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Who was Zia-ul Haq...?

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    Who was Zia-ul Haq...?

    I am doing a report on this Pakistani President and one of the components is
    an email question and answer. If you know anything about this person please
    answer these questions about him.

    1. How do you know about ul-Haq Zia?

    2. What legacy did he leave for eternity?

    3. Do you know any little known facts or "juicies" about him?

    4. Discuss his struggle with Benazir Bhutto?

    5. Tell me what you know about his death.

    Thank you very much for your time. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
    Please write as much as you can as my teacher is looking for "credible"
    answers[quarter page answers]. Thank you.



    contact ul-Haq Ijaz for detailed answers & lot of juicy stuff.



      q1. How do you know about ul-Haq Zia?
      Zia ul Haq was the person who started Pakistan's downfall. He hung bhutto, ask the people if they wanted Islamic law and when people voted for it. He thought it was Islamic for him to stay and rule for 11 years.

      q2. What legacy did he leave for eternity?
      Not being racist towards Afghanis or anything, but what he left for us was lots and lots of Afghani refugees. Rawalpindi destroyed because of the ojri camp in 1988, so that his people dont have to give any account of the ammunition used in Russian occupied Afghanistan.

      3. Do you know any little known facts or "juicies" about him?
      That he had an "ok" from the US to get Bhutto finished as Bhutto has a big hand in 2 ond Islamic summit confrence in lahore, where Bhutto gave the basic idea of Arab oil embargo. It is said that he was also finished by an "ok" by the US.

      q4. Discuss his struggle with Benazir Bhutto?
      there was no struggle till BB returned to Pakistan in 1989. He was dead by then. But BB was tortured alot in jail due to Zia's orders.

      q5. Tell me what you know about his death.
      Just glad he is dead. Hope Allah us ko 1980 main hee utha leta.


        Agree with all your point AliBeta.

        Zia was an Arain-caste Punjabi (just giving you the facts - I hate castes anyway!), who emigrated from East Punjab after Partition.

        Put simply this American stooge, turned Sunni and Shia against each other, divided Sindh between the Sindhi's and Mohajirs (i.e created MQM). He restricted the rights of the minorities and women (under the nose of the American's - who did not seem to mind!).

        Although I am no fan of the PPP (though I think ZAB was a very gifted person) he did most of this because he wanted to destroy the PPP. HE FAILED MISERABLY AFTER 11 LONG YEARS - BUT ZARDARI TOOK CARE OF THAT IN 20 MONTHS!!

        He got blown up to smitherenes, with the American Ambassador and others over Southern Punjab in August 1988 - a God-given event!


          Zia ul Haq also didn't allow my grandfather to become a general because he was a Shia after he became a brigadier.


            >>>he was a Shia after he became a brigadier<<<

            man, it is hard to become a Shia these days.

            Only kidding 2pak. I know many such people who are discriminated because of their beliefs.


              Zia was God's revenge on Pakistan. KK Malik I am Arain but please every community has its clowns. His acheivements:

              Murdered an elected Prime Minister on the instructions of US. Remember just before ZAB's overthrow Kissinger visited Pak and asked ZAB to stop the nuclear programme. When he refused Kissinger told him "We will make a horrible example of you". They chose Zia to do their dirty work.
              Introduced drugs into the society
              Introduced Klashnkov culture into Pakistan
              Encouraged extremism in the Pakistani society
              Responsible for bringing Afghan refugees to Pakistan
              Even after his death he continued to destroy Pakistan through his adopted "son" Nawaz, whose biggest acheivement was handing Kargil victory to India.


                Zia was one of the many tyrants who ruled Pak. He was successor of Ayub, Ikka, Yahya & predecessor of Musharraf.
                In between these regimes, another type of tyrants(just a little sobre) called 'elected' ones like ZAB, BB, NS ruled the country.


                  Zia was a better ruler than nawaz, bibi and many others that Pakistan has seen.

                  in a time when ussr sent its forces in Afghanistan and was getting ready to go after the warm waters of Karachi. He stood by Afghans and brought down ussr. Granted us supplied the weapons. But Zia made sure the Afghans got these weapons and opened Pakistans borders for the Afghans who were fighting our war. Can you imagine what could have happened to Pakistan with ussr on one side and its ally india on the other?

                  secondly how can u support current ce and in the same breath put down ziaulhaq for terminating bhuttos life. as for as i know bhutto was also given a trial and was sentenced to death by a Pakistani court just like Nawaz is sentenced for life by a Pakistani court.

                  Whatever bads happening with mohajirs shia/sunni afghans, is happening AFTER his death. You cant blame him for everything. As for as accusations of regionalism in Pakistanies are concerned they have always been there.


                    I call him Shiateen-ul-Mominin. He was founder of drugs and arms culture in Pakistan. He hanged Bhutto in a false murder case. As Bhutto was going to get 100% seats in the forthcoming elections, which that son of a ***** promised to conduct in 90 days, postponed indefinitely because he could see definite coming back of ZAB.

                    He was also founder of disintegrating the whole nations on the lines of sect, cast, language, culture, faith and so on. Believe me he was devil incarnated in his body.

                    That son of a ***** unnecessarily involved in Afghan war and ruined the economy by infiltrating criminal afghan refugees in Pakistan particularly in Karachi. Why that son of a ***** indulged in Afghan war, which was bad omen for Pakistan, is any oneís guess. By indulging in that war he wanted to kiss the ass of Uncle Sam. In return, his ass was exploded in mid air and thanks God, Pakistan got rid of Iblis-e-Azam in befitting manner.

                    I wonder people still praise him for fu&[email protected] the country.



                      preach it farid


                        we are a nation of unthankfuls. Afghans fought our war in Afghanistan. So we should have the heart to accomodate them and their families... be it Karachi or Islamabad or Peshawar. There are more Afghans living in Islamabad than in Karachi btw. And there was no problem at all in Islamabad anywhere. Its just SOME bunya immigrants who feel their rights are violated everytime they see someone different in their city. Perheps they forget someone else had the big heart when they were accomodated in the best city of Pakistan at the time of the partition.

                        Zia was no kiss ass. But sure enough he did kick bhuttos drunk ass. I think he shouldnt have killed the man cos by killing him he became a hero and for that we had to pay later by getting bibi as a p.m. and we all know what this bhutto did to the country.


                          This is a typical Pak example, Mundyaa!

                          You people kiss the a#$ of the ruler who is currently in the power; & once the person is overthrown, he suddenly becomes the most hated figure in the country!

                          I bet when Musharraf goes down the lane, more than 3/4th of you will loathe him & hail the person who kicked him!



                            In continuation of my earlier post regarding Zia-ul-haq, there were many of his evil actions; I can quote two of them

                            1. One of his staff officer perhaps a captain in army was caught red handed for concealing heroine in marble gifts to be given to a number of head of states while accompanying the general who was supposed to address UN in 1983. The generalís plan was to travel via Iran and Iraq to mediate between these two countries that were at war at that time. The plane, which was schedule to fly, was put under repair and the entire luggage was to shift in an another plane. While shifting of luggage, one of the marble statues fell from the cart on ground and broken. A packet of heroine was found inside the hollow marble statue. When all the expensive marble gifts perhaps 72 in number were deliberately broken, were found with heroine packets. In stead of hanging that staff officer, he was made an ambassador to some foreign country and hid the whole episode under carpet. The story was published in Daily Dawn after his violent death perhaps in 1988.

                            2. He was involved in smuggling of sophisticated arms, which were meant for Afghanistan war, to Nicaragua via Iran. The arms were delivered to contras who were fighting with national government supported by Uncle Sam. The money he was receiving from Iran perhaps in millions of dollars was deposited in Swiss Banks. Reagan was almost impeached in that deal. But he was warned after it was found that he did not remember of approving such a project because he was suffering with Alzheimer disease. (Report telecast by PBS USA in 1994).

                            All the time he was playing with fire and ultimately he met with hell fire one of afternoon of torturous summer in 1988 over Cholistan desert.

                            It is astonished to note that a person who made millions at the cost of ****ing the nation is displayed as hero. People who are supporting that ******* are the disciples of that Shaitan. I must say BB and Nawazsharif are angels as compared to that *******. The self style CE general Musharaf who claimed to a honest person, should also start investigations of the evil general and his cohortsí assets now enjoying by their inheritors.




                              Sarfraz Khan

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