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Shameless men of Pakistan

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    Shameless men of Pakistan

    Another cut and paste (from 'news' of jang group)


    Masood Hasan

    Does it surprise anybody what happened to five Dutch girls on Sunday afternoon--when a mob of sex-starved hooligans molested them in broad daylight? Reading all the newspaper reports, I was drawn to the fact that while the mob deserves to be hung upside down till they drop dead, it is the spectators who watched with amusement and the indifferent motorists who sped on, that deserve equal if not more condemnation. What they achieved by their inhumanity was give the act tacit approval and encouragement for the shameful show to go on. Now of course our conscience is activated and there are long statements of shock and indignation with every paper churning out the dutiful editorial. Why is everyone shocked by this? What happened was not a one-off thing. It was not the exception but the norm. We were all at the Lahore canal last Sunday. We are all dead.

    The Dutch girls have done the right thing by deciding not to pursue the disgraceful matter any further. What use would this charade have been? Next they would have been victimised by the police, the touts, the lawyers, the court sharks and all the other riff raff that makes up the police-judicial farce that creaks about in this country. There is no justice in Pakistan. There is only exploitation. Had they gone to court, or the fish markets that we insist on calling courts, every one would have extorted money from them. Ask anyone who has ever suffered a court and you will hear stories that fill you with horror and a loathing of the system. People don't go to courts for pleasure. Most do under dire circumstances. In the case of the Dutch girls, since this was a 'foreign' affair, undoubtedly requests for alcohol too would have soon found their way to the embassy in Islamabad. There is now no limit to the extent to which most of us will go to extort a favour or a bribe obtained by evil influence, blackmail and plain dishonesty. The fact that the girls were dressed in shalwar-kamiz and trousers-shirts made no difference. For all that it mattered they might as well have worn the skimpiest of bikinis and danced on the edge of the canal.

    For years, the bathers in the canal have caused problems. Families which have to traverse the canal to go to work or return home have had to suffer the lewd and shameless behaviour that is on display regularly throughout the summer. Since none of the morons who bathe here ever wear a costume, they show up in attire that reveals more than it covers. This, the moral brigades do not find offensive. While the sight of a female ankle sends them into convulsions and giddy paroxysms, naked men prancing about like actors from a B-grade porn film, make no impression. Ask the women who have had the mortification of waiting at traffic lights, even in the relative safety of their cars, and you will understand what a misery this male-canal-bathing can be for any one who is not into gazing longingly at male torsos. Most women avert their eyes from the obscenity that is unfurled by young louts dancing or displaying their wares with half a dozen vulgar actions thrown in for good measure.

    I am bewildered by the administrationís point of view which condones the bathing since there are no public facilities for swimming! Stretch that stupid thinking and you will find that any activity can be accepted since certain facilities don't exist. Why not open a few bordellos along the canal as well, since these facilities don't exist? The people of this city, or others for that matter, live out their entire lives with no 'facilities' worth the name. If the authorities are so concerned about providing public facilities to the swimmers of Lahore, they might stop building the city's sixtieth fountain and divert the funds to a swimming pool, with a few hundred hungry Pirhannas thrown in.

    No, there is absolutely no justification for the canal-swimming galas and rather than wait for the sky to cave in--a favourite Pakistani pastime--this summer farce should end without further discussion. If a couple of hundred louts can't swim, the country won't be torn asunder from west to east.

    As for the rest of us, those who tut, tut and click their tongues and swear at the way things are going down, or those who are running the pawn shop (the country that is), who are shocked, dismayed and saddened by such incidents, enough is enough. It is shameful that we are so dead inside that nothing can stir us. The mobs that come out in this country are misguided, retarded and brain-damaged ruffians who are prepared to let any moron lead them anywhere. Some do it for money, food or kicks and most do it because there is nothing else to do any way. Another march, break a few traffic lights, burn a few cars, torch a few banks and trample on the American flag. That's the sum total of it. The lovers of Islam in the meantime are out demanding Friday off and rousing passions with bigotry and hate, preaching violence in the name of God and death and destruction to their enemies.

    An e-mail from across the Atlantic says that there was once a caliph who declared that even if a dog died of hunger on the banks of the Euphrates during his rule, he would be accountable to God for this sin. From that supreme humanism to the barbarity that unfolds around us. This is the essence of the Islamic state as it exists today here. Where are the custodians of our morals, the preachers who unfailingly bombard us with rhetoric and fire and who are stunned into impotent silence the minute human bestiality is reported in the land of the eternally pure?

    While the righteous mobs were on the move last week, raising slogans, seven Christian girls were systematically raped by a bunch of revenge-seeking Muslim men. This happened 30 kilometres from Lahore's Governor House and 34 kilometres from Station Headquarters, but it might as well have been in Lapland. Most papers never carried the news (it doesn't look good and in any case they were just Christians) and a news item from the Bishop of Lahore was given so much space that even a telescope might not have spotted it. That was more or less it. The police, bless their black hearts, stayed firmly rooted to their well-established culture of shamelessness and silence. Seven lives were destroyed in one demented attack. There is no outrage, no remorse. A few clucking sounds might emerge, but by and large, in this land created in the name of Islam, all that is unholy and evil, will simply continue.

    Nations which have no conscience don't deserve to live. It is a fallacy amongst Pakistanis that somehow they are the chosen race, that in the end, God, who only sides with them, will rescue them and annihilate everyone else. The plight of women in this country is now very clear. No one is really safe. Those who break stones on road-sites or those who shop in boutiques. The men, sex-starved, mixed-up, immature and ill-mannered use brute force to subjugate women, be they sisters, wives or daughters. Most of this crime doesn't get reported. The ones that do, lead to nothing. That's the way of Pakistan as we gingerly look out at the next century. Nothing can change. Nothing will change. That is the truth.

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    try *omming *p with some thing better and shorter


      Tell it to mundayya, shezi. But the communal minded blokes like u wont. i remember discussion with mundayya in religion section. He was bringing kamasutra time and agian though i told (and that dishonest fanatic knew) that kamasutra is not a religious scripture. Finally I started comparing kamasutra and Quran. Immediately people like u jjump in calling blasphemy and thread was deleted.
      Read mundayya's messages. Forget people from other religion, read what he says to people who do not agree with him if they are muslim. Any sensible Paki should be ashamed of him. He claims he has not a single hindu gene in him. I believe him on that. Otherwise he would not be such a big moron.


        There are major changes that are needed in Pakistan, and they are way past due. This is shameful.
        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


          This is terrible, and shameful, and disgraceful for all Pakistanis.

          I don’t entirely agree with the writer’s view here. Not most swimmers in the Canal are deranged and are looking for trouble. Most bath there because it is somewhat of a relief from 110 degrees of 7 inches from Sun. Most are poor and uneducated.

          The only solution to stop such atrocities are not necessarily building pools where people can swim, but by building schools where people can learn to respect fellow human beings.

          I agree with the writer’s view about Mullahs who exploit uneducated Pakistanis to achieve their political goals.

          This appears to be such a big news, I didn’t see it in any big papers today. It might be covered tomorrow.

          This is the price we have to pay when we have our priorities completely screwed up. Religion and Defense is constantly shoved down our throats, and up our butts, and no one cares about education.

          I am so ashamed to be a Pakistani after reading this report.


            Ahmedi you are ashamed to be a pakistani but not because of this article.
            You are just ashamed period.
            I guess it is because you
            As for the article i agree with the fact that we need an education system.
            But i don't agree with the fact they should be allowed to swim in the canal.
            Bear the heat everybody else does.
            The thing in Pakistan is that the rules are not strong enough and are not inforced.
            The military should enforce laws in pakistan with the police on probation.
            The rules should be basic.
            which i will discuss when i have more time.
            But the act was shameful and i that stuff like that should not happen.
            The mullahs should be brought in if anything they say or do is against islam.
            But then there will be no mullahs left in pakistan to call prayers!!!
            oh well we will just have to do it ourselves!!!!
            You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


              just get over it. these things happen all the time and will continue to happen all the time so just stop crying about it.


                Originally posted by 2PaK:
                just get over it. these things happen all the time and will continue to happen all the time so just stop crying about it.
                This is worst attitude. We must fight against all kind of evils. If you dont fight evils it will be very much in your family. (I am sure you understand what I said) So its our moral duty (at least) to discourage such elements.

                So its not the matter of enjoyment rather shame. Gov. must punish such *astered who involve in the sorrow event.



                  >>>>Ahmedi you are ashamed to be a pakistani but not because of this article.
                  You are just ashamed period.<<<<

                  your are way too effulgent for the commons, but way too vacuous for the select few. Keep your unintelligent imbecile psychoanalysis for yourself. Tell me, are you proud?


                    The worth of anyhting is determined by what we can see in it...diamond is only worth to some one who knows what it is..
                    We are a socially unsophisticated, emotionally immature, uneducated , repressed ,bunch.....
                    What surprises me is that we get surprised by incidents like that......we have been going down hill for past three decades, ( if not since the creation of the Land of the pure...) Life itself doesnt mean much in our country , let alone izzat( Which is a little more sophisticated concept)
                    Have we given our kids love, which would enable them to feel for others...
                    Have we taught our kids to respect everything and everyone in this universe ,,EQUALLY...
                    Have we given them education , so that they could learn about themselves....about people, about morality , about society...
                    Have we given them healthier ways of expressing their talents and their needs....
                    When we havnt done any of these things, why were we even hoping for things to be better then what they are..
                    The only differences between higher and lower animals is the potential to learn....Someone who isnt taught what needed to be learned, is as good as an animal who didnt even have the capacity to learn..
                    Now I am not saying being an animal is bad.....who am I to judge,,,, but then lets call ourselves that....And accept that we as a nation have followed the path that has reduced us to lowest possible functiong.( If ppl insist we havnt touched bottom yet....continue at the current course, and see what happens)


                      Whose gonna fight against this? No one. Not me. Not you. Not anybody.


                        I don't like using the word "Pakistani" because Similar things happen All over the World and are even performed, by the most Suave ones...

                        It is just the modus ope***** that is different!

                        Every time, a woman is in the company of a "Non Gentleman", for the lack of a better phrase, her Izzat is in Jeopardy.

                        Irrespective of whether they are some "hooligans" on canal bank in Lahore, or some Educated, Civilized, Sophisticated guy, in his "own" territory.

                        It happens, whether the woman/women as in this case, get caught off guard, OR
                        even, if the woman has Repeatedly Informed the guy that she doesn't Expect him to Cross certain lines....

                        Therefore, the title of this news item shouldn't be,

                        "Shameless men..."

                        It should be,

                        "Badqismat women"!!

                        Sad but True and when something is true, it becomes a Fact and we have to learn to live with it....
                        Learn to live as OVERLY Cautious, in sometimes Humanly Impossible ways...

                        So, am I Blaming this "group" of Men who behave in this manner?


                        I just feel Sorry for some of us, who had to face the above, even though we were supposedly in a pretty safe environment, "broad daylight" and a "public" place and

                        for those of us, who at times, Fail to Detect the Ulterior Motives of the other group of men I mentioned....

                        I guess I feel sorry at our Failure, to become these Antennas which will save us from becoming Prey to such Predators....

                        But my point is,
                        that this carnal desire to fulfill one's Own needs, Completely disregarding the Izzat, the Dignity, the Respect of the Other, is neither Confined to "Pakistani" men,

                        to "a mob of ***-starved hooligans"...
                        It permeates ALL Educational, Economic, Social, Ethnic Stratas, where men with such Characteristics live.

                        However, since this is a Pakistani news item, I would say,
                        that since the Men in the news item Unfortunately for them,
                        didn't belong to the so called
                        "Upper Class", we get to hear about it, as well as Read about it.

                        I wonder how much publicity there would have been, the same heinous act commmited by someone of Social/Economic clout...

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                          >>I wonder how much publicity there would have been, the same heinous act commmited by someone of Social/Economic clout... <<<

                          Dear Dehaten, if you are talking about Pakistanis with Clout who might have committed it (You are right that it would not have gotten this much coverage in Pakistani Press) but you can be sure that foreigners (Dutch Girls) would have dragged those men’s butts in the world press until the cows come home. The reason they did not pursue a criminal case is only because these culprits were “uneducated” and they (the victims) did not trust the Pakistani Justice system for fear of them being degraded again, yet more traumatic experience. Had it happened in a civil place, sure, there would be no end to the coverage.


                            Okay so we blamed the actions of these jerks on the social conditions in Pakistan...

                            what about what happened in NY?

                            do the same factors apply? disgusted by the "urbanites" of "the city" of the most advanced nation on the planet...what a disgrace.
                            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.