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Creation of Pakistan on Two-Nation theory (TNT) was wrong, says Altaf

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    Creation of Pakistan on Two-Nation theory (TNT) was wrong, says Altaf

    Two-Nation theory was wrong, says Altaf

    Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has said that the creation of Bangladesh in 1971 proves that the Two-Nation Theory of Pakistan's founders was a "farce" and "it was the biggest fraud played with the Muslims of India."

    "Events after the creation of Pakistan have proved that it was a wrong theory," he said, adding that if the theory was correct, he would be convinced only when the government agreed to open borders and allow Indian Muslims to settle in Pakistan and repatriated stranded Pakistanis living in Bangladeshi camps.

    Talking to a delegation of intellectuals and professors from the Sub-continent, which visited the MQM International Secretariat, Mr Hussain claimed that history had proved that the Two-Nation Theory was wrong.

    No name of the delegation members, or from which city they had come, was mentioned in a press release issued on Wednesday from the MQM International Secretariat.

    Saying that there was no future of Pakistan, which was disintegrated in 1971 and whose remaining part is "on the verge of catastrophe," the MQM chief said that East Bengal was the first to support the creation of Pakistan based on the Two-Nation Theory.

    But the same part rectified its mistake by separating itself in 1971 thus "proving that the theory was a farce".

    He said the supporters of the theory were now asking the stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh to opt for Bangladeshi citizenship or settle in any Muslim country instead of inviting them back to Pakistan.

    "On what ideological basis are you offering such an advice to the stranded Pakistanis? Does this advice relate to the concept of the Two-Nation Theory or does it negate the very concept?," he asked.

    He said that if we analyse the history of the Pakistan Movement, it emerged that virtually all Muslim majority provinces of the present-day Pakistan had opposed the creation of Pakistan. He said only the Sindh Assembly had supported the creation of Pakistan and that too with a majority of only one vote.

    Mr Hussain said that all those who had supported the concept of the Two-Nation Theory and Pakistan, including Mr GM Syed, had been labelled as "traitors" in Pakistan.

    "Mr Fazl-i-Haq, the Lion of Bengal, who had presented the Pakistan Resolution, was labelled as a "traitor," the Sindhis were labelled as "traitors", the Balochs were labelled as "traitors"; and now the Mohajirs have also been labelled as "traitors," he said.

    The MQM chief said that the Pakistan army had forced the people of East Pakistan to separate by carrying out their massacre in 1970 and raping their women. Similarly, he said, the army had marched against Balochs and Sindhis and now it had been targeting Mohajirs for last eight years.

    "The army operation against Mohajirs, which commenced on June 19, 1992, was also a negation of the Two-Nation Theory," he said.

    Mr Hussain also said that the formation of a nation on the basis of religion was fundamentally wrong because if the religion was the basis for nationhood then more than 45 independent and sovereign Muslim states would not have been the members of the United Nations as separate and independent states.

    He said though it was claimed that Pakistan was being created for 100 million Muslims of India, it became the homeland of Muslims of the Muslim majority provinces only.

    "Today, if we compare the population of Muslims living in Pakistan with that of the Muslims living in India then we see that the population of Muslims in India is much more than the total Muslim population of Pakistan.

    It means that the Two-Nation Theory has failed to provide protection and security to the majority of Muslims of the Sub-continent because the number of Muslims living in India is greater than the total Muslims of Pakistan," he said. "If the Muslims of India were to remain under the Hindu majority then why were they taught the doctrine of the Pakistan Movement and the Two-Nation Theory,?" he asked.

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    It took us 52 years to realise our mistake,
    Thanks god atlest we realised our mistake


      Two nation theory put forward an idea that hindus & Muslims are two seperate & individual entities or nations, that does mean that there can not be more than two countries. The brahmins & the dalits can have their own seperate countries,the hindis & the tamils can also have countries of their own(tamil eelam). If the two nation had been wrong than bangladesh would have joined india & not become a seperate muslim nation.

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        TNT is outdated. these day they use RDX.


          Two nation thoery implied that because of the difference of two major cultures in india , they cant live together.......This conclusion is a huge jump...What they were really saying is that we can not be tolerant enuff to stand each other...Which of course isnt true....specially if we keep in mind that lack of tolerance doesnt stop with these two major subdivisions..
          High time to get over this....
          as it..
          KayooN naheiN hooti sahar , hazrat e insaan kee raat..


            and who the heck is altaf anyway
            a cheap D grade average student from a crappy college who preached a hate based agenda to cause friction among mohajir groups with everyone else? He is pakistan's version of Al Sharpton offense Rev..

            The only thing I want to hear from this guys mouth is "you want fries with that sir"


              "No name of the delegation members, or from which city they had come, was mentioned in a press release issued on Wednesday from the MQM International Secretariat."

              I know who and who was there!!.... All the "murghas" and "botis" that altaf gave up during his repeated "bhook hartaals" ie Hunger strikes. Man ... I had no Idea ,his brain suffered that much during all those strikes... lack of protien..chachacha!!


                On a serious note ... Oh for ONE BULLET that would travel right across that perverted brain of his... to end this era of hatred ! Yes who the heck is he?? sitting an 8 hrs flight from Pakistan... daring to say such nasty things about the very country that gave him a definition. He could have done so much to bring the muhajirs closer to the rest of us for they listen to him oh so dearly!! And all he did was make countless undergroung Jails ... where his "muslim" brothers were terrorised and beaten to death,,, trying hard to do every possible thing imaginable to give them an inferiority complex of being neglected and bla bla bla channelling their talents towards hating pakistan rather than working to improve their condition.

                I say mohabbat... don't listen to what he has to say.... you 'd be better off listening to an indian on the street who would at least be sincere in his love and hatred!!!


                  If Pakistan would pay "Laloo Parsad" 10 million bucks he'd say the same about his country too!!! Simple...

                  Get what I mean...


                    ALtaf hussain remindes me of characters like Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadaq...or more precisely The Maifiasos of Sicily...that is the way he acts....what has he given to mohajirs so far...dead bodies...hatred...blood shed...what a legacy...


                      I hate that guy!!! he is only and only a charismatic orator unlike Quaid who spoke less and did more. I guess if we continue to brood over that era we would never be able to cope with the world. If he had a brain he would have spent money eduacating people not terorrizing them!!!!!


                        educate ppl....!!!!! tauba tauba tauba
                        if the ppl r educated they start to think and then they see who is destroying them...there goes pir sahub(yes thats what he is called)
                        this man has achieved a miracle...he took the most educated, most cultured ppl of pakistan and turned them into "uncultured jahils" in a way he is abu-jahal of our times....

                        Ik fursat e gunah mili woh bhi char din

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