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"Neela bagh Dam"

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    "Neela bagh Dam"

    I wanna build a Neela bagh dam perpendicular to Kalabagh Dam.
    Any suggestions?

    Firstly lame joke - really really lame.
    But that won't be possible as the Kalabagh dam idea has been shelved.

    Here are the articles from the DAWN:

    Here is the actual article:

    31 August 2000
    01 Jamadi-us-Saani 1421

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    Kalabagh dam plan shelved: Cabinet decides to tap other sources

    By Faraz Hashmi

    ISLAMABAD, Aug 30: The government has given up its plan to construct the Kalabagh Dam and
    decided to explore other potential locations, including the site at Bhasha, for the construction of new
    dams, official sources said.

    The decision to shelve the controversial Kalabagh dam project was taken by the federal cabinet,
    which met here on Wednesday.

    The issue, which had become more political than technical, has now been left for the future
    government(s) to resolve.

    It was understood that the military government was unable to arrive at a consensus among the four
    provinces over the construction of the dam.

    The cabinet was given a detailed briefing by WAPDA Chairman Lt. Gen. Zulfiqar Ali Khan who
    presented a comprehensive water resource development plan and apprised the federal cabinet about
    the scarcity of irrigation water in the country, the source said.

    He briefed the cabinet that Tarbela Dam, for the first time since its commissioning in 1974, has not
    filled up till August 31, this year. He said the water level at the reservoir was still short by 15 to 16 feet
    from its maximum level of 1550 feet.

    Lt. Gen. Zulfiqar asserted that with the depleting water storage capacity and increasing agricultural
    demand, there was an urgent need to construct another dam, whether it was at Kalabagh or some
    other location.

    He informed the federal cabinet that WAPDA had already done a lot of work on the Kalabagh Dam
    project and its feasibility was also ready. However, he said, it would take 10 years to complete the
    Kalabagh Dam, while the Bhasha dam would require more time as the feasibility study has to be
    updated before any actual construction could be undertaken.

    The members of the federal cabinet including Punjab Governor, Lt. Gen. (retd) Muhammad Safdar,
    Federal Minister for Environment Umer Asghar Khan, Advisor to the Chief Executive on Agriculture
    and Irrigation Shafi Niaz, and Minister for Science and Technology Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman raised
    various questions about the Kalabagh Dam and some of them voiced the reservations of the smaller
    provinces on the project.

    Sindh government representatives observed that it was better to wait for a few more years rather than
    push the country into a serious political controversy.

    "National unity and integrity is more important than anything else," said an official of the Sindh
    government. He further said that the construction time can be reduced by working on Bhasha dam
    with determination and concentration.

    Officials of Sindh government also raised some objections over the irrigation water supply schemes
    prepared by WAPDA for their province as a part of the overall water resource development plan.

    They said that the scheme of installing 5,000 tubewells in the kachcha area of Sindh would not be
    feasible. They pointed out that with each tubewell bored, water courses would have to be developed
    to carry water from the fields.

    The construction of 5000 water courses with 5000 tubewells would not only increase the cost
    manifolds but would also createa hindrance in quick discharge of water from the kachcha area in a
    year of high floods or super floods.

    Moreover the installation of tube wells in kachcha area would also dry up regenerated water in the
    area of Kotri Barrage down stream of Sukkur Barrage. No water would be available to supply
    drinking water to Karachi and irrigation water to some areas through Akram Wah after the installation
    of the proposed tube wells, they added.

    The chairman WAPDA said that further studies would be carried out on all these schemes before they
    were implemented.

    Later a press release said that the cabinet was given a detailed briefing on the water situation in the
    country by Chairman WAPDA, Lt. Gen Zulfiqar Ali Khan.

    The Cabinet directed that WAPDA should also identify the potential sites for the construction of small
    dams in all the four provinces so as to enhance water reservoir storage capacity for the future.

    The Cabinet further directed WAPDA to expedite the engineering and feasibility study of the Bhasha
    Dam in NWFP, Thal Development Project in Punjab and Associates Schemes for the provinces
    including Kachhi Canal Scheme in Balochistan, Sehwan Barrage Complex and Rainee canal project in

    The Chief Executive also directed the Ministry of Water and Power to ensure that headquarters of
    Indus River Systems Authority (IRSA) was shifted to Islamabad by the middle of next month.

    Stressing the need for additional water reservoirs in the country, the chief executive said that there was
    a need to construct a maximum number of dams in order to enhance the water storage capacity in the
    country to meet agriculture requirements. He said, a national water strategy had been prepared
    keeping in view the future needs of the country and in this context, the chief executive directed
    WAPDA to gear up its efforts to identify sites for construction of small dams all over the country.

    This process, he said, would not only meet the future requirements of water but also generate
    economic activity in the country.

    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!