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Who should be our next prime minister?

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    Who should be our next prime minister?

    In a country where a governing system has to fight for its life by trying to avoid being strangled by the very people who are supposed to nurture it, whether remains virulent and no time has ever been right enough for blooming. Throughout our lives, we have been facing severe accidents head-on and no doubt that we stand critically hurt. But thanks to God that we are still alive. Without going to explore the dusty chapter of our failures and past which is a fact itself, we have to think about the future to continue our disastrous journey to perfection because there is no shortcut nor any relief road.

    To be very frankly, I still do not see any light whatsoever at the end of the tunnel. And this is because the tunnel is unimaginably long and we have done merely half of the distance. But there will of course be the end to our miseries and we will see the sun one day.

    Anyway, I am trying my best to avoid harking back to the past and so our failures. I am also in a bid to skip thrashing out democracy and concentrate on what point I have in my mind to discuss here.

    The question I am going to raise here is about our future, so this is gonna be a question of future. Who you think should be our next prime minister? This question is not as simple as it seems to be – nor it is trivial. The next man in command will be the one who will lead us to the end of the tunnel – or at least to the next juncture in our voyage.

    Before naming your person to the prime minstership, make sure that you have enough points in favour of your person to support its candidacy. Let us see how mature we are now!
    Reh gaya kaam hamaara hi baghawat likhna...

    if we want our survival as a NATION we all have to struggle very hard not send the WADERAS,CHUDARIES,MALIK,ARBABS,and the family politicians to assembly but to create a public leadership.
    good & only good persons of localities should be send to parliments...

    we have toshut down the plot permit and RECTEDARY culture.......
    this is the only way of our survival


      I personally have a lot of respect for sahibzada Yaqoub Khan, and would have loved to see him as a PM for the country.

      Iedologicaly he may be at a sharp divide with the powers that be, but maybe that is what we need. He is accomplished not just nationally but also internationally and seems to have the intelligence, integrity and the background for such a task.

      Coming up the ranks of bureaucracy also ensures that he knows how the system works and is not someone who will need to catch up or depend heavily on advisors to know how the bureaucatic machinery works.

      The other person I have immense respect for is Wasim Sajjad. For the same reasons, although he probably needs a bit more international exposure.

      If it was a presidential system and i had the option to vote for a yaqoub khan/ wasim sajjad ticket, I would be ecstatic.
      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


        Right. Actually we are short of options here and in the current situaion, Mr Khan and Mr Sajjad are really mature and capable person we would like to see running the country. In fact we should also debate presidential form of democracy in our country. It will be good for the country not only financially, but it will also exclude a player from the power politics game and the head of the government and the state would be in a better position to carry out his plans.
        Reh gaya kaam hamaara hi baghawat likhna...



          we have a lot of good people in the wings that would be great for the country as leaders if the political climate was more stable.
          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


            I hereby nominate myself for the position of the next Prime Minister of Pakistan and promise to turn all those who help me achieve victory into multimillionaires.

            The only solution to Pakistan's ills is a true Islamic revolution.


              Originally posted by Rational:
              The only solution to Pakistan's ills is a true Islamic revolution.
              Please be more specific by what you mean.


                All this is fruitless, if the CE refuse to step down. Already he has refused to retire. Tomorrow if he doesn't step down, does anybody in Pak has the courage to challenge that decision.


                  Actually Indians will have to hurry to find new prime-minister soon. Vajapayee has prostate cancer and is 75. He is living on steroids. He is not going to live more than a year or two. On the other hand CE has at least 20 more years.

                  (From 'Deccan Herald')

                  PM on steroids, one dose sustains him for 3 hours
                  New Delhi, Aug. 28: Even though the Prime Minister¡¯s Office continues to make light of his latest bout of illness, there is wide spread speculation and consternation about the state of his health in the political circles.Even BJP members, speaking on condition of anonymity, said his deteriorating health has been a matter of great concern within the party. ¡°He is not able to remain in public for more than 2-3 hours at a time and is known to be on heavy medication,¡± said BJP leaders.
                  Further adding fuel to the raging speculations, Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy has added another twist to the entire episode. According to him, Vajpayee might be officially suffering from osteo-arthritis, as per the PMO office, but the real problem was his prostate cancer which was detected about two years ago and was now in an advance stage.

                  He says in order to battle the disease, the Prime Minister is on ¡°energy enhancing drugs which are essentially steroid based.¡± ¡°These drugs help him to be up and about for three hours maximum at a time. After three hours the effect starts waning and if he has to continue he has to take another dose,¡± said Swamy.

                  Incidentally, it was Swamy who had first broken the news of Vajpayee¡¯s cancer about two years ago, a fact which was also confirmed later by officials in the PMO. According to doctors, a patient suffering from this cancer can survive for years as it does not lead to immediate death unlike some other forms of cancer. ¡°Cancer of the prostate is a slow growing disease.

                  It normally does not result in immediate fatality. It can lie dormant for quite a long time, depending upon so many factors which are difficult to pin point and it is not unusual for a patient of this disease to survive for as long as even ten years after detection,¡± said doctors in the Safdarjung Hospital.Swamy claims that he has definite knowledge that the Prime Minister was primarily going to US for his treatment.

                  In fact, out of the two weeks that the Prime Minister will be spending in the United States from September 5 onwards, six days were meant for ¡°private purposes¡±.The Prime Minister, it may be recalled, has not been keeping well of late. Even during his Independence Day speech, he had looked pale and his voice had faded twice.

                  While walking down the podium, he had stumbled also and had to be helped up by his personal security guards. Unable to walk down, he had used the lift to climb down the podium on August 15. The day after that, he was seen literally shuffling when he went to call on P R Kumaramangalam at the AIIMS. ¡®Ranga¡¯ died later.Before that, he had frequent bouts of ¡°bad throat¡± which had once forced him to cancel his address to the BJP parliamentary party.

                  He also had to cut short his visit to Leh earlier where he had gone to participate in the Sindhu Darshan festival. He was supposed to have addressed four programmes there but could attend only one and had to rush back to the city due to a ¡°bad throat¡±.

                  Meanwhile, according to a statement by the PMO, Vajpayee will resume his normal schedule on Tuesday and attend meetings of the Union Cabinet and the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs. The statement from the PMO said he was still under treatment for his knee pain which had aggravated substantially. ¡°Osteo-arthritis can be really bad. He is taking medicines and was undergoing physiotherapy too,¡± said a senior official in the PMO.

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                    I think we are here talking about our next prime minister and not what Vajpayee is suffering from. We have our own matters to deal with.
                    Reh gaya kaam hamaara hi baghawat likhna...


                      Originally posted by ullu:
                      Please be more specific by what you mean.

                      Let me be more specific. A country that ensures the following to all its citizens regardless of sex, race and relgion:

                      1. Justice
                      2. Peace
                      3. Honor
                      4. Equality
                      5. Democracy to elect representatives
                      6. Welfare
                      7. Safety
                      8. Education

                      All religions of the world have undergone revivals and revisions except for Islam. Unlike Christianity which flourished after annhilating itself from the Church, the fate of Islam has been exactly opposite. We need to go back to the true spirit of Islamic statehood.
                      For the minorities it will be equally beneficial provided Islam is followed correctly and is not given in the hand of vigilantis like the ones rampant in our homeland.
                      Hope this answers Ullu's query


                        Request Bill Clinton to be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. He is the only person who can bring Pakistan economy back on to the right track.

                        Joe Lieberman would be perfect person to be the Foreign Minister.

                        What do you think guys?


                          BG why don't we look inside pakistan for our own leaders instead of borrowing from others.
                          And the lieberman ploy is really really pathetic!!!!

                          CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                            Can somebody convince me that Bill Clinton is a serious political figure? I heard rumours that Hilary is twice as influential as Bill, and anyway, since the days of Ronnie Reagan, I have always felt that American presidents are cosmetic rather than decision-makers. I get the feeling that most of the hard work goes on behind the scenes and Bill is the presentable face that dumb Americans can identify with most easily.


                              Who should be our next prime minister?

                              Osama Bin Ladin

                              Don’t hate....Cooperate