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celebrating the defence day by singing????

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    celebrating the defence day by singing????

    i have posted these thoughts in General forum..And i am doing it here for the more serious ones to read....

    On the 6th of september ... loads of pakistani fojis of all grades gathered at an army base in the northern areas and singers came to perform one by one!!! All watched here in euorope as well!!

    Same happens on the 14th of August and to some extent on the 23rd of March....!!

    Do you think it is the right way to celebrate an occasion of that sort!! I think we are badly in need of putting a line between where to have excessive fun and where to get serious Because These days are not like basant and melody eves to sing and dance the time away!! These days come to remind us of the seriousness of all the issues we are facing as a nation.

    I think on 14th of august students should gather and hold streetside shows for fund raising and publically hand over to hospitals for private patients or give to the known trusts to help those in need!!

    On the 23rd of march , all public should get out and dedicate that one day to a make a certain change in the system ... start a campaign for tree plantation OR spread a message of general cleanliness of the roads and bazars!

    And on the 6th of september ... Respect should be shown by starting the day with a minute's silence and proceeding with favourite celebrities holding shows based on their personal message regarding the sacrifices under question and their backgrounds!! All media should give a serious message to the world ...TV should continue showing dramas like NISHAN-E-HAIDER!!

    These are the little things that help to build a national character. We need a SERIOUS CHANGE in attitude, don't you think???

    No offence, but do you want all the faujis to stand at attention and hoist SMGs on their shoulders 24/7? They are human beings and deserve to have some light moments as well. They, of all the people in Pakistan, realize the seriousness of the moment. Its not like a whole cantonment was sitting there watching the show. No more than 50% of the staff is awarded such leisure time at any one time.

    On eid day, when you and I are enjoying ourselves, those same faujis don their wardees, and set off to do the same thing they do every day. For them, every day is a Monday, and every night is a night shift. They dont have any off days, any sick days, or any vacation time in the true sense of the word. They can be called up at 2am, and they wont say no.

    Havent u ever seen hollywood stars or exotic dancers being flown over to Kosovo or Kuwait or Saudi Arabia in order to entertain the western troops and "boost their morale"? It happens on a regular basis, and noone says anything to that. Perhaps its not our place to say anything to that. But when it comes to Pakistani jawans having their one evening of fun thru the course of a 365 day year, we jump to conclusions about things we dont know of.

    Sorry I rambled on for so long, but why not appreciate them for what they do 364.75 days for us? Why do we have to criticize them for the .25 days they have some light fun?


      Nice posts Gooni and Akif. I guess if we look at it as Akif does we wonít be criticizing our soldiers for having fun a few days a year. However Gooni is right in saying that special days like these should be celebrated with respect, but that we should do as a nation, we should not demand this from Pak forces only.

      >> And on the 6th of september ... Respect should be shown by starting the day with a minute's silence and proceeding with favourite celebrities holding shows based on their personal message regarding the sacrifices under question and their backgrounds!! All media should give a serious message to the world ...TV should continue showing dramas like NISHAN-E-HAIDER!!<<

      Excellent, can we start here on this board, we just had Independence Day competition, and Iím sure a lot more ppl talked about Pakistan (positively for a change) then normal, while looking for good pictures. We can still show respect to our shaheeds by sharing any information we have about them and letting others know what kind of scarifies they have made for us Ė by creating a sense of respect for the mothers and sisters who give their sons and brothers for our safety and our freedom. Maj Aziz bhattiís anniversary is coming up, and Iím sure we all know a little about him, letís see if we can show him the kind of respect he deserves.

      I agree with you on building nations character, but sometimes more ppl listen to you when you speak the language they understand, perhaps most of us understand dances and songs better then other things, lekin then weíve gotta educate our selves, and for that we canít keep criticizing na, lets do something to change it (now I sound like a galli ka leader, but I mean this, if you have information the least you can do is, share it with others.)

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        I totally agree with the part about showing respect to our shaheeds, and that happens with the hoisting of Hilal-e-Istaqlal. It happens in Sialkot, Lahore and Sargodha, three important focal points in the '65 war, and more than just a moments silence is observed. The hoisting if followed by speeches, parades, shows by school kids, the way i remember it from Sialkot, and the day is fittingly devoted to the shaheeds, due to whose sacrifices we call Pakistan a free country.

        So what if they listen to Gulbahar bano in the evening for half an hour


          It was not meant to be offensive ... I know akif ... you forgot to read the whole post ...if you had done that ...You wouldn't have taken offence!!!

          Who criticises foujis for having fun??? I hardly have time to have fun myself being a doctor having to wake up all night for my duty !! PLUS army bases in pakistan are known to have the best menaged and clssy concerts of all in any city... I hope u know that!!

          See ...that is what I mean.. even if someone talks about change ...some people are just so ready to object... We need a LOTTT of maturing to do as ONE whole nation.

          And I appriciate your thoughts and positive attitude sabah!! I did post some "revolutionary suggestions" to CE thinking that it will go un noticed but IT DID NOT!! and I am ready to do my part now and in future as well!!!


            Gooni i did read ur complete post, and thats the only way it came across to criticism of faujis for having some leisure time. Thats what u started off ur post with mentioning how it was watched all over europe, perhaps implying that it had put down Pak army's image in the eyes of the european audience. But regardless, this is not a personal venture between you and I.
            The only reason i came out with my comments is because I am a part of a military family, and I know the kind of lives they/we live Lots of times they have announced variety shows, or singing shows, where the audience would be filled with jawans and officers, and all of a sudden right in the middle, news comes in of disturbance on the border, and they all walk away, back to work, without missing a beat. They never let pleasure come in the way of duty. Youre a doc, and the nature of ur job is similar to u would understand it as well as anybody. Just let them be. Let them have the little fun they have. Majority of their Defence day is spent reminising and re-enacting the 65 war anyway. A little happy hour at the end of the day doesnt hurt anybody.....not their morale, not the nation, nobody