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    on operation against MQM why other parties keep silence..
    who is responsible for that extra juditional killings ..
    what MQM should do ?
    for thier survival...
    what should be altaf hussians new
    "LIHYA AMAL" ?

    i think u get what u deserve.. what about the ppl and families who suffered when mqm was in power and they abused the hell out of their authority ??? can anyone deny that ?? i dont think so .. so where were u when these ppl who are being killed rite now were killing ppl and doing all kinda illegal stuff ?? nobody comes after you unless u have been involved in something illegal or something.. hell i know soo many mqm ppl who got away even after doing all kinda f'ed up stuff to other human beings.. ?? now when u r one on the other side of the gun .. i hear complaining.. oh and the great leader altaf hussain .. the guy who has been living in england for years now .. u still follow someone who dont even care to come back and lead the ppl ?? he got u all looking .. grabbed all the money and flew away.. now all the followers can go to hell for as much as he cares.. but oh well for our innocent ppl they still follow him.. what can u say .. it all comes down to how stupid can pakistanis be.. pisses me off everytime seeing someone still advocating mqm benefits or something to that sort.. sorry for any 'not allowed' things that i mite have said.. be good..