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This is a fact that:

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    This is a fact that:

    Our Army is from us.
    We are 100% corrupt, so Army is 100% corrupt.
    But the difference is in style.
    If we do corruption we are "NAB"ed. if Army do corruption it still "NAB" us.

    In my opinion more than 80% of our Armed forces are loyal to Pakistan, but 20% (max. from higher ranks) are loyal to their families alone so making money for them using legal and illegal ways.

    Who has nabbed Mansoor-ul-Haq?
    Who has nabbed Anwar Shamimm?
    Who has nabbed Gen. Majeed Malik?
    Who has nabbed Gen. Babar?
    Who has nabbed Gen. Niazai?

    Oh! I forget they are the defenders of Pakistan, we should not speak against them.

    What Army earns?

    What Army expends?
    "60% of the budget"