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The Secret Story Of Pakistan's Debacle In 1971

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    The Secret Story Of Pakistan's Debacle In 1971

    On 26 December 1971, the then President of Pakistan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto set up the War Inquiry Commission. Its brief was to “inquire into the circumstances in which the commander, Eastern Command, surrendered, and the members of the armed forces of Pakistan under his command laid down their arms”.

    Headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Hamudoor Rahman, the other two members of the Commission were Justice S. Anwarul Haq, of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and Justice Tufail Ali Abdur Rahman, Chief Justice of Sind and Baluchistan, its military adviser Lt Gen (retd) Altaf Qadir.

    During its secret inquiries, the Commission examined nearly 300 witnesses, mostly Pakistani officers. A provisional report was submitted in July 1972, awaiting witnesses who were in Indian custody. The final report was finished on October 23, 1974.

    It was in effect Pakistan’s truth commission, a searching examination of the Pakistani army's role in splintering that country. The report of course dwelt on India's covert and overt role in supporting the East Pakistan freedom movement and the final Indian military push to capture Dhaka in the winter of 1971.

    But because of its scathing, explosive indictments of the military establishment—the Commission went into details of war atrocities, command failures and recommended court-martials and public trials for most of the top generals involved—the report was never released. It became the subject of intense speculation in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, with frequent demands made for its release to this day. Instead all copies were ordered destroyed, supposedly by former Pakistan Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

    Here finally, after 28 years, is a copy of the elusive, explosive report.


    Thanks for sharing the Web site. There are many truths in this report, lots of Pakistanis did not know. This report is an eye opener that what mammoth disaster brought by the military government to Pakistan in the past. ZAB who hid the atrocities of those *******s paid a heavy price when he was killed by one of his beloved general. Surprisingly, on the committee member Justice Anwarul-Haq who was then justice of Supreme Court took the side of the panel of two judges who declared ZAB as guilty. The decision was a split 3-2, which ultimately led to hanging in a false murder case. Had he not party to this tragedy he would have saved not only himself but also to sufferings of poor masses living in Sindh and Baluchistan. After 1971 the domination of Punjab was imminent. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad predicted in his book “India Wins Freedom” more than five decades ago.