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Gov't of Gen. Musharraf

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    Gov't of Gen. Musharraf

    The Council for Social and Political Reform (C.S.P.R.) is conducting a survey about the following issue: What is your view of the Gov't of Gen. Musharraf. Do you think he is doing a better job than the previous gov'ts. give us your comments.

    Dear C.S.P.R,

    Thank you for introducing your site, it was an interesting read. Specially the pretty technical, yet Informative material on the Kalabagh Dam project.

    However, now that I see this post, where you want our opinion on how the General is faring, your organisation has aroused my interest under a somewhat different light...

    I was wondering, if I could Request for a brief, or however you wish, description of what your organisation stands for..
    What are the objectives/goals and more so, What is it that Motivates your Mission statement?

    In other words, my Politically Ignorant query is,

    "Council for Social and Political Reform" keeping Whom in mind?
    The entire Pakistan as a whole, irrespective of Punjabi, Balochi, Sindhi and what may you?
    Or a Particular Segment?