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Is Baluchistan being ignored?

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    Is Baluchistan being ignored?

    I was watching Ghoomta Aina on B4U today. They showed a documentary on Baluchistan and its dying people. It was said that these people donít have water to drink, food to eat, houses for shelter or medicines to protect them from diseases. A Baloch told the TV camera that the whole responsibility lied on Pakistan Governments 53 years of bad policy making where all funds were diverted to Punjabís economic development and Baluchistan was deprived of any essential life necessities. The commentator added that Pakistan does not need Nuclear Weapons, it needs to feed its dying people.

    Thank you B4U for opening our eyes.

    Whether its economically feasible or not, Government of Pakistan should have sound communications infrastructure in Baluchistan. Yes, feeding people is as important as making National Defense strategies. Lets not forget Baluchistan and all other smaller provinces. Every soul that lives in Pakistan owns it as much as anybody else does. Lets distribute the resources fairly and squarely.

    Having said that, who the hell was B4U commentator (not a Pakistani, of course) telling us we should not spend money on Nuclear Weapons? Donít they look in their own country and find similar atrocities happening? Donít tell us that their people are well off and they now have money to spend on NWs and Pakistan cannot! Ö

    Personally, I am against the weapons of mass destruction. But when it comes to mother landís protection, Kuda ke Qasam I am for anything that will destroy every aggressive step towards my country!

    Dear Choudhry Sahib,

    That is the problem with you all Choudhries. On one hand you accept the problem but in the next moment, you discard it because of your stupid egoistic and corrupt nature. I am sorry to say that all the goodness in you is overcome by your corrupt, dishonest egoistic and resist thinking which make you one of the failure nation on this earth. You guys run the country for five decades exactly on the same lines and killed the sense of patriotism among minor provinces particularly in Sindh and Balauchistan. Believe me had I in Quaid's time I would have never opted for Sindh to become a part of Pakistan. Stupid GM Syed who was instrumental to pass resolution in Bombay for separating the Sindh from Bombay remembered by you Choudhries as "Ghada-re-Watan. Bengalis were lucky enough to get rid of you guys. I do not know when Baloachistan and Sindh will be libreated from your tyranny?

    Who needs nuclear devices, I bet If India today attack Pakistan, the result will not be different than in 1948, 1958, 1965, 1971, except there will be mass killings of innocent people. You should have learnt the lessons of 1971, Kargill and other so like adventures that had brought nothing but shame and disasters, because of your stupidity, to the whole nation. Your dishonest and double cross policy has not only laid you down the drain but it has also resulted in feminine and hunger in minor provinces for which you Choudhries are responsible. For God sake be honest with yourself and show your actual, horrified face to the public rather than shedding the crocodile tears on misery of poor people.

    I know people with "Group Think" will jump to condemn my above post but who cares? I know the nature of you guys, as always you never and will ever accept the truth.






      Read my post again. Have a glass of lassi or something to cool your mind. Only then you will be able to see what kind of a Choudhry I am.

      I am sorry that you jumped to conclusions without paying heed to as what I had to say. Read it again, please.


        Farid said:-

        " That is the problem with you all Choudhries. On one hand you accept the problem but i the next moment, you discard it because of your stupid egoistic and corrupt nature...." etc etc etc!!

        I don't often use bad language but this sort of ignorant prejudicial rubbish really makes want to say who the F!!! are you mate! to take an excellent topic like Balochistan and turn it into a vehicle to vent out your pathetic biradri-based prejudice in such a blatant way!! Thank God ignorant people like you are not in power in Pakistan or we would have the same kind of situation as in Bihar,India?

        Back to the topic at hand. I did not see the B4U report on Balochistan, but I have long shared the belief that Balochistan has been deprived of funds because of the dominance of Punjab, and the centralised structure of the Pakistan federation.

        Fact - Balochistan represents 43% of the territory of Pakistan, but only 5% of its population.
        Fact - Balochistan is the most backward part of Pakistan in terms of economic, social and literacy standards.
        Fact - most of Balochistan is desert, and cities like Quetta will run out water in a few years, and there will be a consequent move of people from the Quetta are to other parts of Pakistan (probably around 1 million people).

        In terms of blame I think that 75% of the blame can be laid at the doors of people in power in Islamabad, and 25% of the blame at the doors of people in Balochistan. The fact is that Balochistan is the most ethnically and tribally diverse province in the federation. Balochisatn has no majority ethnic group - it is split betewen the Balochi's,Brahui's, Makrani's , Pathans, and others. Among the Balochi-speakers (Baloch, Brahui and Makrani) there are dozens of tribal groups who have their own loosely-defined territories. Tribal rivalry and fighting, as well ethnic rivalry has kept Balochistan from being governed in a proper administarive fashion.
        But most of the fault of Balochistan's backwardness is the fault of Islamabad. It has always been the centre's policy to allocate federal funds to a province on the basis of the proportion of population it has. So Balochistan is given just 5% of federal funds because it represents only 5% of the population, and Punjab gets 55% of the funds because it represents 55% of the population, and the same principle for the other provinces and territiories. THIS PRINCIPLE IS THE MOST ANTI-FEDERAL AND ANTI-ISLAMIC MEASURE POSSIBLE.

        In a true federation, federal funds should be allocated to areas on the basis of NEED and NOT overall population count. So if Balochistan needs 8 or 10% of federal funds for its needs a year, then that is the funds that it should get - surely in a common community/federation etc the better off should provide for the less well off - is this not a basic principle of Islam as well??
        It is this Punjab-centered policy that has led to the sense of deprivation that the smaller units rightly feel, and it is this stupid funding structure that vastly contributed to the alienation that East Pakistan felt.Back in October 1999 the CE promised to change this, and indeed he has been the first leader in Pakistan who has started to tackle this funding unfairness. He has allocated vast new finds to Balochistan to counter the drought, but also poverty and literacy.

        Another Balochistan grievance has been its lack of representation at the federal level. The Nawaz government had no ministers from Balochistan (in fact very few outside the Lahore/Central Punjab area), and appointed no judges from Balochistan to the Supreme Court or the military. The CE has done far more than any other government before him in this area - he has appointed two excellent ministers from Balochistan to his cabinet - Mrs Zubeida Jalal, and Abdul Malik Kaisi - Mrs Jalal from Makran was one of the best choices he made, and he appointed a Balochistan justice to the supreme court, and Balochistani's to the military.

        It may not be much, but at least its a start?


          Choudhry Sahib,

          I am sorry for using harsh words. Though I belong to Sindh but all my best friends were and one is still from Punjab. Most of my service period and best time spent was in Punjab. Because of my surname, which is very common and respectful in Punjab and my fluency in Punjabi language, people never thought that I belong to entire a different back ground. I am not at all a prejudice person as suggested by one of your "sugar coated" friend. I was direct in my approach as I always am, where as he was using 'sugar coated' words. Perhaps I am a worst 'diplomatí.

          What I have said was that you started with positive gesture and I thought you might be suggesting a fund raising for poor people of Sindh and Balauchistan. (Your 'Sugar Coated' friend forget about Rural Sindh, whose condition is not different from Balauchistan) But suddenly you change the direction of your thoughts, which was kind of a counter act what you said first.

          Keeping in view the severe economic and other problems facing by the government, it is the last priority on their list to provide jobs, food, water and other basic amenities to needy people. Had you appeal for donations from the participants of this forum and collected reasonable amount of money to hand over to CE or some one responsible there for use of people suffering from feminine and hunger in Rural Sindh and Balauchistan, my respect for you would have been increased many fold.

          Sorry Again Choudhry Sahib, my views were never personal.


          FARID M


            Farid what are you freaking dumb????
            Lets discuss your first paragraph.
            Your friends are from Punjab - well bloody good for you - but don't forget that both Sindh and Punjab are both Pakistani Provoinces.
            So you dope your friends are Pakistani why the hell would you or anybody care about from what part of pakistan he or she is from.
            This is the type of **** that causes sectarian violence and other crap.
            Your name and fluency in language - different background?????
            Again what are you freaking stupid.
            Yes there is a difference but get it through your fat head that we are all pakistani first, muslims second (depending on your religion you could be christain etc.) Humans third, molecules forth and lastly the province or region you are from.
            People like you are the cause of most of the social ills in pakistan and india.
            You can't give up your stupid ideas that were you are from affects your life.
            No matter where you are from it does not change your character.
            GET THAT????
            Yeah you were to the point.
            The point show was that you didn't read the post and that you are prejudice just because a bloody name.
            You have alot of built up anger.
            You needed to vent it and showed that you are a GRADE A IDIOT.

            Note to Sabah Baji - you will most likely edit this, and thus i request you to leave it as it is until Farid has replyed to the original message and then you may delete it if you wish.

            As i just came home from a long day of hard ball cricket here i am in no mode to beat some one up to vent my anger as i have done before.
            If i picked a fight i would be the guy getting beaten up and i would be in now way shape or form able to type this abusive post.

            You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


              Bad is a thread which fares in fighting and ultimately consuming each other instead of tackling the issue.

              Law of averages says that all choudhrys cannot be corrupt, though it doesnt mean that Azkar is not corrupt. LOL

              Sarfraz Khan


                Oh, forgot the real issue. And that is we should develop our senses to bring more equity in Pakistan and else where.


                  Farid Sahib,

                  " Tunja Accha Hal Hai?" - hopefully my Sindhi is correct?

                  I apologise for leaving Sindh out of my comments, BUT I thought this discussion was about Balochistan? But, for the record my wife is from Sindh, and is a fluent Sindhi speaker, and I have family throughout Lower Sindh, and I love Sindh dearly - in fact if I was asked to choose the best part of Pakistan, I would say Sindh, and Sindhi's are the best Pakistani's - they are a warm, hospitable, and VERY GENOROUS people, whose rich cutural heritage and language brings shame to a Punjabi like me - hopefully that is not too "sugarcoated" for you?, but its my honest feelings.

                  I have travelled throughout Sindh - Karachi, Gharo, Thatta, Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas and Tharparkar and I am well aware of the problems of Sindh, particularly the interior, and many of these areas have the same problems of Balochistan.


                    What is wrong with people - whats with all this provincial crap???
                    Aren't we supposed to be Pakistani first and then from the Provinces we are from.
                    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                      CM Bhai,

                      I am proud to be a Muslim, Pakistani and a Punjabi, BUT I hate provincialism, tribalism, biradriism, and communalism - these are the curses that Pakistan has been trying to get rid of for the last 53 years. Illiteracy, feudalism, the "Hindu-caste" legacy and religous fanatics are responsible for perpetuating these divisions. BUT the imbalanced structure of the Pakistani federation, where one province - Punjab, is bigger than the other three put together has added to these divisions.
                      The CE's plan for devolution to the local bodies, and a fairer distribution of federal funds on the basis of need, should start addressing these divisions - inshallah?


                        Farid Bhai welcome back, zabardast entry

                        Why did this Choudhry guy get credit for everything haiN? My forefathers have struggled for this nation too, and here you give coudhries all the credit, that is so unfair.

                        Anyway letís drop this here, and as suggested many times before, letís talk about Sindhís problems separately if you want, tell us what we donít know about a part of our country (please please please).

                        >>Had you appeal for donations from the participants of this forum and collected reasonable amount of money to hand over to CE or some one responsible there for use of people suffering from feminine and hunger in Rural Sindh and Balauchistan, my respect for you would have been increased many fold.<<

                        Although I love your suggestion, I would be the first one to stop Azkar bhai from putting up any such appeal on this forum Ė I think we insult him enough on the basis of his íbusinessí I donít think he deserves more offense. I will however try to be the first donor if you take up the challenge, why donít you start a process? I donít think Azkar is trusted or known enough on this forum to call for something where we have to put our hands in our pockets and actually come up with money. You take the step and Iíll back you 100% and I know for sure that others will too. Having said that, I want to thank you for bringing up this possibility, this shows that some of us have enough faith in this place (TOPP) to even suggest any such thing. Most of us do have the possibility of forwarding the money to welfare organizations, so just take the first step and at least one member will follow you for sure.

                        Nukes are necessary for our safety one has to be pretty naiv for not seing that, none western country cares for Baluchistan or any other province of Pak, the idea is just to tell us the ístupidityí behind making nukes, which we already know. But we donít really have an option here on this.

                        Kmalikís post shedís some light on some of the probs, now why donít we talk about how things can be done better? We can all come up with one and a half million things that we have done wrong, lekin circle toRo bhi ab. How can we help our selves? What do they need? How much (little) do we know about them?

                        CM burri baat chanda baRooN se aise nahiN bolte

                        Atif welcome back to you too

                        [This message has been edited by sabah (edited June 19, 2000).]


                          Doesn't chanda mean moon or something because my urdu in romanic english is very bad.
                          Hell my urdu in arabic is bad!!!
                          And i duely apologise to whats his face - can't remember your name and i am to lazy to scroll down and see.
                          So my apologise and lets get back to the topic at hand.
                          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!



                            I appreciate your views about my earlier post. But you know that there is always hostile attitude from stupids who think that what ever crap they are telling is 100% correct. In this hostile environment my earlier suggestion still holds good. If Choudhry Sahib starts the drive, I will be first one to contribute.

                            Believe my we do not want nukes and nuclear devices. Country needs money for estabilishing of institutions, infrastructure rahter than wasting money on unproductive projects which had brought nothing but hunger, poverty and shame to the whole nation.

                            FARID M


                              Farid Bhai sometimes you really surprise me, I donít think you needed to post the reply Iíve deleted Ė you know better and itís nice to have few ppl who can respect you

                              >>But you know that there is always hostile attitude from stupids who think that what ever crap they are telling is 100% correct. <<

                              Bhai jee, noone even claimed that whatever was said in this thread was correct let alone 100% correct.

                              >>In this hostile environment my earlier suggestion still holds good.<<
                              OK jee

                              >> If Choudhry Sahib starts the drive, I will be first one to contribute. <<
                              Farid bhai every member of GupShup team represents TOPP, so in theory it shouldnít make any difference if Kamal bhai, Muzna or Azkar bhai started this, right? So is there any reason for not replying to a thread on this topic, started by Kamal bhai (Fraudia)? Still itís great to see that you trust and respect Azkar bhai enough to encourage him for a fund raising campaign. By the way, there are web sites that are doing this, so we really donít have any excuse for not helping our country more actively.

                              >>Believe my we do not want nukes and nuclear devices.<<

                              Different situations have different needs, when youíre hungry you need food, when youíre threatened you need protection, itís always important to know how to prioritize your current and future needs.

                              >>Country needs money for estabilishing of institutions, infrastructure rahter than wasting money on unproductive projects which had brought nothing but hunger, poverty and shame to the whole nation.<<

                              I whole hartly agree to this. Thatís why we need to be able to see the difference between productive and un-productive projects. And convey your message in a way so others care to listen. Some of us might not be able to see the difference, so other Pakistanis should help us, sure we can be deadly stubborn, but thatís the way some of us are So the learned ones should ignore our stupidity and enlighten us in an encouraging manner Ė donít hate us coz we are interested.

                              So may I request you to participate more actively in threads like the oneís about naval base, traders strike, taxes, Gas/Oil and others?

                              Iím assuming that you know about Gwadar port project, how productive do you think that project is for the ppl of Baluchistan? Do you have any comment on the Sindh budget?

                              [This message has been edited by sabah (edited June 26, 2000).]