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    And moe good News!!!!!!!!

    Water shortage in Sindh to be overcome

    within 10 days: Jamote

    By our correspondent

    HYDERABAD: Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture Shafqat Jamote has said water shortage in Sindh will be overcome within seven to 10 days. Addressing growers at a function organised by Sindh Chamber of Agriculture at a local hotel, he said the water shortage in Sindh was due to the fault in the working of Indus River System Authority (IRSA).

    He said it was the responsibility of IRSA to monitor the fair distribution of water among the provinces, but it failed to monitor as such, which resulted in the shortage of water. However, it will take seven to 10 days for water to reach Sindh, he said.

    Jamote said Chief Executive General Pervaiz Musharraf has constituted a water committee, which will give its findings soon. On the Kalabagh Dam project, he said any decision in this regard would take time because the government wanted to resolve the issue through consensus. He said projects like Kalabagh Dam would be abandoned if they were not in the interest of public and could create acrimony among the masses. He said it was the biggest achievement of the present government that for the first time wheat would not be imported this year due to surplus production. He said over 1 billion tonnes of wheat has been produced this year.

    He exempted the growers from the payment of Ushr and said if any official demanded it from them, he would not be spared. He hoped that within five years the country would be able to produce tea, adding that edible oilseed would also be shortly produced in the country. He said the masses are not much interested in holding the general election. Instead, they wanted to improve the out- dated system, he said.

    He said the government does not want to create differences and misunderstanding among the provinces and added that all issues would be resolved through consensus. He said a cell would be set up to bring improvement in the export of rice. He said the government is considering to introduce various policies for the benefit of the growers, adding that they would be completed by a government, which is there for three years and not five years.

    Provincial Minister for Food and Agriculture Iftikhar Soomro said the government is considering to introduce insurance system among the farmers. He said every farmer must be given an insurance policy. He added that this was decided due to bad experiments of the past when flood hit the farmers.

    He stressed upon the growers to take interest in the field of industry and cooperative banks to improve their economic conditions. He added that although the cooperative banks had failed in the past but a fresh attempt was being made to re-start such banks on sound footings for the benefit of growers.

    This is very good - sindh got no more water problems and we will start producing tea and oilseeds soon, to increase our revenue and stop importing these commodities from Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka.
    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!

    Hmmmmmmmmm. I have adopted first see, then believe attitude. °°wink°°

    Sarfraz Khan