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Great analysis in Pakistani newspapers.

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    Great analysis in Pakistani newspapers.

    Here is an excerp from today's News. Even our Malik will do a better job in analysing international relations.

    In 'America sees reason' by (Masud Akhtar Shaikh), he argues pak-us relations are improving. Maybe they are. Now he gives reason.
    'Clinton's distrust of India must have been further reinforced by the Pakistani print media which has been constantly warning America about the proverbial unreliable behaviour of Hindus, both as individuals and as a nation. In the meantime, some insider might have whispered into Clinton's ears that the famous Urdu proverb "Baghal mein chhury munh mein Ram Ram" (professing godliness with a knife concealed in the sleeve) is a true reflection of the Hindu mind and that he better be careful while embracing his Indian friends! Clinton's conscience must have pricked him for having unjustifiably caused distress to an old ally like Pakistan. Hence a directive to Albright et al to mind their words while talking about Pakistan.'

    This should be in the joke section!

    Ps. I couldn’t find the article.
    Ps2. Whatever he says about Indo-US relations I think there’ll be some show when/if India puts her stubborn hat on an issue against US interests.


      I agree this should be in the Joke section...


        Oye and then you move it here

        Ok I finally found it
        Ahem…I mean this person stinks, can’t he see anything independently – this because of US that because of them Geeeeeee! Someone should tell him that nations are not friends forever nor are they enemies forever – their relations change as their needs changes. US got what they wanted from us, and now India has more to offer, so they are India’s friends. Why would US care about Indian nature? Or take ’our’ warnings seriously?

        Ehh this article is too dumb to be discussed! He should learn to have some self-respect!

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          I decided a long time ago to stop taking "Jang" seriously. if it appeared in dawn i would be disturbed.
          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


            analysis apart, but there definitely seems thaw between pak-US relations. UK has declared that it could sell military equipment to Pak. I wonder if Pak has money to buy. But they can alsways sell some sensitive technology if India does not buy Hawks and goes for French jet trainers. US has again started talking CTBT. Japanese primeminister will be visiting and Japan has been more worried of CTBT than anyone else. In the meanwhile India made one more test of missile prithvi.



              What's new in this article. Since decades Pakis have been propagating hate agenda against India. Please look at even in this forum, more than 80% propagate hate agenda with certain aim in their minds. I do not see any difference of attitude in this article. Though this has proved total failure of foreign policy and Pakistan has suffered a lot for this stupidity and will continue to suffer.

              FARID M


                Same post twice?
                Hey, Farid,
                This is a good way of stressing your point!!



                  Most participants on this forum will disagree with you that Pakistan government propogates hate towards India but will point finger at BJP. In other words it is okay for us to preach hate because we are not secular but India is secular therefore they should put up with Pakistan's hate and have no reaction.

                  I agree with you I have read these kind of article in many Pakistani newspapers including 'Dawn'.

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                    There seems to be a browser problem. When my post did not appear the first time, I sent it back and it never appeared the second time. Any way thanks for the compliments.


                    I do not care whether some one agrees with me or not. However I know that people propagating hate and failure theories supported by "Group Think" syndrome would make any change to today's pathetic conditions of the country for which they or their parents are responsible. Though I also belong to that country but I had never, will never accept to their failure theories which ultimately lead to further shameful conditions. Thank God I am now a part of new country which has proper solely by hard work, honesty and truth.


                    Farid M


                      Farid Let me guess - that is your image of the US!!!
                      Now these are the type of people who i truely dispise!!
                      The ones who sell out their national origins country for some bloody developed country which sees them as immigrants or second class citzens.
                      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                        You may have your own reasons to make a hard statement like that but the fact remains that despite of your despise , it, Pakistan, remains a part of your system. the proof is that you are here on the Pak link, and afterall you are PAKISTAN.
                        Its not the hatred which I think Farid is showing rather anxiety. A lots of us who live away from our homeland feel it that way. Its that Love/Hate situation. Your attitude doesnot make it any better. Believe me the treatment you get in pakistan sometimes makes you feel way more miserable than an immigrant or a second class citizen somewhere else. You can only win hatred with love.


                          Here is another excellent article from PNS my favourite source of entertainment.
                          This time around they are giving advice to Australia.



                            Why do you think that you are expert in all the matters and your opinion is 100% correct. Wrong I am not from US. According to you every non-resident Pakistani has gotten immigration by selling national interests? It looks like you need some kind of therapy so that you do not speculate which is beyond your intelligence level. Unfortunately being son of the soil I was not even treated as third rate citizen in my own country at least you have recognized me as second rate citizen in my new country. Believe me I am in much better position than the first rate Paki citizen like you living in fool’s paradise.