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UN to give $4.7m for poll process

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    UN to give $4.7m for poll process

    UN to give $4.7m for poll process

    Bureau Report

    ISLAMABAD, Sept 13: The United Nations Development Programme, the Election Commission and
    Economic Affairs Division have signed on Wednesday a $4.7 million project for "supporting
    democratic electoral process in Pakistan," said a UN press release.

    Secretary EC Tawfiq Fehmi, secretary economic affairs division Nawid Ahsan and United Nations
    resident coordinator and UNDP resident representative Onder Yucer singed the agreement on behalf
    of their respective organizations at a ceremony held at the office of election commission, it said.

    Chief election commissioner Justice Abdul Qadeer Chaudhry presided over the ceremony which was
    attended by representatives of multilateral and bilateral donors and senior government officials.

    Through another agreement, the government of Norway to provide Norwegian Kroner 10.945 million
    as cost-sharing contribution from the Norwegian Agency for Development Corporation.

    The SDEP project is a strategic component of the gender and governance programmes of the UNDP
    for strengthening governing institutions and political empowerment of women under the agreed country
    cooperation framework for Pakistan (1998-2003).

    The project aims to contribute to the improvement of democratic governance practices through the
    strengthening of the electoral process and building an enabling environment where greater number of
    citizens including the poor women will have a say in the selection of their representatives.

    The project will strengthen the Election Commission and held them to modernize their operations and
    electoral management in context of recently announced electoral reforms.

    The awareness raising and improved electoral participation of women elements of the project will be
    implemented in collaboration with civil society organizations. In addition to the capacity building
    aspects, the project includes research and analysis for improving voters rolls and ultimately improving
    citizens participation in the electoral process.

    The ECP will be able to draw on the resources from this project in conducting the local government
    plan 2000.

    Well it is good to see that atleast the UN wants a more progressive and democratic Pakistan instead of the crap we have had so far!!!!!

    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


    When we will get this money? Military may use it for their own use then what we will do?

    Is this money repayable?


      Dear son, it is not you think it is.
      Like all polling and election commissions by the EU.
      The UN will send people, equipement and money for this.
      So the money won't go to the military or any other pakistani organization.
      It will be a complete UN thing.
      And no the money will not have to paid back.
      See you are already growing in wisdom!!

      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


        Very good news CM and finally the international community is putting money into helping Pakistan achieve real democracy.
        With the UN contributing to the process and monitoring it, a return to democracy will be legitimised by the international community.