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Is Pakistan Isolated on the World Map

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    Is Pakistan Isolated on the World Map

    I think Pakistan is slowly isolated on the World map. And it's only due to its political immaturity, and failure to propagandized the issue of Kashmir in a manner of way.

    The one more big reason for this is, as India is being one of the largest developing markets and second largest market in ASIA for the third World, no country seems to spoil the relation with India just for some reluctant issues like Kashmir. India is being one of the fastest growing economic countries in the World. That's why no country, including China (known as a true friend of Pakistan), is ready to Neutralized this issue between India and Pakistan, China also called this issue a bilateral issue.

    As Indian Prime Minister is in US, he will try to enforce the US President, to ban some of Pakistani groups (I don't want to use terrorists as it can be a issue of conflicts). May be He will be succeeded cause Indian population in US plays a major role on its economy as well as its politics. 42% of NASA employees are India, 36% of Microsoft in US are Indian, 26% of IBM employees are Indian. 22% of Doctors in US are Indian. May be the Prime minister will be able to make some results out of it.

    As now Pakistan should realized, if it they have to make a common uphold on this issue, they have to increase their demand on the economic graph of the World. As Both Export and Import of the country, has been reduced to its lowest point (IMF Report 1999), Pakistan should make itself an economic power than can it be able to urge a global bias on this issue in favor of Pakistan.


    This is related only with Pakistan Politics.