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ISI was aware of coup conspiracy: Sharif's lawyer

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    ISI was aware of coup conspiracy: Sharif's lawyer

    DAWN- KARACHI, Aug 29: Secret agency Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) had informed Nawaz Sharif of a plot to overthrow his government well before the October coup, a court heard today. "They were well aware of the coup and had informed Nawaz Sharif about it much before October," Sharif's lawyer Azizullah Sheikh said. He said the record showed that three army generals namely Pervez Musharraf, Mohammad Aziz and Mahmood Ahmed Khan, were responsible for the mutiny, coup or whatever you call it against the elected government. I will prove that Sharif has not committed any hijacking or terrorism. The plane was kept in air for 48 minutes on the order of Musharraf who did not allow the plane to land until his coup succeeded," he said. The hearing will continue on Wednesday.

    How do his lawyers keep cooking up such crap? Have any of them ever considered an alternative career as fantasy writers?

    Respectuflly Yours,

    The Godfather.


      Where do these people come up with this crap.
      The only newspapers to be trusted are the dawn and the news.
      No other newspapers.

      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!