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    State Bank has imposed a new six monthly Tax of Rs. 200/- plus a penalty of "no profits" on bank accounts having balance less than Rs. 10,000 as service charges to cover up overheads. So thus we have embarked on "rapid" banking development at cost of reducing "domestic" savings; savings which universally are termed as the real hard savings and the back bone of a country's economy. This step "in the larger interest of Awam" was of course very necessary, though late, to cover up money being spent (overheads) on paying huge bags of hard cash to bank employees on golden handshakes and inducting dear ones amongst them back with more high salary (even in some cases before having paid the golden hand shake retirement money - reference weekly Bankaar Karachi).

    Nawaz Sharif stated he was to eliminate poverty and at the same time he raised prices of some commodities. He raised minimum balance required from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 5000 with Rs. 150/- deduction every six months. A newspaper printed a cartoon which showed when no poor will remain due to ever increasing high cost of living alive poverty will automatically be eliminated. Nawai-e-Waqat 16/17 September quotes our finance minister saying "Jehad against poverty". This march to "Jehad" has raised limit from Rs. 150/- to Rs. 200 deduction, minimum balance from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10,000 plus no profits which even Nawaz Sharif could not think of and I suggest when comes out of jail he must enquire from his finance ministers Sartaj Aziz and Ishaq Dar why they could not think of it to eliminate poverty.

    INSHALLAH due to this "Jehad" in next 5/10 years only those having at least 6 figures will have accounts in Banks and our banks will to stand in list of world's developed banks.

    Next year our all our banks due to this Rs. 200/- "tax for crime mine being poor" per six monthly deductions added by saving from non distribution of profits to poor will have a colossal money with them which will through advertisements be termed as "banks success" in development of its income due to better policies and due to this "increased" amount some will get promotions, some bonus etc. No body at any level will have a time to think this "additional" income is gained due to above techniques. [One Bank president immediately after his taking over showed huge profits in one his bank, the next now sitting president is showing huge losses to the same bank!!!)

    Throw this dam creature out of bank doors who opened their accounts on radio commercials asking people "open an account with Rs. 5/-" and these Rs. 5/- in 50s/60s served as founding blood to become these banks as giant. Relatives during my poverty should not be my relatives today in my rich. Poor ordinary people having only Rs. 500 or 1200 and thinking of having a cheque book in their home, stupids!!!

    I have a savings account in which I think I have in between five to six thousands of Rupees. I am going to close my account to avoid Rs. 400/- a year deduction, hide this hard in some pillow cover and every two years pull a Rs. 400/- from it and get from that my TV Licence renewed for 2 instead paying it towards poor man's tax. Thus this Rs. 400 a year my savings.

    [email protected]

    17 September 2000