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Muhajir?Pathan?Punjabi?Sindhi??Balochi??NO....WE ARE PAKISTANI

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    Muhajir?Pathan?Punjabi?Sindhi??Balochi??NO....WE ARE PAKISTANI

    whoever wrote this, did a very good job. it is nice to see
    people like that out there who try to analyse the
    situation before just jumping to the conclusions

    "I have been a silent observer for sometime now, just
    trying to make something out of all the views that
    have been presented here. I guess in a way I am a
    neutral party, I am not a Punjabi and I am not a
    Mahajir either. I am actually a Pathan. But that's
    really unimportant right now. I would really
    appreciate it if you would sit back,relax,cool down,
    get your thinking caps on and listen to this "redneck"

    for a while.
    I was always under the impression that someone like
    Altaf Hussain was a criminal. A few months back I made
    a muhajir friend and we had a rather long discussion
    about everything from Jinnah to whatever is going on
    in Pakistan right now and according to him Altaf
    Hussain is a hero and not the opposite. He also said
    that the real MQM (the one with Altaf as the leader)
    has taken absolutely no part in any terrorist
    activities. I wont go as far as saying that his views
    made me go join MQM but what they did was make me see
    that there is a second side to the story.The rest of
    Pakistan must recognize that there is a problem. Why
    would so many people, probably around 80-85% of the
    Muhajirs have stood up, united for one cause. Perhaps
    there is a problem. Actually there most certainly is a
    problem and its something that all of
    us have to deal with. We can go on flamming each other
    for the next 50-60 years of
    Pakistan or we can talk it out. This is a Pakistani
    issue. This a problem between two brothers. India or
    for that matter any other country should have no part
    in it. And as far the opinion of the Muhajirs goes, I
    understand that one of your complaints is that the
    capital was moved from Karachi to
    Islamabad. I am sure that is something that's really
    important to you but the fact is that it happened ages
    ago. You must learn to forgive and forget. Islamabad
    is your city as well. Perhaps you might not agree with
    me on that but it is a Pakistani city and you are as
    much Pakistanis as anyone else. I think there are a
    lot of other issues like the Sindhi language, your
    demand to have Karachi as a province etc. I might not
    agree with you guys on a lot of those issues but
    I certainly would love to hear your opinion and in the
    end it's all about compromise. Give AND take. You have
    got to admit that Karachi is a lot better of than most
    of the rest of the country and even if so many of you
    are unhappy or think that for some reason you are
    being unfairly treated you have to see that there
    isn't exactly a year long Christmas going in the rest
    of the country either. The whole country is suffering
    due to a lot of bad decisions by a few very selfish,
    power hungry people over the years.If you still cant
    see what I am trying to say, here is my opinion
    in a nutshell. We are ALL Pakistanis and we are all
    (or at least most of us) are civilised human beings.
    So lets just talk out our problems. Lets just
    compromise a bit and most importantly lets listen to
    the other side of the story. I know this hatred
    amongst us wont just go away that easily but we have
    to start somewhere and certainly pointless fighting
    and never ending arguments will not solve
    anything.Maybe, just maybe someday we would all come
    to the conclusion that we are all Pakistanis and thats
    about it.
    Thank you for listening and I would love to hear your
    As Jerry Springer would say, take care of yourselves
    and each
    Pakistan Zindabad.


    The famous writer / poet Ibne Insha wrote in one of his books, after giving examples in the end question: Who lives in Pakistan?

    Answer: In Pakistan....Sindhi, Punjabi, Pathan, Baloch, Muhajirs.......Pakistani????


      I agree with the sentiments but I'm afraid I have to transfer this post to the right forum Pakistan Politics


        sorry im 1/8th iraqi and 1/4 irani.


          Well ethnically I am told I am at least 75% Punjabi, 1/8th Kashmiri and 1/8th Marathi ! (a recent ancestor from Nagpur in Maharashtra). My biradri elders say that our biradri is descended from Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) - I am not so sure?

          But my family is a hotch potch of people who although all Punjabi's speak all the major languages of Pakistan. My wife was born and raised in Sindh so knows fluent Sindhi. Others members of my family live in Punjab, Sindh, NWFP and AJK - can speak among them Punjabi, Seraiki, Sindhi, Pashto and Pahari as well as Urdu and English of course!

          If asked to descibe myself I would say Muslim first, Pakistani second, and Punjabi or British third!

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            Punjabi's, Sindhi's, Pakhtoons, Balochi's Kashmiri's AND Mohajirs are ALL Pakistani's. Sherlock I suggest you spend some time in the urban parts of Sindh and get to know the Mohajirs (or as they like to be called now "Urdu-speakers")people and you will find how much these people left behind and sacrificed for Pakistan. And you will learn how the ordinary Urdu-speaker detests the MQM facists and you will realise how these facists have blackmailed a lot of these people into this terrible situation. Your sentimemnts are 5 or 10 years old - there is peace in Karachi now and people are rebuilding trust and friendships destroyed by facists and their backers.

            Pakistan has had the pleasure to produce some very capable and brilliant Mohajir patriots e.g. General Musharraf, Sharifuddin Pirzada, Moin Haider, Aziz Munshi etc etc etc

            P.S. Let Pakistan never forget the sacrifies all the Mohajirs made when they migrated to Pakistan!

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              Well said malik. Brilliant defence of good intentioned mohajirs and a stinging rebuke for the MQM scum who receive their diktats from Mumbai.


                Shame on you ppl ,
                every1 is equal and above all we are muslims and one doesn't have any right to discriminate other just becuz he/she is muhajir , punjabi, etc.

                I DON'T BELIEVE IN ALL DAT CAST Sh*t
                I BELIEVE WE ALL ARE EQUAL..

                Panga Not Changa With The Queen!

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                  I'm a punjabi myself, but i loveeeeeeeeeeee all Pakistanies, don't care if they are muhajirs,punjabies,sindhis or anything else...everyone is Pakistani and i respect everyone of them. Muhajirs are very well mannered people, punjabies are impressive, pathans are very good looking, sindhis got a cute accent , balochis dance reall well , every single one of them have their own speciality and that makes Pakistan "LAND OF PURE", and IF ALLAH DIDN'T MAKE YOU DIFFERENT(WE ALL BREATH, EAT), WHICH HUSMAN HIMSELF WILL DO SUCH THING?


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                    my post is in direct reponse to that dumbhead sherlock and honestly I dont give a rat ass to wat u say - on one hand u r trying to score a few brownies here sayin'

                    >>Shame on you ppl , every1 is equal and above all we are muslims and one doesn't have any right to discriminate other just becuz he/she is muhajir , punjabi, etc

                    and then went on to say:


                    so when it hits soft under the belly u run towards ur ethnic roots and stand along the lines of being a punjabi or watever!!
                    good for ya - keep harping on it.

                    There are few monkeys around here who would spare no dime to portray themselves as being the champions of Islam and ideology of Pakistan, yet would spew their sick low mentality at any given chance against Mohajirs - perhaps they know very well that with that lota-dhoti culture of theirs, they dont even come close to the dirt of most educated and well cultured group of people that they so arrogantly call mohajirs.

                    While those "mohajirs" were on the forefront for the cause of Pakistan, the great grand fathers of these lota-dhoti retards were busy earning their living by taking the viceroy's dogs out for an evening walk!

                    I didn't wanna indulge into this, but being around here for a while, I'v seen this prevalent attitude of few clowns with their
                    occasional derisive comments against a certain group of people - and I had to show them their real "heritage" of which they are so proud of.

                    So if anyone still has any desire to stir this **** pot, take ur shot & I'll make sure the **** goes back to that skunk's face.




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                        Iss daur main, may aur hai, jam aur hai, jaam aur
                        Saaqi nay bina ki rawish-e-lutf-o-Karam aur
                        Tehzeeb kay a'zar nay tarashwaaey sanam aur
                        Muslim nay bhi ta'meer kia apna haram aur
                        Inn taaza khudaaon main barra sub say watan hay
                        jo pairhan iss ka hai, woh mazhab ka kafan hai.

                        Yun to Syed bhi ho, Mirza bhi ho, Afhgan bhi ho
                        Tum sabhi kuch ho, bataao to Musalmaan bhi ho?????

                        ***Sitaaron Pay Jo Daltay Hain Kamand!***
                        The ORIGINAL Falcon -
                        Tu Tundi-e-Baad-e-Mukhaalif say na ghabra ay Uqaab
                        Yeh tau chaltee hai tujhay OoNcha urRaanay kay liye


                          Couldnt have said better than that Shaheen. Good job.

                          I think if we need to succeed we need to be ONE first. God is One. If we could be One too we can really move forward in this age.

                          Please dont abuse anybody or their families. Its not nice.

                          Bibi Saddar ka bees rupiya ziada hoga...



                            Youve been here long enough to know that that post would have been deleted you didnt have to reply. You should also know when a reply is worth an answer, dont you?

                            Itna ghussa nahiN kerte





                              I wasn't really interested to reply but that post did survive here long enuf to make me write wat i did write - anyway thanx for taking notice of it and keeping this thread in order.