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Onslaught By Indian and Foreign Press

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    Onslaught By Indian and Foreign Press

    As usual India is taking full advantage of defaming Pakistan by showing the world that Pakistan is a terrorist state. They always show pictures of children or old people who were victims of indiscriminate shelling by Pakistan army in border villages of Kashmir. They are continuously trying to prove the involvement of Pakistan army in brutal acts. Unfortunately there is no effective response on Pakistan side regarding this new attack on the foreign frontiers. This silence has created a lot of doubts in the minds of many people. The statement of Al Gore itself is a bombshell and indicates what Uncle Sam is thinking about Pakistan?

    This silence is not good for the country. Many could see two reasons for that:

    1) Pakistan is actually involved militarily supporting the freedom fighters in held Kashmir
    2) People are so dumb stupid asses that they do not know how to defend this new onslaught on the country.

    In both cases responsibility goes to self-style CE. He should know that he has no Aladdinís lamp to pay the $30.33 Billions debt to world bank/IMF. In view of poor foreign policy, India may succeed in its strategy for declaring Pakistan as terrorist state. Economic condition of Pakistan is at lowest ebb. Not much is left in foreign exchange reserve. He can not turn around the condition of country even in millions of years the way it is being run. The only solution I can see is that he should announce for schedule of impartial elections on Party basis as soon as possible and go back to barracks along with his friends. Only political government can deal with India and other countries effectively. It seems that present Military government is not competent to deal with the present grim situation,internally and externally.



    Force Farid to prove his case(his post). If he fails to prove, ban him permanently and spare your disk space for some more useful discussions.

    Sarfraz Khan


      I have never tried to force anyone to prove anything here, one can only ask for explanations or provoke ppl to prove their points. As for banning Ė thanks for your suggestion but we donít ban our members just because we donít agree with their point.


      How do you think Nawaz or BB would have handled IA hijack drama? Or Clintonís visit or how would they get Pak out of economical crisis? My guess about the last (at least) is that we wouldnít even know, till the end.

      One may or may not like a politician/CE for whatever reason, but one should give them credits for the things they are doing to improve the situation. One more thing, hopefully we all have reliable links back home to get un biased information Ė CE might not be perfect, but then again none is, lekin he is moving in the right direction. Try and compare his work with some other leaders, and see what they have done for Pak.

      One would think that itís CEís fault that we have economic crisis in Pak Ė if thatís what you think, itís ok. But no country can sink so low in just seven months, or can they? Did we or did we not have crisis before CE? Didnít our index cross the positive limit; it actually showed record growth in years.

      Baluchistan had water problem for almost three years now; did any demo governments care enough to even visit them? Even if CEís making fake promises, he is giving Baluchis more then any previous demo Gov. did.
      As for Indian campaign Ė thatís not new for us, if the demos could handle it, they shouldnít have allowed it to grow this big in the first place. This is not an agenda that the Indians just came up with after CE, they have been working on this for a long time, what have others done to control this?

      Uncle Samís stance has not changes because we might or might not be terrorists, they have other interests now Ė economy to be precise. Pak is not a good market for them yet, (and that is not CEís fault). Do you really think they care whether Pak is killing some gande mande blackies? Or would they care if India killed our toote bajhe log?


        Atif Khan,

        If you do not like my posts please do not read them. If you have to say some thing positive go ahead. Otherwise I am sure that you have lots of other things to do instead of wasting your time here. GOT IT.




          Please read my post again. I am not saying what you have inferred from it. I do not know what are you talking about? I have never said CE is responsible for the present crisis but if things go on like that the situation could be worse. Read Paki newspaper and see what had happened in last few days. Are you happy with that situation? I know some people like, Atif will approve such happenings till such time, when we will be again facing sad situation like former East Pakistan in 1971. Please think before you respond.




            Iím sorry for the rude tone in my previous post, mera yeh maqsad nahiN tha. I understand that you are trying to say something and I am trying to understand your point. When discussing CE or his policies, itís not an ego problem for me, nor do I mind any elected PM etc. Only if they where doing there job.

            You said in your post that CE and his government should go back for some reasons, and I was trying to ask you to be fair when you analyze their work. You mentioned Indian propaganda campaign, and I asked you how the other governments have handled it? My choice of words was probably not good enough, but my question was fair, I think.
            It goes for the other things as well Ė we can discuss his work step by step, perhaps we can learn something good or bad by doing that.

            As for 1971 crisis, that was mainly because of racism (or thatís how I see it), and CEís policy about that issue is pretty smart, donít you think?

            Anyway, we all loose if CE or any other leader of Pak fails. As for ppl backing CE - being negative about everything that happens in Pak wont do us any good, plus some of us love to concentrate about the tiny possibilities of betterment Ė that motivates some of us to keep hoping and perhaps doing something as well. Mere khayal meiN andhah dhund taqleed yahaN ziyadah logoN ne nahiN ki, so perhaps aap bhi ghaur kareiN ke CE ke qadam se qadam milane walooN ke dilooN meiN kya hai.