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India blocking internet data from Pakistan

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    India blocking internet data from Pakistan

    LAHORE-Indian state controlled ISPs have placed a restriction on the internet data transmission from Pakistan, which is creating hardships for industrialists as well as divided families on both sides of the border.
    Majority of the e-mails being sent to Indian domains or ISP addresses from Pakistani domains carrying word 'pk' as last word of their name, are being repelled by Indian ISPs, thanks to a special system installed for this purpose, industry sources told The Nation here Thursday.
    This might be a move of Indian policy makers to support their propaganda of declaring Pakistan as a cyber terrorist, which it has launched recently. This phenomenon has emerged more emphatically during one year, sources said adding that filtration of data transmission is a violation of existing norms and ethics governing internet traffic.
    Although there are no laws and regulations across the globe to govern or monitor the internet working but every move to place restrictions on the internet has so far been rebuffed successfully by the 'net community'. Though some governments like Arab and Gulf states have restricted approach to nude sites and porno material on web but this could not be termed as violation of the 'internet data transmission ethics'.
    Sources claimed that mainly the e-mail messages generated from the ISPs registered in Pakistan and having addresses carrying 'pk' as last part of their domain names, are being returned with a message of 'forced repulsion'.
    However, messages generated from international domain servers like 'Hotmail', 'Yahoo' etc are being received and sent without any hindrance.
    Even the messages, being generated from the international sites, registered from Pakistan, are operating without any difficulty. Sources believe that the move was to single out Pakistan in the cyber world at a time when the world is about to step in the next era of on-line financial transactions, which is expected to multiply world business.
    Sources apprehended that the restrictions might be to check the communication links of Kashmiri Mujahdeen with their supporters world over. They said that majority of the exchange of information of Mujahdeen, struggling for self determination, has shifted to the internet. But they are using 'chat modes' of different servers, not e-mail messages to exchange information. Therefore, it is ridiculous to block the data transmission, they added.
    When contacted, an engineer at a local ISP Saqlain Ahmad said that it was possible to block traffic generating from certain specific servers. When asked that some of the NGOs, which are actively pursuing the policy of diffusing tensions with India, has never faced such problem, Saqlain said that it was quite possible to block traffic generated from certain addresses even.
    He said that government can do nothing in this regard. He urged the I.T professionals especially youth, to subvert this move of US based Indian I.T professionals, as they have launched this activity to isolate Pakistan in the cyber world. After banning internet traffic from Pakistan into India, they will urge other country to follow. Of course they are in a position to do because they have taken over the cyber world and dominating at the leading I.T centres of the world.
    Fortunately, we have survived all such attempts because none of creator of damaging bugs or any other anti cyber activity, which spoiled computer system of Europe and US in the recent past, was neither a Pakistani national nor from Pakistan.
    He said that it was not the job of government but of the individuals to subvert any such move which would also curtail their independence to roam on web.

    The whole stuff above seems to be a job of one amateur journalist.Not worth responding...