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    14/8/2000 at 7:36

    Pakistan Independence Day - 'Celebrate What?'

    On 14th August Pakistan marks it's 'Independence Day'. It is not a day for celebration but rather a day for commiseration. It prompts the question "independence from what?'. The country has sunk into chaos. Bribery has become a way of life. The country has virtually been put on lease to the IMF and the World Bank as they dictate the country's economic policies from taxation to currency rates. It is as if the old East India Company is back, dictating the outcome of virtually every trading transaction. And what of Government in Pakistan? Simply there is no Government. The downfall of the disgraced Bhutto and Sharif is just another example that the whole system is inept and that the pseudo-'democratic' system does not work and is proving a disaster.

    Democracy Just Doesn't Work

    The world has hailed democracy (literally 'people power') like its a cure-all remedy for the world's ills. It has got to the stage when every world ruler, including the Saddam's and Gaddafi's of this world, have to justify themselves as 'democratic' i.e. rule of the people by the people for the people. Pakistan is no exception.

    The reality of the such rule is much different. In the recent US Presidential elections 75% of the registered electorate did not vote for Clinton. His rule is typical - an elected dictatorship! Like all other 'democratically' elected governments, he has a mandate to rule without a vast minority of the voters' acceptance. In Pakistan, the political merry-go-round has produced chaos on the brink of disaster. Not only has the country adopted democracy but even fails to implement it. Democracy has a latent destabilising effect, such as the current pre-election legislation of the British Government, rushing for popular legislation to get votes e.g. tax cuts, gun laws and electronic tagging for criminals. Pakistan is no exception. This destabilising effect has left Pakistan with weak ineffective governments, which have failed to last a full term in office. There has never been an elected government in Pakistan which has lasted its full term.

    Democracy: The Politics of Division

    The representative assembly system in Pakistan has produced nothing but petty squabbling for power amongst the various competing factions in post-British raj divide and rule Pakistan. We have had Punjabis vs. Sindhis vs. Muhajirs vs. Baluchis vs. Pathans..... the list goes on as each section competes for a slice of the power. This competition has thrown the country into inter-communal riots, killings and looting, which in the past three years alone has cost a reported 3000 lives (who knows what the true figure is). The situation is pathetic. So much so that, ironically for a country created to protect the Muslims from the Hindus, it has now become safer for a Muslim to walk the streets of Delhi than those of Karachi! Indeed, Karachi has been branded as the Beirut of the Indian subcontinent. This is a terrible and horrific indictment on those who argue the establishment of Pakistan was to save Muslims from the scourge of Hindu rule. We would agree about the Hindu scourge but it is now time to start talking about the even worse scourge and divisive nature of democracy. For surely such a system forces individuals to discriminate on the basis of regional or ethnic origin causing baseless schisms and divisions with horrific effects.

    Democracy: The Politics of Elitism

    In the US, getting to power is a multi-million dollar operation. It enables only those backed by big business interests to attain power. Ross Perot was only able to challenge the millions of the Republican and Democrat electoral machines for the Presidency because of his billionaire status. This is not dissimilar to Imran Khan's bid for power with his billionaire father-in-law's backing. In Pakistan, Benezir is from the Bhutto land-owning dynasty and Nawaz Sharif is a major industrialist. The whole system, however, is controlled by elite - the military elite (nobody gets into power without their US inspired backing), the land-owning elite (who were upset with the recent US-IMF inspired Bhutto land tax). the industrial elites, the professional elite and yes, the religious elite (who have vested interests in not rocking the 'democratic' boat). Each one of these players wields immense power or influence in Pakistan wholly incommensurate to the numbers they actually represent. It is like big business and the aristocratic class in Britain who control the media and therefore sway public opinion for those they wish to see in power.

    Democracy- the Politics of Dependence

    Pakistan is no different from other former British colonies. The British deliberately left weak, ineffectual organs of government so that the divide and rule maxim would continue even after so called independence. We live the consequences of such a model all over the world. Witness events throughout Africa (Nigeria and Rwanda are live examples of the pathetic legacy of British divide and rule policy). Pakistan is no exception. It is a fact that Pakistan is now leased to the US. The army cannot make a decision without referral to it's masters in the Pentagon. Zia al-Haq stepped out of US policy over Afghanistan and paid for it with his life. However, there can be no more a symbolic epitaph for him than being dying in a plane crash with the Jewish US ambassador. The IMF have dictated severe and draconian policies to Pakistan and 'democratically' elected governments have been reduced to pathetic spectators. It seems Bhutto's failure to get to grips with such policies led to her downfall.

    Khilafah: The Way Forward

    The system in Pakistan is diseased. It was devised to keep the Indian Muslims locked in a paralysed state of impotence This pitiable situation is reflected throughout the Muslim World. It was not always like this. Whilst the West, the birth place of this plague of modern democracy, slides into it's own unprecedented levels of corruption, lawlessness and social deviancy, it does well to reflect that the Muslim World under the Islamic system of Khilafah set the standards for political and social affairs. It is to that system that the ills of Pakistan, indeed all Muslims, must look to return. Upon the return of the Khilafah we will dry our tears at the pathetic woes here described and perhaps we will be able to smile self-mockingly at this pathetic period of dependency and democracy.

    M. ISA

    Celebrate 53 years of neglect<by the leaders and western so called friendly enmies... and poondi-baazii on the melass!!!


      Political Analyst!

      As long as we have people, who are eager to copy and paste without giving due credit to the original author or source, Pakistan will continue to be sunk in the abyse of shame.

      Please learn to be orignal and not a parrot.


        Why is this in religion forum?


          we r celeberating the 53 years of chang of our master from white english to the
          "slaves of english"