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Pakistan, China to boost cooperation

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    Pakistan, China to boost cooperation

    Pakistan, China to boost cooperation

    By Our Correspondent

    ISLAMABAD, Sept 13: Chairman National Highway Authority Maj Gen Viqar ul Haq Khan Khalid
    has said the government is taking pragmatic steps for construction of highways in Pakistan.

    The chairman was talking to the technical expert team of China here on Wednesday. An eight-member
    team of Chinese technical experts is visiting Pakistan nowadays in order to take a detailed review of
    the Karakorum Highway.

    The chairman of NHA said, Pakistan and China were already cooperating each other in road building
    sector and there was a vast capacity of further cooperation.

    Pak-China friendly relationship is exemplary and the Karakorum Highway is a living symbol of
    friendship between the two countries, he said adding that with regard to the international trade activity
    in the future, the Karakorum Highway would play central role.

    Head of the Chinese team Yan Chang Quing Said, the Chinese construction companies were engaged
    in road building projects in Pakistan and this would provide an opportunity to the experts of either side
    to be acquainted with the experience of each other.

    He said, Pakistan and China have already concluded trade pact and the Karakorum Highway enjoys
    vital significance for its implementation. He said the Chinese delegation would pay a detailed visit to
    the Karakorum Highway to keep it in good condition.

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