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do u think musharaf is a good leader..............

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    do u think musharaf is a good leader..............

    You know, many leaders, either dictators or democrat, came and left. None of them were able to take pakistan to prosperity,

    please no whining about bhutto did this and zia did that. whatever did this, it was not good enough for me to live with basic needs and peace in my country.......

    I see lotsa changes goin on as in corrupt people ending up paying and getting arrested, but i still am suspicious...


    i don't if there are any good changes goin on in pak. but i always had been a big fan of army leaders. includin zia.except yahya

    i think pakistan had made more progress under them then any other political leaders
    i hope he proves out to be good. n if he does i don't mind him stayin for 10 yrs.


      i have to disagree,
      any ruler that came in did absolutely nothing for this country.............

      Zia personaly may have been good kind hearted man, but politicaly hes responsible for.

      1. creating MQM(****ed karachi up so bad, even though i once supported them) to decrease PPP's influence in Sindh.

      2. Afghan muhajirs(illegal weapons, cocaine addicts.)

      list goes on but the above two are the main ones.



        wat r ur opinions about Gen Ayub?

        can u deny dat most of the industries were made during his time. n then wat happen when a political guy came. nationalizing the whole country wat kind of stupid thing was dat. then her daughter ended up de nationalizing.

        any way zia had some negative points too but he was the back bone behind afghan struggle. i don't why pakis r so mad at the afghan muhajirs. helping muslims is suna


          Musharaf is a soldier not a leader..He may be very smart and daring, i.e able to lead his army , but that is different then trying to determins the direction of nation , and solving social problems...
          If he is a good leader , then I demand my tax money back that was used to pay him as a soldier....


            when will the ppl of pakistan understand that thay have been watching a "putli tamasha" forlast 50+ years...all these guys are puppets in the hands of bureacracy & feudals, who hijacked pakistan in infancy...and have ruled it since.... when they get bored with civilian leadres they bring in uniformed leaders...when they get bored with them they bring back the civilians and so it has been for 5 decades and it aint any different now...


              it's really making me nervous most of my friends are the admirers of generals and the rule of army.
              why can't we see that
              buri se buri jamhuriat dictatorship se behtar hai


                Originally posted by Naeem Iqbal:
                it's really making me nervous most of my friends are the admirers of generals and the rule of army.
                why can't we see that
                buri se buri jamhuriat dictatorship se behtar hai
                bhai meray agar aap ki jamhuriat thorai din or rahti na to bus pakistan ka Allah hi malik tha .. .. is liye shukr karain kay thora buhat jo chance hai pakistan kay theek honai ka woh isi dictator ship ki waja say hai warna to sub loag sara paisa loot kar chalai jatai or aap or hum shakal dhaik rahai hotai .. that again is only my opinion.. nobody has to agree..


                  First of all the notion of "my tax money" that a pure western thought, it's not good enough for pakistan. We never had a tax culture in our country. Its just for the poor and the powerless to pay for the expanses of the elite.

                  Like Islam, which only stood for 11 years in it's pure form, Pakistan was Pak till the Quaid was alive, after that its just a power strugle.

                  50 years on,,,each generation of this country thought that the country was on the edge of collaps, and they tried to save it...
                  and non did.

                  Who ever says that Sikernder,Ayub,yahya,Butto,Zia,BanazirNawaz and Musharef are right, are those people who were always looking for saviours, keept under a certain level by thier so called saviours for thier own sake.

                  dammm every body who came after him...
                  بِن دانا پانی میں جی لواں
                  بِن انَک میں جی نہ سکاں


                    Having followed the news every single day since 1994 I have seen many governments and there policies and I think what Mushraf is doing now is exactly what we need.

                    As a extra measure ppl who refuse to pay taxes should not be allowed electricity or other facilties and the traders who are striking should not be allowed to buy new marchindize for resale until they are willing to pay.

                    Like the saying goes "chor machai shor"

                    They don't pay taxes do illegal things and send there kids to europe and North America while they stay in pakistan to suck its blood dry.

                    Mushraf all the way!

                    Give mushraf a chance!


                      unko dekhe se jo aa jati hai munh par raunaq ,
                      wo samajhte hain ke beemar ka haal accha hai.


                        Musharraf for King of Pakistan !


                          I really dont understand, when Benazir and
                          others (democratically elected) were screwing the nation out of every dime, where were these critics, but now, everyone wants to jump on the 'criticizing Musharraf' bandwaggon. Musharraf is good for Pakistan and to a certain extent our neighbours feel that way too about his policies etc. I guess the Indian and American press did a good job for our gupshuppers by doing the thinking for them.


                            we want musharraf to remain in power bcos he is an indian by birth.



                              Pakistanis really need spoonfeed. If Pakistanis were so fed up with NS's regime they should have thrown him out democratically, call for elections, elect some other more efficient leader, etc. But instead what do we have a dictator who in a coup overthrew a democratically elected governement and people who do not have enough courage to oppose that and above that praising him for his good policies. O.K. I am not challenging his policies or intentions, but that is what democracy is for, to implement what majority think is right. It is like saying I am right but nobody else may vote for me so I take over because I think I am right. In another post I pointed out a similarity which Dr. Humayun Khan, your former foreign secretary has given to Pakistanis and I find it proper to repeat it here: "JOSH, all the world's a fool except thee and me, and even thee is a little odd". Also I want to repeat a story which is being told by one of your brethrens in, maybe Kashmir forum, it tells about a baba respected by the villagers, when asked he praises his villagers a lot about their kindness and gentleness. Then when pointed out that why he carries a gun with him all the time the reply was to make these A#@es to respect me. That is what is happening to Pakistan.