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    Vote for Pakistan

    The "gupshup" participants are cordially invited to vaote for the fate of Pakistan.

    There are 4 choices:

    (1) End of Pakistan and creation of 4 new independent states, Pakhtoonistan, Punjab, Sindh and Blochistan.

    (2) End of Pakistan after another bifercation of Pakistan into two independent states, Punjab and a confedration of NWFP, Sindh and Blochistan.

    (3) End of Pakistan as NWFP and Blochistan joining Afghanistan leaving two independent states aside i.e Punjab and Sindh.

    (4) End of Pakistan by realizing / cofessing the blunder their so called "father of the nation", the British agent, Jinnah had made, making a re-union with India (provided India accepts their aplogy!)

    I appeal in the name of humanity that at this time of hardship poor Pakistani must be given moral support to make a wise decision.

    How about number 5? A new Pakistan comprising Punjab, Sindh, NWFP, Balochistan, Kashmir, and Afghanistan in confederation with some Central Asian states and Iran?


      How about end of idiotic posts or loose your membership honey?

      You may consider this as your first and last warning!