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BOLD speech by Pervaiz musharraf!!

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    BOLD speech by Pervaiz musharraf!!

    CE said a few very straight forward words of truth in the summit....

    "Whereas the international community and this world body are seriously engaged in finding a solution to the Palestine issue, Kashmir cries for justice even after 52 years."

    "If the people of East Timor could be given their freedom, why not the people of Kashmir?"

    "Pakistan stands for peace and is prepared to take bold initiatives to change the status quo through a dialogue with India at any level, at any time and any where. Let me commit at this world forum, that we desire a No War Pact; we are ready for a mutual reduction of forces; and we also seek a South Asia free from all nuclear weapons. Pakistan shall not be drawn into an arms race, nuclear or conventional, irrespective of provocation."

    "Paradoxically, we have heard long lectures on democracy from countries which have laws that actually encourage corruption, by giving ready asylum to plunderers, and facilities for concealment of illicit wealth in secret accounts in their banks. Such transfers will not make them much richer but the poor will certainly become much poorer."

    "Pakistan will continue to work with other nations for a more effective and just United Nations, capable of rising above narrow interests to serve the greater cause of humanity."

    good job by CE...
    but every one from baba-e-qaum to the CE has said such things at UNO....but to no avail...UNO is there to safeguard the interests of western nations esp USA and not to help the world in large....
    Why dont we realize this .... ?
    when r we going to realize it..?


      Yeah right.... But there is this media thing that we just have to keep up with in today's world...

      UN is absolutely paralyzed.... They should do something about making UN more functional first ...if they really mean Peace which I doubt that they do!!


        gooni - brilliant speech by the CE and its paying off internationally. The Home Minister of India L.K. Advani has publicly stated that Pakistan has been entirely successful in giving India a bad name all over the world!


          though malik ... he might not have said it all in good humor!!

          India is bothered right now... No real answers but a dramatic play of words!! I guess the needs of america and others for a bigger market in india is what actually makes them so confident of world's support!!

          Things will have to change!! India just keeps getting away with this damn-care attitude!


            India is having a real problem with kashmir and now that the western media and people are so pro-human rights, India is having one hell of a tough time.
            So is China.
            I mean that Dalia Lama thing was very bad press for China.
            And pakistan did the same to India in the UN.
            I really liked the way the CE dressed.
            I am pakistani and i wear pakistani clothes not the cheap suits NS would walk around in.
            InshAllah kashmir will be free.
            Did any one hear that Switzerland decided to mediate between pakistan and India on Kashmir.
            Of course the Indians have not replied yet.

            You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!



              Checkout the EDITORIAL OF WASHINGTON POST

              While bitter enemies from Ireland to Israel are bowing to the dictates of peace and economic development, the threat of war in South Asia continues to loom large. The economy of Pakistan is sinking, yet the focus of the military leadership remains stronger than ever on Kashmir. Pakistan's junta continues to concentrate all its resources on funding and fueling terrorism in Kashmir on the one hand, while on the other dashing domestic hopes for a return to a democratic and secular society.

              During his visit to the region earlier this year, President Clinton threaded a needle of admonishing Pakistan for its support of violence in Kashmir while keeping the door open for engagement if it abated such activities. Unfortunately, his stern warnings have yet to exact much change. Pakistan's intended destruction of the nascent Kashmir peace process requires a firmer response from the U.S. administration. Declaring Pakistan a terrorist state, and thus putting it on par with the terrorist groups it harbors and supports, would encourage the people of Pakistan to remove the military warmongers who have deprived them of sustainable development.

              It is clear who wants peace in the region and who does not. Only by challenging Pakistan's duplicitous ways will peace have a hope of winning.


                muhabbat ... read this again!!

                "Pakistan's junta continues to concentrate all its resources on funding and fueling terrorism in Kashmir on the one hand, while on the other dashing domestic hopes for a return to a democratic and secular society."

                So Pakistani "Junta" (AS IN HINDI ...) concentrates "ALL ITS RESOURSES" on "FUNDING" terrorism in Kashmir!!!

                Funny How an indian has used "Washington Post " to spread the very notorious and excessive Indian propaganda on the issue of Kashmir... No wonder how many in US are so confused about the situation in Kashmir.

                Sorry mohabbat ... that sounds like Your side of the story.



                  OK how about Christian Science Monitor


           you know the meaning of the word "junta" as it was used here ?


                      I think we should make things easy for Gooni, who it seems, lacks any Gun (as in Hindi). The word Junta in English means a political or military clique or faction taking power after coupd'etat, 2. a deliberative or administrative council in Spain or Portugal [Sp.&Port. f.L juncta, fem. past part (as JOIN)]

                      Even if it is a hindi word, do you know how many hindi words are now incorporated into English.


                        Well a year ago they were all criticisng the CE and threatening pariah status for Pakistan. But now after countless Presidents and monarchs, even the great statesman of the day are knocking on the doors of our great CE's...

                        Kissinger appreciates Pakistan's peace move

                        Former US secretary of state, Henry Kissinger, called on Chief Executive Gen Pervez Musharraf on Monday morning and appreciated Pakistan's efforts in promoting peace and stability in the region.

                        Pakistan's foreign office spokesman Riaz Mohammed Khan told Dawn that Mr Kissinger expressed great faith in Pakistan's potential to be a strong dynamic nation, and a pivotal state in the South Asian region.

                        Mr Kissinger stressed the importance of Pakistan for stability and progress in the region. Appreciated the diplomatic initiatives Pakistan has been taking in years for peace.

                        Mr Khan said that Mr Kissinger recalled Pakistan' s courageous position during the final years cold war. He reaffirmed that he will remain a strong friend of Pakistan.

                        Gen Musharraf informed the former US secretary his government wants to institute sustainable economic and political reforms in the country.

                        "We want to set the direction within three years period to make Pakistan economically strong, politically vibrant democratic state," Gen Musharraf said.

                        On Sunday morning the CE met with the former White House national security adviser, Robert McFarlane.


                          The key word in the report produced by Malik is FORMER. Both the persons who lauded CE were formerly office bearers. And how does it change the outlook of the reportings quoted earlier in this thread.


                            Many elder Pakistanis were also glad for CEs speech at the millennium summit - However as over 150 leaders have spoken at the summit CEs speech could easily be ignored/forgotten, so what are our plans to keep reminding western and other related countries about the facts? Should our media and common Pakistanis do like rest of the world, keep repeating the same line till every one is convinced? Or is it supposed to be like before, one tiny lil bold step and no backing afterwards?

                            By the way, what exactly did we gain from this summit? How has this summit effected our international relations, economy, and business anything? I mean other then the speech what else was planed?



                              Dhir... firstly ... you must know that being a "former" is what actually marks the sincerity in a statesman's "personal" openion ... because a PRESENT office bearer of that grade is bound to have certain obligations to the States Policy. And by now .. the whole world knows that America is obsessed with taliban and claims that their cause is somehow supported by Pakistan ... !

                              The same CNN that produced a remarkable documentry about Kashmir in which they actually went into the occupied state and talked to people on the streets ...telling the stories of massacre in Kashmir by Indian troops.... now talks an entirely different political language because of the states Policy of course!! they are not to support either India or pakistan openly right now!! Although the stated documentry is still shown on Pak TV from time to time!!

                              Mohabbat ... Bravo ... You are incredible for getting all the right posts to publish here...! We should be glad to know how Pakistan's image is being distorted!!

                              Dhir... Sorry about the Junta word !! So i admit I don't have the guns ( as in English) As you have!!