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    National Tax Survey

    Great! This is really a bold and right step. General must not withdraw this.

    Why Traders cry when they are asked to give details of their business, property and family setup?

    They do nothing but blaim CBR that this will increase the bribe rate or so.

    But my point is that they must go through Tax Survey honestly and CBR should remain honest and must believe each other.

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    The pay-no-taxes alliance formed amongst the different trade oraginzations against the governtment tax survey is begining to crunch. I am quite confident that their blackmail tactics will be taken over by their very need to stay afloat, financially. Lets face it, a mainstream shopkeeper can't afford to keep his shop close for more than a few days.

    Govermnent crack-down has already begun. Leaders like Omar Saliyah, who is one of the main perpetretors of this trike has already been placed under house arrest. It's in the gevernment's best interest to keep up the pressure on these thugs . Awarding punishments to those who fail to comply with the deptt of tax collection

    I think promotin of tax-culture and documentation of all the businesses and individuals who are capable of paying taxes is the only way to pull economy out of a chronic recession.

    Government is plannig to generate additional Rs 100 billion in this fiscal year and 300 billin to follow in the next, by the introduction of tax reforms. This is the only sensible, and applicabe way to alleviate foriegn debt and modernize the country's economy.

    These kind of steps will also lead to further enhancements of the National Data Bank i.e computerization of the national identity cards and passports by end of this year.

    Why would an ordinary trader or affluential landlord be expemted from paying taxes when the entire civil and military servent community have been carrying the country's economy on their shoulders for the past fifty-four years?


      out then prices will also increase by that factor and people start agitation for that.


        There's no way going' man! These thugs have been piling up millions of ruppees over the past several years.

        Even in my family, who's been invloved in the manufacturing and sales of agricultural machinery and spare parts, hardly anyone pays taxes. Imposition of this tax culture will bring about much needed socio-economic uplift for an average Pakistani citizen. Advantages of paying taxes in a justified manner far acceed any minor repercussions such as hike in price of basic commodities in the short term.

        Pay taxes or pay your dues in jail

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