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    War CrafT ! ! !

    It's a game I am refering to , and there are many others of similar nature like DUNE , Red Alert etc . But It's not about these games I wanna talk about .But just giving this as example as in these game when you are loosing there is nothing you can do when enemy allies are taking over and killing and destroying the virtual city that you create . Some times it takes a few minutes when you can watch this happening knowing that you have lost there nothing you can do BUT Quit .
    Now the point I am trying to make here is , that I think PAKISTAN or my country to be more precise has got the same situation . It's not a matter of win or loss , I know that we have lost and just waiting untill the game is over .

    Hmm....sounds like you are sitting back and watching the destruction already. Perhaps you are right...dunno.

    But here's the next question that arises.....what do you do once your city, in the game that is, has been destroyed? Do you leave the station and walk away or do you restart the game?


      It's a very encouraging question Muzna and a very thoughtful one no doubt .The answer is Quit and Rebuild . But this is where the real life comes in . We just can n't restart as many times as we want . So we got to quit now . We got to stop this race with India which is rather rediculous , We got to leave that kashmir Issue , we got to ease out tensions with Iran and limit our reliance on China and we got do it now or never. Since I do n't think this is gonna happen now therefore I guess it's never . In which case you are right in saying
      you are sitting back and watching the destruction already. Perhaps you are right...dunno.
      and I agree with you on this point



        Glad I could get a message across from the little that I wrote.

        I don't mean to question your approach but imagine what would happen in the world if everyone had the same pessimistic outlook on life.

        Nothing would ever be rebuilt. Nobody would ever try anything again. We'd face failure once and forever condemn ourselves to it.

        I disagree with that attitude. I have never let failure prevent me from trying again. Granted I have learned from failure, I have allowed it to modify my approach....but it has never stopped me.

        Taking it a step further I wonder if we would have had a nation if our predecessors had accepted defeat and stopped trying.....


          I never thought you would have any interest in Pakistan . Well this not a taunt but just my view about you which is no longer valid just like my old nick . Any way .
          As far as this thing is conerend that wether or not we should let failure prevail . I think you are right we should n't . As far as you or me or other IT oriented people are concerned . I would say you have to be deheat, other you can never finish any thing . This is infact true for every body . No one likes a failure .But since the terminology does exist and we know that people do fail . It's just a matter of realizing if you are heading right way or not and I know we are not . I also know that few of us have realised that but not many .Just like you , deep down in your heart some where you know that what I am saying is correct but the disagreement is only on the approach . Leaving me apart as just a member who is probably fighting all the time , you being the a senior here ask how many people are there on this forum who agree with you on this sensitive point . You would hardly find a few . Not that they would agree with me but they would just say that PAKISTAN is fine and we are proud pakistanis .
          Now as far as our predecessors are concerned , they were n't cowards like us . They were not corrupt like we are and above all they were not as materiatic as we are . They made so many sacrifices , I know people who were among the fighters and just one example I would quote the person whose seven sons were slaughtered in front of him and then he was asked if he still wants Independece and he was still rock solid on this do we have that courage yet . I would say no I do n't want pakistan (not that I do n't love it now and feel pride in it)but just that I do n't have that kind of courage .Do you ?


            Would you believe me if I said yes, I do have that kind of courage?

            That doesn't matter though. If you begin with a negative attitude, you won't make it to the point where courage is required.

            As for what you expected of me.....I'm afraid that's where you failed. You chose to form an opinion and you chose to stick to it. We all do that and we all harvest what we sow.


              You are quite right again
              As you saw, so shall you reap

              hmmmm..... spot on .
              We have got what our elders harvested and so would be the case with generation to come . What can are we going to harvet or is there any time left for that ? Well they say it's never too late . I would say it is too late now .
              This is negative attitude but also the word of truth