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Rs18 billion to be spent to increase literacy rate

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    Rs18 billion to be spent to increase literacy rate

    Well finally after some good initial promises the government is about to announce a massive increase in funding on a litercay campaign. Thousands of more non-formal schools are planned with the hope that more than 50% of our population will be literate in a few years :

    Rs18 billion to be spent to increase literacy rate

    The government has decided to increase the literacy rate from 47 per cent to 60 per cent within the next three years by spending Rs18 billion.

    The draft of the action plan for this purpose will be presented to the federal cabinet for approval on September 15, a senior official of the Education Ministry said. It may be mentioned here that on July 10, the ministry had given a detailed briefing to Chief Executive General Pervez Musharraf on restructuring of the education system and he had asked for revising the same.

    The chief executive has directed for an "implementable strategy" to raise the standard of literacy in line with the modern day requirements, he explained.

    The action plan was being made keeping in view the education policy.

    However, in order to make it acceptable to all the parties the Education Minister Zubaida Jalal had a series of meetings with provincial education ministers, secretaries, officials of the advisory boards. More importantly consent of the provincial governments was also taken in this context.

    The action plan aims at human resource development reforms in the education system, elevation of high schools to intermediate level with the status of secondary institution. An official said the schools will be provided with laboratories and libraries and other required equipment. Thus the intermediate level will be eliminated.

    Similarly, there is a proposal to increase the graduation period from two years to four years. As many as 24,000 nonformal schools will also be opened in all parts of the country. Apart from widening the sphere and scope of education this will create a lot many of job opportunities.

    The new non-formal institutions, according to the desire of chief executive, will be job and area-oriented he further said.

    In order to ensure smooth execution of the action plan, the ministry had formed four committees gor literacy and basic education, technical education, higher education and teachers education. The plan lays special emphasis on need to offer incentives to the private sector to come forward and play its due role in promotion of formal and informal education in every nook and corner of the country.

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    ZZ why do you have to take such a clear and negative view of Pakistan all the time? Does it bother Indians like you that oue beloved CE is the first leader in Pakistan for a generation to actually tackle the issues that go to the heart of Pakistan's problems.

    1) The CE has successfully defeated the traders (as I predicted) and thereby ensured huge extra revenue for the Pakistani exchequer. And he has follwoed this on by:-

    2) Simplifying the tax structure by cutting taxes for the lower salaried classes.

    3) Increasing funding massively to tackle poverty - the main problem of our countries

    4) Increased funding on Pakistan's infrastrucure i.e. Ormara and Gwadur ports, Makran highway from Gwadur to Karachi.

    5) A 15 fold increase in Pakistan's IT budget.

    6) Increased revenue for social programs like urban housing and rural infrastructure.

    7) And now massively increased funding on a mass litercay camapign.

    The CE seems to have a vision outlined in the 7 golden points above i.e. That in a few years the MAJORITY of Pakistani people will be paying their taxes, earning more, less poverty-stricken (inshallah), more mobile, IT aware , socially aware and LITERATE.

    Its an ambitous vision but at least its being put into practice and money is being spent in this regard. No previous government in Pakistan had such a vision, with such clear goals and spending to match...


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      Any information that suggests Pakistan is spending funds on education is always good news.....whether it be Rs18 billion or Rs1 billion.


        Hey Malik bhai, read the financial times section in Khaleej Times the author of one of the columns is Matein Khalid, he's my first cousin, a brilliant financial analyst -Am proud of him.



          You are right, that CE has taken some tough decisions and his stand against the traders shows that he means business.

          If he achieves the 60% literacy rate then he will have proven his worth more than any democratic govt. He seems to be the man to do it.