and leaving the matter on in hand of My ALLAH.

    I want to put it on record that I have not left totally matter of my right, I have only and only left on ALLAH with an intention to file a petition on Day of Judgement before ALLAH THE GREAT against all those who are connected with this matter may that he Utility Stores cashier concerned or its Managing Director or Ombudsman or a Secretary Industries Division and I will catch the collars on Day of Judgement.

    Please note it and keep it on record.


    23 September 2000