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Musharraf's left-handed compliment to Indian media

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    Musharraf's left-handed compliment to Indian media

    NEW YORK: Pakistani military ruler Pervez Musharraf lectured his country's scribes on the virtues of "healthy journalism" and paid a left-handed compliment to the Indian media. Speaking to Pakistani journalists here on the weekend, he asked them to report facts and show "patriotism," like the Indian newspapers did.

    As an example, he cited Prime Minister Vajpayee's "anti-Pakistan speech" at the UN General Assembly, which he said was prominently displayed in the Pakistani press. In sharp contrast, Indian newspapers did not give that kind of treatment to his remarks from the same forum. "They (Indian Journalists) even distort facts to suit their national interest," he alleged.

    During his New York sojourn, a persistent theme of Musharraf's speeches to Pakistanis has been his growing impatience with the Pakistani press, his recurring complaint being it is "irresponsible, corrupt, unpatriotic at times and not pursuing healthy journalism," according to Pakistani newspaper reports monitored here.

    Senior Pakistani journalist Mohammed Afzal Khan likened Musharraf's tirade against the press to the one made by the country's former "political and not-so-political governments" before ordering a crackdown on the press.

    Musharraf, in reply, held his ground, insisting, he firmly believed that journalists (in Pakistan) were corrupt. "Don't you get paid by vested interests for writing articles against the government?" he asked the Pakistani newsmen present there.

    According to the Dawn newspaper, when someone pointed out that his own information ministry also paid journalists to write articles in favour of the government, he quickly admitted the fact, but said he personally did not authorise such payments and this would no longer be done

    Is the CE setting up an environment after which he can jusfify curtailing 'free press' and bring it under his control?