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The Bomb and Mohammad(pbuh)...

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    The Bomb and Mohammad(pbuh)...

    Weapons of mass destruction kill all..Bachai, borhai, armed and unarmed alike... I wonder if prophet had allowed its use in any circumstnces....As it is so far from the Islamic rules of war...
    Along the same lines...I wonder if he would have ever allowed terrorist activities like bombing civilians...which Kashmiri mujahideen and palestinians have been routinely involved in..
    I dont want any rationalizations of unethical behaviour here...
    Question again is..What do you guys think Prophet would have thought of these issues...

    kashmiri mujahideens kill hindu pagans forces who are in kashmir murdering and raping kashmiri population, palestenians have done the same to jews.

    if kashmiries and palestenians can get a hold of nukes they wouldnt be in a pathetic spot for years. just like u.s got easy out of world war two by using two bombs. they can get off easy by using a couple on the pagan perverted cult known as hinduism. i dont see why this wouldnt be endorsed.

    Pakistans Islamic bomb is a reality. Soon all muslim umma will be equipped with it.



      So the whole idea is to kill people who don't believe in same thing as you do, you are preverted and evil. Why do you live in secular west and enjoy the freedom given by decent people which you will never give to others, go and live in your intolerant Islamic country. I am glad you are not hindu...Hindus whom you love to abuse are far more civilized and superior then you are.



        To answer your question Prophet Muhammad PBUH probably will not have allowed the mass killing of innocent civilians in this fashion.

        I know you said that you do not want rationalization of these acts but you really have to look at the whole picture. You know in urdu we say "Tali aik haath say nahi bajti" or in english "It takes two to tango". Hence there are two sides to the story. I have only followed Kashmir issue very briefly, however I have been following Palestanian plight for a long time.

        I had a news paper article(Houston Chronicle), alas i lost it in my last move, which stated what really goes on in Israeli occupied Palestine. This article was from a PH.D Psychologist who described the daily routine of the traffic stops, denials to leave the city, spitting in the faces of Palestanians by jew soldiers, destroying their houses in front of their families and friends. Keeping young palestanians from reaching school on daily basis. Killing Palestanian youth who throw stones at fully armed Soldiers(Is this allowed in a Civil society ?). When you go through these circumstances every day for six to seven years, I am sure you will start loosing your mind my friend. What Jews are doing there is modern day genocide and it does not get big coverage here in US. By keeping these palestanians uneducated and moving them out of their own homes, and killing them they are effectively destroying that nation. So, are thier actions justified ? You decide.

        Sorry for the long post people, I just could not resist.


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          I appreciate your post....
          For the sake of a mature discussion lets not confuse the two.......
          If you are responding in a way that is unislamic...then thats what it should be called..whatever the reasons might me...what you are saving that way is yourself , not Islam...Or muslim identity....
          we know that if someone is pushed to the point where they dont even care for their life...theres got to be a reason for that....Islam doesnt justify responding the same way though....
          Do we have a right to bend Islam for our advantage...Do we claim to know better then Mohammad and God. ...And if we are doing that , do we have a right to call it islamic... Do we think prophet would have allowed for innocents to be murdered , even if the risk was annihilation of all muslims.....Do we think he would have broken his own rules.....
          Isnt someone who is doing that and justifying it under the cover of Islam a bigger kafir then a non believer...
          How did islam grow...was it by acting in an ethical manner or by doing to them what the kafirs were doing .....What is the difference then..
          We are worst then a non believer least they are not dragging Islam in mud like we are, when we justify it...


            >>>>Hindus whom you love to abuse are far more civilized and superior then you are. <<<<

            i dont think Kashmiries think the same about hindus. As for the topic... u missed the point again silly goose. if hindus do not mind murdering and raping Kashmiri population in Kashmir then Kashmiries have a right to put a bullet in every single hindu's head.

            same goes for any jews. last time i checked jews in israel have nukes and so do hindus in india... then why shouldnt the ppl who are fighting against them?



              Good try to rationalize your bigoted and intolerant opinions. Kashmiris and 135 million muslims have all the religious and economic freedom. They can follow their religion without any fear from anybody. There are no Hindus left in Kashmir they have been chased out of their homes because they worshiped the wrong God in the wrong form.

              If you genuinely care about Kashmiris stop sending terriorists and Indian military will withdraw and Kashmiris will be able to live in peace. The whole fight about Kashmir is about land grab nothing else.


                mundayya, when u talk of kashmiries, be specific, i.e. kashmiri sunnis. world knows what you have done to rest in kashmir.
                On other hand, i think there was a religious discussion on whether or not to use cannons in early days of islam, since cannons dont distinguish believer and disbeliever. but none gives a damn. popular islam remains what what mundayya argues for.


                  CORRECTION FOR NOVA,
                  Kashmiri mujahideen have never killed any innocent civilians.
                  And the answer to your question is that NO prophet Mohammed(SAW) would not have allowed revenge attacks to be carried out against innocent civilians.

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                    >>Kashmiri mujahideen have never killed any innocent civilians.<<

                    Hindu Kashmiris have been regularly targeted and killed, recently innocent Sikhs were targeted and killed by mujahideen. I wonder if they fall under innocent civilians catagory.



                      Nova Sahib...i donno what do u expect me to say here
                      ofcourse Islam doesnot support terrorism...and we can by no means justify those terrorist activities in da name of Islam....and ppl who are doing this, they actually are making mockery of our religion...

                      And whats happening is Kashmir, thats completely a diff story Sir ji....and u shud not give such biyaan about mujhahedeen when u don't know nothing

                      PS. why don't u spend ur vacations in kashmir i can arrange thatsome lil gaooN near the borders;-)wahaaN muhajirooN ke camps bi hooNge...and u'll get a chance to learn about whats actually going on there.....????


                        Devil's darkside! Hmmmmmmmm

                        Sarfraz Khan


                          I should have known batter..
                          For get the terrorist part...
                          Just please talk about the Islamic teachings reagarding ethics of war and The bomb.


                            ha ha ha!!!

                            hmmmmm i think u know my answer


                              >>>>Hindu Kashmiris have been regularly targeted and killed, recently innocent Sikhs were targeted and killed by mujahideen. I wonder if they fall under innocent civilians catagory. <<<<

                              o pls these sikhs were killed by raw. mujahideens had nothing to gain by killing pathetic sikhs... they already get enough whipping by indian forces in punjab.

                              as for ur claims of Mujahideens kicking hindus out of kashmir go... well after preaching cows for so long these hindus have turned into scared cows themselves so they ran out. no body had put a gun to their head.