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Bureaucracy: Enemy Within

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    Bureaucracy: Enemy Within

    Itís very logical you have a degree in Info systems and you are running/ managing your companyís e- related needs. If you are very good at it, they give you an entire section to run, you thrive, you not only bring your professional standards up, you increase the productivity and every body is happy...

    Am I right in saying that all this is because of professionalism, your specialized education, which helped you, achieve this level? ... Now imagine if I told you to run a Tax office in Lahore, you have no Tax law back ground, there are no computers, you hardly ever took economics in your 16 years of education, your only knowledge about tax is that you have to pay that once a year (and by the way you have never paid that before) and then your given a six month training after you clear the CSS exams. And are the Deputy Commissioner Excise and Taxation Lahore Zone three.

    Now tell me if you are going to bring some changes in that rotten system..... Ok...ok... I will give you a chance since you have a MIS degree (foreign) you will try you level best. And then you will wake up when you are transferred to OSD or may be in Bakher...This is just one scenario, how about going to police department with a degree in Architecture, or going to DMG with a civil engineering degree from UET or a doctor from KE or AIMC working as an ambassador of Pakistan in Fuji. I know people who only knew DAFA (article) 302 from the constitution of Pakistan and are now working as ASP in Punjab. They were very smart people, very good in designing steel structures. Just by giving exams in American history, Arabic, English literature, and a line of irrelevant subjects and six months of training they are appointed ASP. But I will still trust their steel structure design.

    These are the people who are running the government behind the politicians and the Military. Itís just like a secret society. They work and protect each other. There are rumors that most of the bureaucrats beyond 20 and 21grade hold dual citizenship and hold assets abroad. In case of an emergency these are the people most easily to go out, because of their low public profile and strong network. These are the people who are honest to their culture of nepotism, patriotic enough to sell out the country for their own sake. Because nobody ever asked them about their political affiliation, it doesnít mean that they donít have one, these are the elements, which are refereed to as elements in the government supporting some not so democratic factions of our society. Not only the politicians, even the military heavily depends on them. Because of their delicate position in the power structure of Pakistan they are the real threat to a stabilized government.

    For the last 53 years the restructuring whenever done is on political system, politicians and people, never ever the bureaucracy is touched. Let me give you an example, Ghulam Abbas minister for Planning and rural affairs (Punjab 95-96) knew nothing about planning bodies and their structures. In a meeting with the secretary local government and planning professionals, for the local body structure, it came to our knowledge that the secretary didnít even knew how many planners are required per population in local bodies, but he was a damn good negotiator. For allowing us the minimum possible seats in local govt. and in the last the blame goes to Politicians and the people, what I am saying is that they are equally responsible for the mess in Pakistan. Thatís the real source of monetary corruption in Pakistan, because they are highly linked. Like Ch. Shujaat (Next PM of Pakistan) and ADBP.

    Looking forward for restructuring comments.....

    Who makes laws, rules for bureaucracy? Don't tell me they make rules for themselves.

    Sarfraz Khan


      Is this a question or an answer.
      As far as I can remember we did not need any laws for that, we inherited the bureaucracy from our colonial rulers. The rules where there nobody ever bothered to change them.
      Other than this the survival of quota system and the rules of Pakistan Public service commission are the brainchildren of senior bureaucrats. Bureaucracy was Basically meant to serve the people as a tool of government, but now its ruling the government.

      بِن دانا پانی میں جی لواں
      بِن انَک میں جی نہ سکاں