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Indian Insitute of Technology (IIT)--centres of academic excellence.Pakistan's reply?

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    Indian Insitute of Technology (IIT)--centres of academic excellence.Pakistan's reply?

    I know this is not about politics--but i was so impressed by the link provided by BombayKid (?) in the debate about nukes and islam (my view: probably haraam but could argue for necessity if enemy has them; def. haram to use --> a paper tiger to quote Mao? There I got the politics in so please dont delete or move this!!) that I have provided the link here for all to read:

    Wow! Is there an institution comparable in Pakistan?

    WE need to invest in EDUCATION if we are to catch up with the rest of the world...

    The first word of the Quran Sharif revealed was "IQRA!" (READ!)

    "Seek knowledge even unto China" --famous saying of The Beloved Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam (in those days China was very advanced)

    I wonder if we can have a meaningful discussion for once...after all with literacy rates of less than 50% for both India and Pakistan (or thereabouts) there's obviously a long way to go....

    It is in THIS that Pakistan and India need to compete...not in bomb making....

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    Pakistan is looking for Afghanistan as a role model . not India so a comparision of institutions between Kabul and Islamabad would be appropriate. It is becoming clearer that Pakistan is looking towards Afghanistan to form a strategic partnership.
    Will Pakistan be the next Afghanistan?

    By AMIR ZIA, Associated Press Writer

    NOTE TO Mohabbat: please just post the link. thanks

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      Asif.....I personally think that a talented person can make it big even if he is from a lower ranked or an unknown University. There are other Universities in India which are impressive (nowhere near IIT's though) but they are not as famous. I personally feel that the corporate world should help more in nurturing these Universities. We can't really rely on the Government for that. The IIT's have benefitted emmensely from grants from Microsoft, Intel etc over the years.

      I think Pakistan is going in the right direction by having an IT policy (long overdue). But I feel before you can hope to really make a dent on the international business scene (specially in IT), you need to make major investments into education.

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