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Indian Zee TV Will Pay Heavy Fine To PTV

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    Indian Zee TV Will Pay Heavy Fine To PTV

    Read the following:

    Just goes to prove thieves will be thieves and they don't come bigger than RAW

    Ehsan Bhai - I watch Zee t.v. to amuse myself. They are not only thieves and Nazi-style propogandists, but they are not very good at it! Watching Zee t.v. gives you the impression that everybody in India loves each other? - Hindu's love Muslims and vice versa, there are no anti-Christian attacks and Kashmiri's are patriotic Indian's!!! Plus,India is a great regional and world power - not mentioning it got its ass kicked at Kargil, is scared of getting its ass kicked in Sri Lanka, and can do nothing for its compatriots in little Fiji? - some great power??
    While it spews out venom about Pakistan - much of it lies, half-truths and distortions... But finally its got caught - this RAW is no match for the long-reach of our ISI??


      Some wounds are hidden deep inside the heart.
      And people try to relieve the pain by mentioning them as their triumphs.

      Definition: Compatriots are the citizens of the SAME nation.

      btw, India is not in habit of infiltrating its troops in another sovereign country without being asked to do so by the legitimate government concerned.


        Short or selective memory Elegancia, have u forgotton the uninvited annexation of Hyderabad, Junagarh, Goa, Kashmir, etc, etc, etc. Of course I forgot the people of these states were overjoyed when the Indian army walked into these areas, and kept up their highest tradition of raping and looting.

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          Elegencia - so the Indian's of Fiji can look after themselves can they? Leave India and you are not Indian anymore? - SOME LOYALTY! SOME WORLDPOWER!



            amusing report. the last line reads...

            >Zee TV was launched by the Research & Analysis Wing (RAW), an infamous intelligence agency of India, to air Indian Government's propaganda<

            and guess what? Zee is getting sued for airing Pakistani dramas from PTV!!! RAW airs pakistani dramas from PTV... how interesting! i think someone ought to give the Asim Mughal a course on professional journalism, paknews is already become a joke site.

            Simple ain't easy.


              Intelligence agencies try thier best to create COVER etc.Zee tv's ambition was to be THE asian channel and thus shed image of bieng indian only.BTW what harm can dramas do?It's not like Zee ever aired pak view of kashmir or on kargil and on other matters etc.



                cover? oh dont make me laff again..

                dramas dont do any harm, infact, it would help indo-pak relations if zee were to air pak dramas..

                i am not saying Zee is the perfect channel or it is unbiased. all i am saying is that RAW running Zee is ridiculously absurd, the very idea is the product of a very fertile but immature imagination, and coming from that cheapskate agency of Asim Mughal's, i am hardly surprised.. you should see how low they got while writing on Maleeha Lodhi.. that report could have been a 3rd rate XXX novel..
                Simple ain't easy.


                  Ehsan.....I can understand your obsession with Kashmir, you guys think its a disputed land grabbed by India --- fine !! But lets talk about Hyderabad and Junagarh.....why do you keep bringing them up. According to the partition plan places with land continuity with either India or Pakistan were to go to India or Pakistan not according to their populations. Don't tell me this is wrong -- go check any source. So how was the invasion of Hyderabad and Junagarh wrong ?
                  Now lets talk about Goa -- my ancestral place. You seem to know more than me, cause the people welcomed the army invasion over their. The Portuguese occupation of Goa was illegal and was accepted by the Portuguese themselves....why are you siding with a colonial power who have accepted their own mistakes. There were also demands from various quarters for the portuguese to apologize for their attrocities. Goa should have been invaded in 1947 itself since the Portuguese were not willing to leave and your so called "neutral" United Nations kept quiet. In fact no country barring the Soviets and a few others supported the Goan freedom struggle (maybe because they were not Christians or Muslims). In fact had it not been for the Soviet veto, India's action would have been condemned --- so much for human rights !!! My father was in his earlier 20s during the freedom struggle and he couldn't enter Goa because the government had issued shoot at sight orders on ordinary citizens during that time. So don't shed tears for them -- they got what they deserved !!




                    you think he doesnt know? he's just lying on purpose..
                    Simple ain't easy.


                      BombayKid writes:-

                      "I can understand your obsession with Kashmir, you guys think its a disputed land"


                      "According to the partition plan places with land continuity with either India or Pakistan were to go to India or Pakistan not according to their populations."

                      - YEP THATS RIGHT AND ON THIS BASIS KASHMIR SHOULD HAVE BEEN PART OF PAK - thanks for admitting that!



                        from Zee getting sued to Kashmir...
                        Simple ain't easy.


                          Queer, you obviously did not watch ZEE TV in UK during the Kargil crisis, when their coverage was real garbage. They used to give "coverage" of the Pakistani point of view from their hindu correspondent from Delhi. Now that's what I call objectivity. So before you point fingers at others, put your own house in order.And the matter was not the dramas, but the piracy, but then how would Zee TV know the difference between original and piracy when 80% of their content is pirated. As I said there can't be any bigger thieves than RAW.

                          Bombay Kid,

                          Nothing is illegal as far as you people are concerned. Lots of your compatriots here think that people of Kashmir love India as well.


                            "- YEP THATS RIGHT AND ON THIS BASIS KASHMIR SHOULD HAVE BEEN PART OF PAK - thanks for admitting that!"

                            So Kashmir has land continuity only with Pakistan ???



                              ehsan dear,

                              if you have a problem with Zee, sue them.

                              like you said, the problem was about piracy, so dont try to push other agendas in. where did RAW jump into the whole affair? the agency displayed their amateurishness with their report, which also makes me wonder if Zee really did get sued.
                              Simple ain't easy.