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    Some good news

    Thursday 14 September 11:00 PM

    Pakistan Has Edge on India in PC Penetration:
    World Bank Report

    NEW DELHI, Sept 14 Asia Pulse - India comes in a place behind Pakistan in the penetration of personal computer (PC) use among the population, according to World Bank Development Report (WDR).

    In Pakistan 3.9 of every 1,000 people uses a PC, whereas in India it is only 2.7. It is to be noted that the Gross Domestic Product of India (as per 1999) was US$459.765 billion and that of Pakistan it was US59.880 billion, which meant India's GDP was almost eight times that of Pakistan, the 2000-01 WDR said.

    The Internet hosts (calculated on the basis of computers connected directly to worldwide network) per 10,000 people showed 0.34 for Pakistan and it was 0.23 for India, it said quoting a study.

    The report also showed Pakistan was ahead of India in per capita and food production index. While the per capita agriculture productivity was 626 in Pakistan, it was 406 for India. The food production index for Pakistan was 136.2 and 119.9 for India.

    Even with vast geographical size, India has only 32.4 percent of irrigated land to total crop land compared to Pakistan with 80.8 percent, when arable land (in hecares per capita) being the same with 0.17 for both the coutries. The domestic credit provided by the banking sector for 1999 showed 47 percent for Pakistan, it was only 44.9 percent for India, the report said.

    According to the report, the export of goods and services in 1999 was to the tune of 15 percent of GDP in Pakistan whereas it was only 11 percent in India.

    The structure of output (value added as percent of GDP) remained same in Pakistan for the agriculture, industry, manufacturing and services sectors with 26, 25, 17 and 49 percent respectively over the previous reporting period (1990), the report cited.

    But in India, the share of agriculture, industry and manufacturing declined from 31 to 28, 27 to 25 and 17 to 16 respectively from 1990 to 1999. There was only four percent increase in value addition in the service sectors from 42 to 46 percent in India for the corresponding period, the report added.


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