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Pak. can bomb and destroy all Indian cities in 5 minutes.

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    Pak. can bomb and destroy all Indian cities in 5 minutes.

    Nuclear capability of Pakistan well ahead of India: Qadeer

    ISLAMABAD: Nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has claimed that Pakistan had more advanced nuclear capability than that of India and that all major cities of India could be obliterated within five minutes.

    We have enough bombs and
    missiles to destroy major Indian cities thrice," said Dr. Abdul Quadeer
    Khan, the man who is credited as the pioneer of Islamabad's nuclear program

    Father of Pakistan's nuclear bomb
    warned India Wednesday his country had enough nuclear bombs to destroy major
    Indian cities several times over.

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    Damn we ARE good.
    Pakistan Zindabad!!!!!

    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!



      Pakistan Zindabad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        If there is heaven on earth
        it is in Pakistan .....

        Pakistan Paindabad !!!

        Jeeve Jeeve Jeeve Pakistan.


          Looks like the entire Hindu race would be destroyed from this planet by PAKISTAN.

          Almost 300 million people can be killed in 5 minutes. That's an achievement.


            I hope we can double the trouble...break the hitler

            Way to go Pakistan. Only if your people will come on the right track...india keya india ki maan be paaoon pakrey ghi terey.

            *~~~mOrE LoVe iS NeVeR eNoUgH~~~*
            Jaan-e-mun Jaan-e-Tamanaa
            Edharr aah teriyaaN LaatTaanN PunNaa-n


              Way to go, destroy everybody and everything !!!!!! Next would nuclear hollocast,.......end of human race.

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                The destruction of mosques, the death of many Muslims and Christians, and the environmental disaster that nuking the 5 major Indian cities (thrice) is but a small price to pay for the defeat of India, no?



                  If this is the language used by so called Most Educated Pakistani (Nuclear Physicist) what can you expect from illiterate Jihadis !!! Politicians saying is one thing but if Research scientists say such thing, it explains a whole lot ....


                    Originally posted by Rani:
                    Next would nuclear hollocast,.......end of human race.
                    Hastening the judgment day. That's all. It's inevitable, so they say.

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                      man we can do it in a number of seconds. Any terrorist can easily bomb Washington DC with a nuclear blast. Where would he keep his bomb? In his front two pockets. All he needs is two samples of Uranium or Plutonium. He can pass through the metal detectors undetected, and he would be in DC with the two sample of Uranium/Plutonium. All he has to do is sit on the bench outside the White House, put the two sample together and BOOM!! We all dead. This is very true, it was on the news and our physics teacher told us about it.


                        umm, no.

                        You need a regular explosion to start a nuclear explosion. You just don't simply mix two radioactive elements together - that just leaves to genetic defects.


                          i said the same thing but my teacher said if they had the two elements they could start it undetected.


                            Seems Good, just like to ask a question.

                            <<You have enough boombs to distroy India>>
                            Do you have enough sources to feed your hungry peoples (as according to IMF 25% of pakistani's are living much lower than poverty level).

                            <<You can distroy india within 5 minutes>>
                            These wording can'nt be of a literate person, even if he belongs India or Pakistan.

                            The bomb will kill only human being and humanity, it doesnt matter if pakistan distroy india or India claims the same.

                            Try to be mature, first one should think of creation not distortion.

                            we should try to solve our inner problems like poverty, unemployment, education (which i am confident, india is doing well), I think That will be the greatest achievement.

                            Be 'Man' not the 'Beast'.