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Glue Sniffing by Youngsters in Lahore

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    Glue Sniffing by Youngsters in Lahore

    This article appeared in today’s Dawn……

    Glue sniffing growing menace
    By Asif Shahzad

    I am cutpasting the Article in its entirety here, and following that are my comments:

    LAHORE, June 26: Glue sniffing is becoming increasingly common in children. Most of them are runaway children who are victims of official apathy. Police, the social welfare department and other agencies have done nothing for the runaway children. No department has any record of the nature and extent of the problem.

    When a man claimed last year that he had killed 100 runaway children, the Punjab government established three counters in the city to help such boys and their parents. However, no proper record is being maintained by these counters and they have not been given enough facilities including proper staff. For all practical purposes the counters are virtually non-existent.

    Children can be seen sniffing glue by the roadside. Nobody gives them a second look. Royal Park, Laxmi Chowk, McLeod Road, Australia Chowk, Mozang Chungi, Ichhra, Samanabad and Iqbal Town are their favourite haunts.

    The children buy a tube or a bottle of glue for anything between Rs 12 and Rs 25 after pooling money. Then they sit in groups of four to five and the sniffing session begins. They pour the glue on a piece of cloth and roll it into a ball.

    They then hold this ball to their noses or on their mouths. They sniff the glue and also inhale it. They keep the ball on their mouths for two to four hours while working, walking or sitting somewhere.

    These children are workers, beggars and even petty thieves. They start their day with a pre-work sniffing session. Most of them wash cars on roads or are employed by roadside teastalls. And those who do not work spend their time roaming around, roads, streets, having a dip in the canal or watching movies in city cinemas where they are probably let in free of cost.

    They are called Kangle (the down-and-outs). Their first sniffing session begins at Royal Park. Then they move towards Laxmi Chowk and the Garhi Shahu Chowk for begging and breakfast. They go to the Lahore Canal at noon or take a nap in a park near Australia Chowk close to the railway station. They are seen in Garhi Shahu or Laxmi Chowk on sniffing sessions only in the evenings and at night.

    One of them, Abid Ali, told Dawn that he belonged to Kasur. He is only 12. He said that he left home some four months ago. Now all roads and streets were home for him. Abid is the third among four brothers and two sisters. "None of us ever went to school. Father works as vendor and hardly makes enough money to make ends meet."

    Another boy, Sher Bahadur Shah, 13, belongs to Mughalpura. He says that he and his elder brother work in different localities of the city and make money which just enough for them. "I have not visited my family for a month," he says.

    Mota Faisalabadi is apparently the ring-leader of seven glue-sniffers. He does not answer any question but keeps on murmuring. Some glue-sniffers said that Mota put them on to it.

    Prolonged addiction can impair a glue-sniffer's comprehension. Many like Mota Faisalabadi could not understand the questions put to them. Their mouths are ringed by froth and their noses begin to run when they try to speak.

    Then there is the dreadful possibility that these luckless glue-sniffers might take to heroin -- the killer drug is openly available at almost all places they visit frequent.

    Unfortunately, the problem has never been discussed at any level at all.

    However, the ANF regional director told Dawn that he knew that the problem existed though nothing had been done so far to probe into. Glue-sniffing was common even in Britain, he said.

    "We are arranging a chemical examination of the glue. Glue manufacturers will also be directed to send in details about the ingredients of the glue to us. Furthermore, one glue-sniffer will be taken as a sample. We will have him medically, socially, and psychologically examined," he said. <<<<<<<

    This phenomenon is pretty recent and it is just a sample of things to come. Most of such social ailments in our society are a result of years of neglect. These kids should be in schools and not sniffing glue (also called Volatile Substance Abuse). This type of addiction has existed in Europe and in the Far East for some 20 years or so, but in Pakistan, it is a fairly recent phenomenon. The affects of glue sniffing on children can be devastating, ranging from memory loss to as serious as heart ailments.

    The Government of Pakistan needs to keep this menace under control before it turns into a problem the size of Illicit Drug Addiction, in which there are over 4 Million addicts and Pakistan now leads the world in Heroin addiction.

    Well at least we don't have poppy in our country any more.
    But now we have guys getting high on the streets infornt of the police.
    A lot like Germany during the Love Parade.
    The thing is that the society is too conservative.
    There is no place for teenagers and young adults to hang out.
    This should change.
    Get a couple of discos, aracdes proper places where people can hang out.
    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


      Originally posted by CM:

      The thing is that the society is too conservative.
      There is no place for teenagers and young adults to hang out.
      This should change.
      Get a couple of discos, aracdes proper places where people can hang out.
      discos, for runaway kids who dont have money to eat food. brilliant idea. if u dont have bread, eat cake.


        I am talking about the middle class here.
        I reason for our social ills that people are to damn bored and due to the conservative society they go out of their way to do something exciting and dangerous.
        Anyway class time got to run.
        Finish this later
        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


          NYAhmadi thanks for posting the article.

          I know very little about Glue-sniffing from DK, I know some young desi guys have tried everything from lighter gas to God knows what. And these ppl live in a pretty open society, there is ’free’ access to discos, clubs and other entertainment. So why do they do it?

          The other drug abuse I know is from my own village – I don’t know what they use, but a good number of boys use something. It started year’s back, and no one really paid attention, back then we had pretty active village life with all sort of traditional and modern sports etc. Now situation has changed only a handful ppl are active in sports and even fewer are interested in education. Money and facilities are not a problem in my village, noone is really poor – as we have a ’semi-welfare’ system plus strong zaat-paat blah blah, so some ppl have some responsibilities, obviously not about drug abuse. Ppl have different theories about how and why these youngsters started on this. Actually we all know how but noone really want’s to admit why. It could be too much money without really doing anything, or some other reasons. We have everything that comes with drug abuse from stealing to killing each other.

          Some ppl have tried to help, via introducing new sports etc. While others have tries to encourage them to go to school and offered to pay for them – some accept the offer others don’t. And as most of the ppl who want’s to help are overseas resident they can’t keep an eye on the activities so they fall back.

          So far this or any previous government has not done anything, perhaps they don’t even know – but that is almost impossible because of one murder case. What can be done in situations like this? Pak is not rich so obviously this or any other government can’t build centers for the addicted – so we have to step in, lekin as I see it we have no idea about how we can stop it. The first step that already has been taken is to reduce the drug traffic, but ppl still don’t have problems getting it. Glue is even easier to get and pretty cheap as well.


            Aissai dee kamee cee.......Well atleast we are getting to be MOD....
            This is bad ****...There is no otehr substance that causes as much long term effects as glue.....It significantly effects memory , and brings a kind of personality change , with poor frustration tolerance, disinhibition and poor abstraction..( these are the effects that last even after active abuse is stoopped)
            Of course you are right once again , its a menifestation of frustration , rebeliousness, and lack of opportunity to get healthy gratification from life...