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BOLD speech by Pervaiz musharraf!!

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    Originally posted by sabah:
    By the way, what exactly did we gain from this summit? How has this summit effected our international relations, economy, and business anything? I mean other then the speech what else was planed?
    no one has ever benefitted from such forums..... these are meant to be what they say in persian
    "nashistand guftand barkhastan"
    sit, talk and disperse.... we may add eat in there as well... and shop after dispersing ..


      Musharraf returns home after successful visit
      ISLAMABAD, September 12 (Online): Chief Executive General Pervez Musharraf returns home today (Wednesday) after successful visit to New York and effective representation of Pakistan at the United Nations Millennium Summit.
      "The visit has been highly successful as it not only enabled the Chief Executive to interact deeply with the top world leaders on host of important issues including peace and security at global and regional level but also provided him an opportunity to highlight Kashmir issue, threats posed to peace and stability in the wake of this problem and the urgency to address the dispute", official sources told Online.
      They said these meetings also enabled him to brief the world leaders about prevailing investment climate in Pakistan, strides being made in the field of information technology and the efforts being undertaken by his government to revive economy, restore shattered confidence of the investors and strengthen institutions by eliminating menace of corruption.
      The sources said successful nature of the visit and effective presentation of the situation in South Asia by Chief Executive during his meetings with the world leaders could be well judged from the fact that all the leading international personalities including US President Bill Clinton and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan underlined the need for resumption of Pakistan-India dialogue for settlement of Jammu and Kashmir dispute and de-escalation of tensions in the region.

      Besides addressing the Millennium Summit and using the forum to draw attention of the world community for urgent resolution of Kashmir issue, Musharraf also met members of Pakistani community in New York, who undertook to set up a fifty million dollars Information Technology fund for development of this vital sector in Pakistan.

      He also held talks with the mandarins of International Financial Institutions including IMF and apprised them of measures being taken by his government to reduce budget deficit, increase exports and revenues.


        Please note the statement made by France at the 10th Plenary Session of 55th UNGA on 12th Sept.2000.
        The French statement on behalf of the European Union calls for the termination of terrorist activity in Kashmir. The implementation of confidence and security building measure and
        strict respect for the Line of Control in order to restore the peaceful
        local climate and enable the dialogue between Pakistan and India to
        resume the spirit of Lahore Declaration.


          Can't get to CE's speech from the UN Website....must be hacked by RAW agents.

          I wonder how many World leaders rolled their eyes when the CE's speech was focused on Kashmir rather than Pakistan's numerous internal problems.


            Oh Bigb .... ... plllease .... as if He should have been "defending" himself in front of the world and international media against the blames that have absolutely no grounds... AND as if everybody else was talking about internal problems there.(which by the way are far greater in INDIA in every way)

            The summit was held for PEACE and CE was bold enough to question the strength of UNO for the implementation of the previously announced Kashmir resolutions by UNO!!!




              Washington Post's article on Musharraf's visit to United States.


                He try to give speach but un fortunately no body was listening, what's the use