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Mussaraf sticking to his guns

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    Mussaraf sticking to his guns

    Musharraf rules out withdrawal of GST

    By Ihtasham ul Haque

    RAWALPINDI, May 20: The chief executive, Gen Pervez Musharraf, on Saturday regretted that traders were observing a strike but said there was no question of withdrawing the general sales tax (GST).

    "I know shops are closed today but I want to make it clear to them (traders) that I am not the type of person who would run away. They will have to accept the GST," he declared. Speaking at a gathering after inaugurating the Attock Refinery up gradation/expansion project, the CE said that Pakistan needed to be economically strengthened for which it was necessary to avoid observing strikes.

    He said that those who were above a certain standard would have to pay tax and the government would not go soft on this issue. "They (traders) have no right to go on strike," he asserted, adding that his government would not accept any pressure to give up the GST. He, nevertheless, said that the government was in contact with the business leaders to get the strike called off.

    He noted with satisfaction that the refinery project, which was first in Pakistan to produce premium motor gasoline direct from the refinery without addition of MTBE and HOBC, had been completed on time. The project, he hoped, will enhance Pakistan's crude oil processing capacity.

    He appreciated that Attock Refinery will soon be processing 70,000 barrel crude oil daily. He called upon the refinery laborers to work hard with a view to expanding their organization. On behalf of the company, the CE announced a Rs300 increase in the employees' salaries.

    Earlier, Petroleum and Natural Resources Minister Usman Aminuddin told the gathering that the up gradation and expansion project will help Pakistan save $25m annually. Attock Refinery, he said, was currently processing 25,000 barrel crude oil a day and hoped that it would reach 70,000 barrels soon.

    Good on ya CE - this is what the country needs a leader who does not bow down to pressure.
    After the strike the GSt should be inforced in full force.
    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!

    I pray that inshallah the CE sticks to his guns on this issue - in fact he should much sterner on these destructive ******* traders! - excuse my language. This issue is the MOST IMPORTANT issue for Pakistan - forget the CTBT, the Blasphemy Law, Democracy timetables etc - these are just distractions.
    How can you run an economy successfully without a documented economy and a wider tax base?? Pakistan has all the economic potential to rid ourselves of budget defecits, foreign loans, poverty alleviation and a mass literacy campaign etc if ONLY people paid there taxes! The CE should ENFORCE a tax culture in Pakistan - even if it means using a certain amount of force - the people of Pakistan will be with him and RESPECT him!


      Well that doesn't seem to be happening.
      According to the News - Aziz our finance minister is meeting with the FPCCI and the other small traders org.
      This is absolute crap.
      Also look at "the news" there is one hell of an interesting article about shops being forced to close down by FPCCI worker - while there are called miscreants the FPCCI i know had a hand in it.
      These *******s need to work for the country and not the lining of their own pockets.
      Are you in pakistan - if you are how successful do you think the strike was.
      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


        CM - I have seen these reports, but we should not be disturbed as it is only normal practice to hold discussions with traders associations. I am not in Pakistan, but I know from relatives that the strike has not been entirely successful, and a lot of people have been intimidated.

        Even if the CE compromises on some of the tax issues, I think it is better for Pakistan if he gets these *******s to agree to SOME of his demands i.e so he can slowly chip away at this problem? It will take more than three years to sort this problem out, but small steps will help. When the economy is in a better shape (maybe in 12 to 18 months)he should really start kicking some ass! Its too much to expect a population of such huge size to start paying taxes when they have not done ever before.

        For the momment the CE should at least push for SOME of his demands to be met, AND pursue the accountability process right into these traders associations i.e he should not concentrate on breaking up the political parties BUT start breaking up the leadership of these so-called traders associations


          The thing is that he shouldn't be discussing this stuff.
          He has stated what he wants done and it should be done - no matter what the traders say or do.
          Now did you read the crap by the PPP that sindh and the rest of south asia should make a federation and forget about nation states???
          What other crap.
          Only BBB - Benizir "the *****" Bhutto could come up with crap like that.
          The *******s involved:
          "t was quite a sight-seeing of its panel of speakers -- including former PPP minister Yousaf Talpur, former Sindh chief minister Mumtaz Bhutto, G M Syed's son Imdad Shah -- wearing Indian tri-colour flag garlanded by BJP hawk K R Malkani."
          Lastly I think i the CE should press all his demands or threaten force.
          In Pakistan people only listen when threaten by psyhical force otherwise there is no deal.
          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!



            I understand your sentiments but we should try to refrain from the use of bad words against good or evil. Rather we should apply more rationale and less rhetoric in day to day life.

            Our politicians don't go further than making a statement or desiring for democracy. Had they been real good in their work, we as a nation would not have been at this stage now. We should not be afraid of people trying to make or break or country; our immediate problem is to hone our skills in managing food & water. If we ignore this too, then there will be no folks left, hence no leaders.

            -Politicians' job is to make statements

            -Newspapers' job is to print

            -My job is to read

            The cycle is complete!

            Now I gotta go to search some food & drinks to sustain my life for another 8 hours. Just to make sure that I will back in good shape to post a few more. **smiles°°

            Sarfraz Khan


              CM - I have not seen this report about the PPP, but I know and love the Sindhi people - they are a kind and gentle people and they love Islam and Pakistan, and have outgrown the PPP - due to BB's actions over the last 11 years. Have you seen the report about the PPP's Aitzaz Ahsan becoming the legal counsel for Nawaz Sharif!! If these politicians were ever to make such stupid comments in front a of Pakistani crowd they would be lynched! As for the traders - yes I agree, the CE made a mistake when he did not threaten tough action beforehand, BUT now he should begin the process of breaking up these ******* trading organistaions - he could start by sending in one army division to seal the Afghan/Pak border to stop the Bara smuggling, and then send in interior ministry troops to the major markets to protect people who want to open their businesses in defiance of these greedy traders organistaions.

              WE SHOULD ALL E-MAIL THE CE TO GIVE HIM OUR SUPPORT - [email protected]

              [This message has been edited by kmailik (edited May 22, 2000).]

              [This message has been edited by kmailik (edited May 22, 2000).]


                Yes i heard about the PPP lawyer and NS - as the saying goes it takes one to know one.
                Now NS doesn't care which group the guy belongs to if he can save his neck.
                The CE has most of the support of the educated class but it is the poor people that are being twisted to follow the lead of the corrupt *******s.

                Now the traders, they need to see that the CE is not backing down and will have to use force if necessary.
                Moinuddin Haider is the man to get that done.
                The army should be sent to were ever the trouble spot is and take the *******s out swiftly and with style - you an 'Allo 'Allo fan by any chance???
                And yes we should seal the border with Afghanistan and check every thing entering Pakistan but let stuff leave Pakistan.
                So that we curb drugs and smuggling into Pakistan - but we should try to get rid of this stuff by exporting it to Afghanistan and Iran as fast a possible.
                I don't mean export drugs - we should burn that ****!!!
                But export the smuggled commodities to earn revenue.
                And i will e-mail the CE for support right now.

                Now Atif or is it Sarfraz????
                What is your name???
                Anyway ok i will stop using abusive language after this post but not in this one.
                As for water and food.
                We have always produced enough for our country and some for India and Afghanistan as well!!!!!
                But water is a big problem.
                Now there is going to be a consensus on the Karablagh dam thing!!!
                Can't these people understand that small dams are cheaper, more economical and better suited for our countries needs.
                We don't need to make the largest dam in the world.
                We need enough water which can be accomplished by several smaller and cheaper dams which will be more efficient.
                Also could some one explain to me who was the idiot and why did he come up with the "Pakistan Oppressed Nations Movement (PONM)"????
                Talk about utter stupidity!!!!
                You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                  CM - why do you ask if I am an 'Allo Allo' fan - I used to watch it and i thought it was hilarious, especially in poking fun at the French traitors during the second world war!

                  I wrote to the CE regarding my opinions on the traders, and I suggested he go direct to the Pakistani people - explain to them the consequences of not expanding the tax base, and the BENEFITS of a higher tax yield. By going direct to the Pakistani people he can go over the heads of the money-grabbing greedy *******s who are against this plan.
                  He should say to the people how can we expect to tackle poverty, increase literacy, provide a social welfare system and get rid of deficits and debts if we don't pay taxes.
                  He must also empahasise the point that by paying our own way, Pakistan can throw away the shackles of foreign powers i.e. 'A strong Pakistan is a free Pakistan!'
                  I think he should build a coalition of like-minded people - the government, the military, the media, independent organisations, overseas Pakistani's and prominent personalities to support his campaign - he could call it 'The Campaign for Pakistan's future and sovereignty'.

                  I also think that the CE is too ambitious - he wants to achieve (or correct) everything all together - that is just not possible. He should identify the top 5 prioroties for Pakistan and concentrate just on them for a year to 18 months or so? I think the top 5 priorities should be:-
                  1) The Economy
                  a) Documenting the Economy
                  b) Expanding the Tax Base
                  c) Continuing the crackdown on smuggling.

                  2) Education
                  3) Poverty alleviation - direct funds from richer area's to poorer ones on the basis of need.
                  4) Law and Order
                  5) National Infrastrucure - I know the CE has announced the building of the Gwadur port from 1 July which is good news.

                  And let the politicians continue to disgrace themselves - the PPP coming to the rescue of the PML! Good on them, it will further blacken their name and put them more in the gutter than they are now!


                    Woho nice discussion Thanks guys. (just cut the galies theek)

                    I didn’t mean to interrupt you, just one question and one suggestion.

                    What is Allo Allo?

                    And would you guys be interested in sharing your emails with us here, for two reasons. First some us might want to say the same as you – lekin due to time factor or some other reasons can’t do it. So perhaps we can send it as group mail (with the interested members email addys or even with’s name etc etc). I already forgot second reason so it was probably not that important. That was just a suggetion


                      Good so you are a fan - but you didn't recognise the pun - though it won't be funny now1111

                      Here is what i wrote:

                      "The army should be sent to were ever the trouble spot is and take the *******s out swiftly and with style (remeber who said that on 'allo 'allo?)."
                      Catch my drift????
                      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                        If i remember correctly 'allo 'allo is/was?? a british sitcom about the 2nd world war.
                        It was extremely funny and they used to show it on orbit when i was in the middle east.
                        Then they showed on BBC here in swiss.
                        there is a joke in that post - but Mailik didn't seem to get it.
                        I wrote the post after yours so that he can see it much easier.
                        So i will let Mailik explain it.
                        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                          Sabah - below is the e-mail I sent to the CE (I addressed him with the respect he deserves so don't laugh!):-

                          Title - "For the sake of the Nation - stick to your guns..."

                          Your Excellency The Chief Executive of Pakistan,

                          Sir, as a overseas-born Pakistani who loves his nation Pakistan very much, I beg you - please don't compromise with the traders on the basic modalities of your tax plans. More than other national issue - timetables for 'democracy', blasphemy law, CTBT/nuclear issue etc. the issue of wider taxation collection and documenting of the economy is the MOST VITAL issue for Pakistan. How can a nation of over 140 million expect to tackle poverty, increase literacy, reduce dependence on foreign aid and reduce budget deficits? without the people paying their fair share of taxes?

                          Sir, you must stand your ground on this issue, and call the bluff of the traders . Go direct to the Pakistani people and ask for their help - make it a national crusade or the number one issue! The people of Pakistan are not an ignorant people - if the consequences of a tax evasion, and the BENEFITS of a wider tax base are explained they will understand, and support you, even if you have to take tough measures.

                          All like-minded people - the government, the military, the President, the media, independent organisations, overseas Pakistani's and prominent personalities should be called upon to build a 'coalition for Pakistan's future and sovereignty' to support this issue.

                          I wish you the best of success.

                          Allah Hafiz


                          Khawar Malik


                          CM - sorry I missed your joke, and yes it was a British comedy program about German occupied France during the second world war, and the shenaigans of the German occupiers and the collaborators, the French and British spies - all speaking 'French' (in reality English with a French accect). It was a real funny show, but I'm afraid I can't recall your that line CM, but I will continue to wrack my brain, as its been a while since I watched it! - was it Herr Flick of the Gestapo??


                            Malik, reasonably good mail to the CE. I hope the CE's office would draw some thoughts from your mail and integerate into their policies.

                            Saba, I cannot agree with you about sending a joint mail via at this time. Because I don't see a slight quality in this forum. When we have successfully implemented forum's rules in letter and spirit, then it will be more appropriate to send a joint mails to the offices like CE etc.

                            CM, my real name is Sarfraz Khan. Lets not be so enthusiastic about the agri sufficiency. Its still not ok, because one year its almost good and the other year its still shaky. We should workout on some solid lines.

                            Sarfraz Khan


                              Kmailik – plz check your mail.

                              Aur is pe meiN bhi sign ker sakti thi