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    Licences of 139 non functional housing societies in federal capital have been cancelled while rest have been directed to allot plots within six months. All societies have been asked to hold election through secret ballot to ensure real representation (DAWN 10 Sep).

    I am a member of State Officers Co-operative Housing Society. On solemn affirmation I say and holding Holy Quran practically in my hand I can repeat that since 13/15 years I have not received even a single annual report, any election notice or even a single communication from my society. By law every society to remain legally alive is required regularly to submit audited accounts, election results, periodical reports etc to Dy. Registrar. I am sure stomach of Dy. Registrar's file must be updated!!!

    Some 10/12 years I continuously addressed the Dy. Registrar Karachi and Registrar Hyderabad not making any complaint but requesting Society be advised that no communication is being received from it. Both never gave any response about which non response I went to Sindh Ombudsman where registrar promised he had arranged that society gives a response but years have passed even then I did not get any direct response from society. I repeatedly told Sindh Ombudsman about non honouring of his promise made before an ombudsman by Registrar but of no result. Thus it dawned on me a bureaucrat may he be a Dy. Registrar a registrar is more powerful than an ombudsman. Some 4/5 years back the only thing I learnt was that same people who were some 18/20 years back initially office bearers somewhat same were still there on the ground some seniors want them to be there due to their good work!!.

    I was a junior type officer. Many a times I tendered my resignations but these were turned down on the plea "your services are more needed". I thought I am an indispensable person and if I left perhaps the project will get closed. Project was running in loss at that time. However one day again putting my resignation I did not attend office and declaring me "absent" I was terminated. The project started earning profits.

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    13 sEPTEMBEER 2000

    Moved to Pakistan Politics Section
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      15 September 2000

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your interest in the article but excuse me if I say this topic has nothing to do with "politics". It is not a political issue and it has nothing whatsoever to do with politics.

      This was posted on General topic because there is no heading or section or administrative, administrative policies, administrative management, public administration etc section.

      I will with my apologies once again say it is not a political subject and has nothing to do with Pakistan politics.

      Thanks and regards.


        Okay, anything that relates to policies, public affairs, public management etc..anything of a administrative, official or public issue can be in this area.

        Maybe the topic of this forum can be changed to Pakistan Affairs. but then people would think its a hook up joint

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          20 Septermber 2000

          Dear Mr. Administrator,

          Sir, Thank you for your remarks. I quite agree. This is sensible reply with a serious tune. Thanks and regards.

          Best wishes for success.