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US replacing Pakistan??

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    US replacing Pakistan??

    Is the US now replacing Pakistan with India as its principal ally in South Asia. Whats the US up to?

    ...aur bhayya, kaise ho?

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    C.I.A. study shows that with 5 years Pakistan will be devided in to 5 different regions such as Sindhustan, Baluchistan etc.

    That's why they don't feel like to entertain Pakistan any more


      Incorrect kid that is 3 years.
      After the CE leaves.
      However it is just economics.
      Last week i read on that the US wanted closer ties with BD - why??
      Well according to Stratfor, to tap the huge gas supplies there.
      And ass everybody knows the US is the #1 energy importer.
      So they need cheap raw materials.
      Thus the BD gas line.
      That is also why want a gas line from Turkey to Turkmenistan.
      Kid get with the program here.
      Nothing is separated.
      Every thing is interconnected.
      That is your lesson for the hour.
      Mailik will further your education later.

      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


        Not only that but according to the U.S.A plan
        "project Asia 2025" U.S bombers will destroy
        all of Pakistan's neuclear base's and then our very own India will come and take over us forming one large India. Which according to me is not very good.


          Where did you get that **** from???

          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


            Spawn - can anybody take anything this thing says seriously?

            Sadhu mere Bhatije I think you need to freshen up your facts a little. Please quote the CIA study you are talking about - year, link etc? or else I suggest you wake up from your long dream.

            I did see an article about a CIA report that in 2025 Pakistan AND India would not exist in their present territorial forms. These were the "conclusions":-

            Pakistan - would either:-

            1) Be replaced by a "Greater Punjab" encompassing all the Punjabi areas of Pakistan (Punjab, Hazara, AJK, etc). The other ethnic provinces would go their own way including a "Pakhtoonistan" (encompassing the Pakhtoon areas of NWFP and Afghanistan).

            2) Become the centre of a new "Central Asian Federation" encomappsing PAK, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

            The report concluded that option 2 was more beneficial for long term american interests and was more likely.

            India - two options:-

            1) Would become a Swiss-style confederation of some 50 states or so.

            2) Would disintegrate into various Independent states:-
            a) Dravidistan
            b) Khalistan
            c) Greater Bangladesh (taking in large parts of the North East).
            d) A Christian confedration in the Nort East
            e) Hindustan - the remainder of India.

            The report concluded that either of the two options was likely and neither would be detrimental to US interests.