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Pakistan, Iran sign 5-point agreement

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    Pakistan, Iran sign 5-point agreement

    Pakistan, Iran sign 5-point agreement

    ISLAMABAD, Sept 13: Pakistan and Iran signed a five-point agreement on Wednesday, where,
    among others, the two countries agreed to combat drug trafficking and illegal crossing of the common
    border, setting up of border markets, and work further towards the Iranian gas pipeline to India.

    The agreement was signed by Deputy Interior Minister for Political and Social Affairs of the Islamic
    Republic of Iran, Syed Mustafa Tajzadeh, and Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, Hassan Raza

    Among the points which were discussed and agreed upon were:

    (a) measures on common borders to combat drug trafficking, regular border meetings and
    simultaneous patrolling, strict measures against illegal cross-border movement, Pakistan-Iran common
    border markets.

    (b) stolen crown jewels, vehicles, fishing boats, violation of border regulations and travelling of

    (c) arrest/extradition of wanted persons, Iranian gas pipeline and fisheries, progress of court cases,

    (d) Human smuggling and

    (e) smuggling of POL to Pakistan.

    Both sides agreed to hold regular border meetings and simultaneous patrolling to improve coordination
    and cooperation in resolving problems. In case the meetings and patrolling are not held, this shall be
    brought to the notice of high officials and even through diplomatic channel. The Iranian Coast Guard
    officials in Chahbahar shall make similar arrangements with the Pakistan Coast Guards.

    Strict vigilance shall be exercised from both sides to check the movement of illegal immigrants across
    the border. If any national of the third country is arrested, the matter will be resolved through mutual
    coordination and he/she will not be pushed back to the other country.

    The Iranian side was informed that a Pakistan delegation visited the concerned border markets in July
    2000, a report of which has been sent to the Ministry of Commerce and is under study. Once the
    Government of Pakistan firms up its position on the subject, it will be conveyed to the Iranian side
    during the next meeting of the Special Committee.

    The Ministry of Pakistan will take up the issue of the stolen crown Jewels with the Home Department
    of the Punjab, to approach the Lahore High Court to decide the case of the stolen crown jewels
    promptly, as it is pending in the Lahore High Court. The final decision will be officially communicated
    to the Iranian authorities.

    The Iranian side wanted to know the progress of the stolen jewellery from Zahidan. It was decided
    that the matter will be discussed in the next JBC meeting.

    Both sides agreed to pursue the issue of confiscated boats during the next JBC meeting. Both sides
    will also provide a list of stolen vehicles, which have been taken across the border.

    The issue of the Iranian Gas Pipeline to India through Pakistan was discussed. Greater cooperation
    between the authorities of two neighbouring provinces in different fields such as fisheries for providing
    alternate, means of livelihood was also discussed.

    Both sides shall take steps to stop the smuggling of POL to Pakistan. The next meeting of the JBC will
    be held in Zahidan from October-November 2000.-APP

    The CE is doing a damn good job at cementing relationships with our close allies and friendly neighbours.
    Soon we will have a vaible economy.

    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


    Insha-Allah. May Allah protect Pakistan. I hope we keep on prospering. Pakistan is now adopting a better and friendly foreign policy to improve friendly relations.